Cadillac introduces vehicle to vehicle communications

Cadillac introduces vehicle to vehicle communications

High-tech system developed in Australia…

We’ve heard a fair bit about vehicle to infrastructure technology in recent years, now Cadillac is taking thing a step forward and allowing their cars to talk to other vehicles.

The new Cadillac CTS sedan boasts V2X Technology.

V2X simply means ‘Vehicle to Everything’ communications and the developers of that technology, Australian company, Codha Wireless, tell us the system brings huge safety, convenience and even environmental advantages.

The system uses two-way, short to medium range wireless technology that can transmit and receive as many as 1000 messages per second.

The system allowing your car to chat to other vehicles within a 300-metre radius, remarkably, the cars don’t even need to be able to see each other for the messaging to work.

Check out more details on Codha Wireless here…

Cohda Wireless CEO Paul Gray tell us the tech gathers data to detect hidden threats and to allow for safer travel through intersections etc.

“This is now the benchmark that other production cars will be judged against when it comes to technology and safety,”

“Our DSRC technology allows the driver to know what’s going on with other vehicles that may be speeding, braking hard, broken down or navigating slippery road conditions.

“By providing advance notice of the hazard, the driver has time to avoid it by changing lanes or slowing down.”

2017 Cadillac CTS

 We will keep you updated with further news on this as it comes to hand.

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