Car owners carting around lots of food!

UK study finds many car owners use their vehicle as mobile pantry

car boot food

Cars, is there anything they can’t do? A new study out of the UK has found many car owners not only use their car to get around in, but also use it somewhat as a mobile food pantry!

The study was commissioned by hazard equipment brand BriteAngle and found one in three Brits are always carting around food and related supplies/equipment in their car.

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We’re talking loads of tinned food, snacks, soft and alcoholic drinks as well as provisions to make a cup of tea on the move.

Women are the worst offenders with 37% admitting to storing food and drink in their cars compared to 29% of male drivers.

The study also revealed that only a small percentage (17%) of motorists carried a road safety triangle in their car, BritAngle boss Stephen Wornham wants to see that percentage increase…

“While it’s important to keep some emergency provisions of food with you in case of a breakdown, it seems that some Brits may be taking this to extremes.

“Motorists should be sure that along with their food and drinks, they have what they need to stay safe in the event of an unexpected stop.”

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Fess up, what are you carrying around in the boot of your car? Are you running a fully-stocked food pantry back there?

Let us know all about your in-car food-stash in the comments section below.

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