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Calls for mandate on Blind Spot Detection for heavy vehicles

blind spot monitor mercedes-benz truck

There are fresh calls for heavy vehicles to be fitted as standard with blind spot detection technology.

It is estimated that in the U.S. alone there are 840,000 blind spot accidents involving trucks and buses each year, and an estimated 300 people are killed as a result.

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Often, it’s vulnerable road users, including cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians, that are the victims.

There has been some recent action on the issue – Belgium recently announced subsidies for transporters who invest in safety measures such as blind-spot cameras and monitoring systems.

And some truck manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, have introduced the technology in their vehicles.

But Corey Heniser, a vehicle safety expert at Brigade Electronics US, says more should be done as the technology exists to save many lives each year.

“Hundreds of unnecessary deaths could be prevented every year if blind spot technology was mandatory on commercial vehicles.

“The example from Belgium is a really positive step in the right direction.

“Pedestrians and cyclists are particularly at risk from driver blind spots and making technology like 360º cameras mandatory would significantly improve road safety for everyone.”

Check out this video that shows why these calls might be a good idea…

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