Your Car Reviews: 2009 Mitsubishi Triton

Ralph reviews his 2009 Mitsubishi Triton for us.

I had never owned a ute before but decided to go for a Mitsubishi Triton to have a bit more adaptability than a sedan.

The Triton is big and slow and the turning circle is huge, but it is not an entirely unpleasant vehicle to drive.

I have taken it all the way up the Bruce Highway to Cairns and I took a trip in it from Brisbane to Melbourne and back via Adelaide. I have never had any real mechanical issues with the Mitsubishi.

Servicing costs have also been pretty reasonable, though a fair bit needed to be done when I passed 100,000km. A couple of things are starting show wear and tear, such as the driver’s door trim and steering wheel, I guess though that can be expected after 6-7 years.

I did invest in a tray liner when I first got the Triton and this is still holding up well and has prevented any real damage in the back, that’s despite there being several loads of rubbish/building materials over the years.

I am planning on keeping the Triton for another year and then will decide what to buy, it will be a ute though, just not sure which one at this stage.

Thanks Ralph, glad to hear that the Triton has been a trusty purchase. Ralph is now in the draw to win the April Prize Pack, if you would like to have a chance to win simply send in a review of your vehicle.

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