Cat CT630 impresses NSW truck operator

Macquarie Valley Transport pleased with Cat purchase.

Cat CT630 impresses NSW truck operator - Kevin Munro says the Cat uses a lot less fuel than his previous cab-over prime-mover.

A regional NSW truck operator says choosing a Cat CT630 has made a difference to his running costs.

Purchased in late 2014, Kevin Munro says the Cat model, which is coupled to a three-axle dog trailer and hauls a vast array of products required by rural communities and businesses, has helped him lower his fuel bills by over $500 per month, compared to the cab-over model he owned previously.

“That’s an incredible saving in a business like ours.

“When we first bought the Cat I thought we might be a little better on fuel but I never imagined it would be this much better.”

Based in Dubbo, Kevin and wife Lea own and operate Macquarie Valley Transport and service the transport needs of a diverse customer base scattered across western and north-west New South Wales.

Kevin says it’s not just the fuel-economy that has impressed him, but also the turning circle of the Cat.

“With the Cat’s tight turning circle, the truck and dog is also a lot more manoeuvrable than a semi-trailer,”

“In fact the turning circle is even better than the cab-over we had before.”

A year after making his decision, based primarily on gut feeling and previous experience with trucks fitted with Cat engines, Kevin says he made the right decision to go with the Cat CT630.

“It was the right decision. Definitely!”

Kate Richards

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