Car engine degreasing tips

Some simple tips to help you get a clean car engine.

Car engine degreasing tips
Car engine degreasing tips - a clean engine runs cooler and you can better keep an eye on any possible leaks.

If there’s one thing that’s often over looked when it comes to car care and maintenance it’s the cleanliness of car engines.

Believe it or not a clean car engine runs cooler and by keeping things under the bonnet nice and clean you are helping to ensure that dirt doesn’t fall into fluid reservoirs, such as when checking your coolant system and engine oil.

Taking the time to keep your car engine clean can also help you detect any fluid leaks, such as oil, transmission fluid or water and can also help you better keep an eye on wear and tear on hoses, belts and other important under bonnet components.

Car Engine Degreasing Tips:

  • Protect water sensitive parts, including your distributor and coil
  • Disconnect your battery (to avoid short circuits), remember negative comes off first and goes on last
  • Use a good quality degreaser
  • Let the degreaser soak in
  • Be extra careful if using a high pressure nozel or sprayer
  • Degrease your engine in an environmentally responsible place where chemicals, grease etc. won’t end up in the drains
  • Check your local water restrictions before hosing
  • No hose? Head to a do it yourself car wash, but again, be careful with the high pressure spray
  • When reconnecting your battery take the opportunity use a battery terminal protector

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