Calls for senior driver tests

Calls for senior driver tests

Study looks at how best to assess the skills of senior drivers

Senior aged drivers are over-represented in crash and fatality rates.

The Australian population is getting older and with that comes a constant increase in the number of senior drivers on the nation’s road.

By 2030 a quarter of Australian drivers will be aged over 65 and a study is currently being undertaken at the Monash University to best determine how these drivers should have their on-going ability and fitness to drive evaluated.

With over-75 years old over-represented in crash rates in Australia, the aim is to develop a fast screening test for doctors, according to lead investigator Associate Professor Judith Charlton.

Professor Charlton has told the ABC, the test would evaluate whether drivers are still safe to drive.

“This is something we envisage would be perhaps a five-minute screening tool that may be made up of a cognitive assessment, but it may equally be made up of other information that the driver themselves are able to provide to us.”

1,300 drivers in Australia, Canada and New Zealand are part of the study which includes collecting and analysing GPS data recorded in the participants own vehicle.

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