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Have You Found Your Car? You’ll Want A Car Loan With No Hidden Fees, No Early Payout Penalties, And Fast Approval…

Take A Little Time To Find The Right Financing And You’ll Save A Lot of Pain & Money Down The Road…

Behind the Wheel Reader, believe it or not, Australian car dealers make most of their money on financing, not on car sales. What does that mean for you? If you finance with your local dealership purely because it’s easy, you’ll be throwing money out the window.

Don’t make the mistake of running to the first financing option that comes up. Chances are, they’re banking on the assumption that you’ll choose convenience over quality and cost.

To avoid a painful car buying experience, read this guide to financing your new car…

There are a number of important things to consider when financing your car. The first, as always, is price. Choosing the right car loan can save you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. But you should also consider:

  • Quality customer service: Would you rather work with a finance expert or a low-level car salesman, without an Australian Credit License, who wants to stitch you up and get you out the door as soon as possible? Or even worse, a big banker who treats you as a number and a payout.
  • Market choice: What are the chances of you getting the best deal for you from a dealer or bank that only has their one product to offer? Compare that to a broker which can access all the products in the market, including all the big banks and smaller lenders.
  • Fast turnaround: You’re probably itching to get those keys, so you’ll want a financing service that moves quickly without cutting corners and sneaking extra charges into the fine print.
  • ‘On the spot’ selling tactics: Think about it. People caught in face to face dealings with the dealer or banker, don’t have the time to make a calculated, educated decision; and often end up signing on the spot.
  • Personal Expert Service: From the day you apply to the day you make your final payment, you can avoid inconvenience by working with one car loan specialist.

But most importantly, you need to know…

How You Could Save $3,507.51 On Your Car Loan By Financing With The Right Loan Service.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to save $3507 or more over the life of your car loan. Imagine what you could do with that extra money…

  • Purchase a top of the line accessory for your new car…
  • Take an awesome vacation….
  • Buy a used car for your teen driver…
  • You get the picture!

Isn’t that worth finding the best car loan available? 

But Most New Car Owners Look No Further Than One Financial Product Offered By Their Bank Or Car Dealer…

Wouldn’t you rather compare and contrast the best loans on the market so that you can secure the best rate and save money? By seeking out the best loan for your unique circumstances, you can be confident that your car buying experience will remain positive long after you drive off the lot.

But don’t just stop at price…

Customer Service Is Key When It Comes To Finding The Right Car Loan…

Think about it. You don’t want to wait days to get a loan approved. You want to purchase your car as soon as possible!

But you also don’t want to find yourself wasting hours on documentation, or pulling your hair out a year from now because of poor customer service. So take the time to find the right finance product. You won’t regret it!

Need A Place To Start? Try Our Preferred Independent Supplier,

They Can Save Their Average Customers $3507.51, Offer Fast Approval Times, And Have Unmatched Customer Service… They’re the only provider we’ve come across that tick all of the boxes and cover all of the pit falls mentioned above offers…

  • Shopping from over 20 lenders to find you the best loan, so that you don’t have to waste time and energy searching yourself.
  • Competitive interest rates and no hidden fees.
  • 5 minute phone approvals so you don’t need to spend an hour or more at a bank.
  • Impressive customer service. You’ll speak with one consultant through the entire process.
  • Obligation free pre-approvals. Plus, you’ll never get hit with an unexpected charge or hidden fee.

And Also Provides Special Options For ABN Holders and their PAYG Staff…

  • Get exclusive commercial rates
  • Avoid hidden fees or early payout penalties.
  • 5 minute approvals
  • Less documentation to fill out.

Whether you’re buying for a fun car to drive on the weekends, a practical car for your family, or a vehicle to help your business run smoothly, don’t allow yourself to finance with the wrong company.

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*based on amount financed of $35,000 over a 5 year loan term, versus the average advertised rates of the big 4 banks as at 1/6/2020