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Your Car Reviews: 2004 Hyundai Trajet

Fabian reviews his 2004 Hyundai Trajet V6 people-mover for us.

When the Hyundai Trajet was released its main rival was the Kia Carnival. The Carnival was more popular because it was bigger, seated eight and was cheaper to buy, but the German designed and engineered Hyundai Trajet is the better car.

The Trajet’s 2.7 V6 engine is the same as that found in the Hyundai sports coupe.

It also weighs about half a ton less than a Kia so it accelerates quicker and is more economical despite having the same size motor.

It’s also more aerodynamic and uses interior space better than an equivalent sized 4WD. The Trajet handles and rides very well because it has independent rear suspension (unlike the Kia).

It’s very easy to drive, has a very small turning circle and despite being tall, it’s also wide and is very stable on open roads even on the windiest of days. It feels more like driving a car than a bus.

The panoramic vision is like cinemascope – Love it. The four pilot-style seats have an upright seating position with armrests which you appreciate on long-distance road trips because you don’t feel fatigued.

Seven seats, walk through cabin style and removable rear seats create extra space and can be re-configured for any purpose.

The interior felt a bit too plastic for my taste at first, however I’ve grown to appreciate its functional, ergonomic design. I can also simply clean any mess just by wiping it down with a Chux.

The Trajet is a great alternative for a station wagon owner who may require additional seating at times or occasionally need to transport a dining table or other large item. If you have a very large family buy a minibus instead.


  • Generally, people-movers are usually good at carrying people or luggage but not both at the same time. However, the walk through area between the seats in the 7 seater configuration can become a useful area to carry extra luggage when required and is very handy negating this common design flaw found in many other people-movers.


  • Due to ADR compliance Australian delivered Trajets does not have swivel front seats like their overseas model.
  • The middle row of seats fold down to become tables but because the front seats don’t swivel this is therefore useless for front passengers.
  • ‘Hyundai Trajet sounds too much like the Hyundai Tragic’

Thank you Fabian for your very comprehensive and entertaining Hyundai Trajet review.

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