Cadillac farewells rear-view mirror

Cadillac farewells rear-view mirror

Camera tech to replace rear-view mirror in 2015.

Cadillac farewells rear-view mirror
Cadillac’s camera technology provides a much wider fielder of vision then a traditional rear-view mirror.

It’s a handy tool that has served us for decades but now the humble rear-view mirror is in line for a significant technological overhaul.

Cadillac has announced it will introduce streaming video as an alternative to the traditional rear-view mirror next year; the car company says the technology they have developed provides a greater field of vision by as much as 300%!

Compared with the vision available when driving a convertible with the top down, Cadillac say the camera technology gives a view to the rear that is unimpeded by backseat passengers, headrests and pillars.

The camera-based rear-view mirror system also provides a crisper image in low-light situations, eliminating glare and reducing the impact of having someone driving behind with their lights on.

The system still requires a tick of approval from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, still, you would have to think it’s only a matter of time before most car mirrors are replaced with the new camera technology.

Joel Helmes