Car Buyers Want to Keep Steering Wheel

Car Buyers Want to Keep Steering Wheel

Survey finds we want steering wheel in autonomous cars.

Car Buyers Want to Keep Steering Wheel
Car Buyers Want to Keep Steering Wheel - a large percentage of respondents felt that autonomous cars would make their time travelling more productive.

A Volvo survey involving 10,000 respondents worldwide has delivered a clear message to car companies – don’t get rid of the steering wheel in cars that can drive themselves.

The online survey, called the Volvo Future of Driving Survey, was the largest online conversation to date that was focused on autonomous driving, according to the Swedish auto giants.

Volvo saying the results highlight what car buyers want from autonomous cars and how they will embrace the technology.

The 2016 Volvo Future of Driving Survey found:

  • 92% of respondents believe that people should be able to take control of autonomous cars at any moment.
  • 81% agreed that car manufacturers, not car owners, must take responsibility if an accident occurs when a car is driving autonomously.
  • 90% felt that autonomous cars should be able to pass a human driving test.
  • 88% of respondents think that technology in autonomous cars should respect the love of driving.
  • 78% also believe that technology in autonomous cars will make their time traveling more useful and worthwhile.

Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz is the General Manager of the Volvo Monitoring & Concept Centre, he says the results of the survey were quite interesting.

“People have told us that they need to feel in control and have the choice of when to delegate driving to the car.

Today, that need is ultimately fulfilled with the presence of a steering wheel,”

“Therefore, a steering wheel is necessary until those needs change.”

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