Chery EXEED TX revealed

Chery’s new global SUV uncovered

Chery_exeed_ts suv

This is the model that the Chinese car manufacturer, Chery, is hoping will open doors and opportunities for them in coming years.

As we’ve been covering, Chery has made it clear that it intends to get a foothold in export markets across the globe, especially in Europe.

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While a return to Australia certainly wouldn’t come as a great surprise.

Chery has just sent us these images of its new global compact SUV model, and revealed the EXEED TX name for the first time too.

Designed for young, urban, progressive-minded customers, Chery is promising the model will meet the needs and expectations of European private and fleet buyers.

Set to be unveiled in the metal at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week, the car brand says the Chery EXEED TX will feature the latest connected infotainment, and intelligent navigation.

A comprehensive suite of the latest advanced driver safety systems is also going to be on offer, according to Chery.

Chery_exeed_tx“In just a few years we intend to start selling a family of vehicles in European markets across multiple segments, with power supplied by a range of electrified powertrains,” explains Chery CEO Dr. Anning Chen.

“Our brand will target open-minded, relatively younger customers in particular, with a product rollout strategy that focuses on quality, low- and zero-emissions powertrains, and emotional engagement with customers.

“All Chery vehicles that are intended to be sold in Europe will feature class-leading connectivity, be fun to drive, offer flexible and spacious interiors and will provide comprehensive personalisation,

“All of which are aligned with our high standards of product quality and aftersales support.”

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