CarPlan Leather Wipes Review

CarPlan Leather Wipes Review

Joel Helmes tests CarPlan Leather Wipes…on his lounge!

CarPlan Leather Wipes Review
CarPlan Leather Wipes Review.

Dull and dirty leather brought back to life with just a wipe, that’s what the promise is with this product from the team at Altrex Auto Accessories.

My problem though is that I didn’t have access to a car with leather interior to test out this product, so my own lounge will have to suffice!

Having not had a clean or any treatment in a long period of time, the leather was starting to look a little dull.

Here’s how the CarPlan Leather Wipes worked…

CarPlan Leather Wipes Review
You simply wipe over the leather, the wipe removes dirt and leaves a shiny new finish.

A before and after wipe comparison…

CarPlan Leather Wipes Review
The results were instant!

These are very impressive wipes! As the photos show the leather returned to its previous luster and it was a little concerning seeing just how much dirt and grime the leather wipes removed.

Best of all, there was absolutely no greasy residue!

CarPlan Leather Wipes are a must-have if you have leather interior in your car (or if you want to use them on your furniture!). Available in packs of 20 (as shown), or order a tub of 40 CarPlan Leather Wipes now from the Altrex Auto Accessories online store for just $14.99.

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