Car Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Car Cabin Air Filter Replacement

We got a great email in from a Behind the Wheel reader this week who told us all about the importance of having a clean car cabin air filter.

Margaret says she was finding her Suzuki Vitara cabin was getting stuffy and smelly and thought that perhaps she had mold or mildew in her air-conditioning system. She even tried a can of CarPlan Kleen Air after checking out our review, even that didn’t work!

Being unable to cope with the smell any longer, Margaret says she took her car to her Suzuki dealership and they soon found the problem.

As the photo above shows, the Vitara’s cabin air-filter was blocked-up with dust and dirt, leaves, hair, feathers…and that’s just what you can see with the naked eye!

The dealership popped a new cabin air filter in (cost about $50) and Margaret says the difference was noticeable after just a couple of days. She says it’s now been a month and her car is smelling 100% better, the air-conditioning is working more effectively and she’s very happy.

Margaret finished by saying that she hopes she can help other car owners who might be experiencing the same issues.

Thanks Margaret!

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