Car cooling system care

Car cooling system care

A quick tip on how to care for your cars cooling system.

Car cooling system care - make sure your cars drive belts are in good condition.

The warmer months are coming and this means your cars cooling system is in for its toughest test of the year.

Of course, if there is one part of your vehicle that you really need to look after, making sure it is well serviced and operating correctly, it’s your cars cooling system.

If you like to do it yourself – when the engine is cool, pop the bonnet and check your drive belts for any signs of cracking or damage (a torch can help with this).

Start your engine and carefully check for any coolant leaks and while you’re at it make sure your electric cooling fan is working correctly. Allow your engine to warm up to normal operating temperature, when it’s warmed up your cooling fan should switch on intermittently.

And always make sure your cars cooling system has a good quality coolant additive.

It’s also a good idea to run your cars heater, even just for a minute or two, intermittently during the warmer months. This helps keep the system clean and fresh and ready again for when the weather turns cool.

As always, if you aren’t confident in checking or maintaining any part of your vehicle, seek the advice and experience of an expert.

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