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Car brands concerned about counterfeit car parts

Big car brands back their genuine products

toyota genuine counterfeit oil filters

When you drive your car in for a service you really don’t know what replacement parts you’re going to get, they could be genuine, they could be an inferior copy.

Some of the leading car manufacturers are so concerned about what non-genuine parts can do to their products they’ve started offering free genuine replacement parts to Aussie car owners.

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The campaign isn’t against aftermarket parts, the car brands and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) are concerned about allegedly second-rate products being sold as genuine products.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has launched a new ‘Genuine is Best’ campaign and they have the support of some of the biggest car brands in Australia.

A press release from the FCAI says Toyota and Hyundai recently sent ‘fake’ oil filters to their laboratories for bench testing.

It was found the bogus filters presented a high risk of major engine damage due to poor filtration, and inferior production and engineering standards.

The filters were being offered for sale online as genuine parts, even bearing the trademarks and branding of both brands.

The FCAI say surveillance of the seller also saw him visiting mechanics’ workshops, selling the dodgy filters from the boot of his car.

Consumers who had unwittingly purchased counterfeit oil filters were contacted and offered replacement genuine parts by Toyota and Hyundai.

If you have any info regarding the sale of suspect car parts the FCAI would like to hear from you via their Genuine is Best portal.

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