Clean diesel trucks saving tonnes of CO2 emissions

Diesel Technology Forum says 29 million tonnes of CO2 saved

Clean diesel trucks saving tonnes of CO2 emissions

New data shows the four million cleaner diesel heavy trucks in the US are helping the environment and improving air quality.

The Diesel Technology Forum has just released data from a study conducted by The Martec Group that shows the switch-over to more advanced diesel truck engines, innovative emissions control systems, and cleaner diesel fuel are making a big difference.

The report finding those four million cleaner heavy-duty diesels introduced from 2007 through 2015 have saved:

  • 29 million tonnes of CO2
    7.5 million tonnes of NOx
    218,000 tonnes of Particulate Matter (PM)
    2.9 billion gallons of diesel
    69 million barrels of crude oil

Allen Schaeffer is the Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum; he says the results are very pleasing.

“It is clear from these findings that the new generation of clean diesel technology is delivering large and expanding benefits to society in the form of fewer emissions and lower fuel consumption.

“The reductions from the 2007 and newer trucks on the road today are equivalent to removing the CO2 emissions from 6.1 million light-duty cars from the road for one year, removing the NOx emissions from all light-duty cars for two years, and removing the particulate matter from all light-duty cars for six years.”

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