Car dealers deny hampering EV sales

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It appears in Australia the Electric Vehicle (EV) message is being hamstrung somewhat by some in the car industry.

A recently released Senate Committee report on EVs has found little interest among car dealerships in recommending EVs to their customers.

The Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA) has however dismissed the claims.

CEO David Blackhall says car dealerships are in fact interested in the possibilities that EVs can provide to them.

He says to resist selling EVs would reduce profits and put Dealers in breach of their franchising agreements with vehicle manufacturers, potentially risking their businesses.

And he says dealerships will sell whatever vehicles their customers want.

The dealership representatives say education is the key.

They want public education campaigns on EVs and what they call a coordinated approach to skills and training.

So what electric cars are actually available in Australia today? Not many, unfortunately.

You of course have hybrid models from Toyota and the Tesla electric cars, along with plug-hybrids on offer from Mitsubishi and BMW and a small handful of others.

EVs have a long way to go in Australia, last year just 1,352 electric cars and SUVs were sold to private and public buyers in 2018.

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