Car Industry - We Can Do Better

Car Industry - We Can Do Better

Old tricks have no place in car industry

Call me naive but I believe in doing the right thing by people, in goodwill and honour.

That means when you shake someone’s hand and agree on something it should mean something, not just to the other person, but more importantly - it should mean something to you.

That’s why I’m so disappointed when I hear stories such as this from our reader Sarah.

Sarah approached us looking for some advice about buying a second car - initial article here.

After listening to what we said she got online (not Motor Classifieds) and found a Mazda3…

I found what looked like a nice Mazda3 that was advertised by a used car dealership as having traveled 90,000km and the price was a reasonable $6,900.

I had a day off and decided I would travel from the Southern suburbs of Sydney to the dealership in Sydney’s West to check it out and most likely buy it.

Naturally, I called the dealership before I left to get confirmation that the car in the ad was still available and was told that it was.

I collected my husband from work on the way and we made our way out to the dealer.

When we got there, you guessed it, we were told the car “had just been sold”.

Then, probably just as predictably, the sales person said “but we have another Mazda3 in stock, it’s a sports model.”

Yes they certainly did have a Mazda3 in stock but it had traveled 150,000+ kilometres and was an extra one thousand dollars!

We quickly left, disappointed and frustrated, we know deep inside that they had lied to us.

Thanks Sarah, I am just as disappointed to hear that story.

Unfortunately, this is something I have experienced myself previously and I’ve heard of the same thing happening to others as well.

The car industry and those who work in it CAN and MUST do better.

Sarah, you did the right thing by leaving the dealership and not giving them your business.

I would suggest calls to the Motor Traders Association (MTA) and NSW Fair Trading would be worth making.

I hope you find a more reputable dealership and have a much happier buying experience to report in coming weeks.

Have you had a similar experience as Sarah? We’d love to know. Leave a comment below or send us a message via our Contact page. 

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