Brake Pipe Fault Recall for Land Rover Defender

Possible brake issue identified

It was the end of an era, now buyers of the final production run Land Rover Defender 4x4s are being asked to see if their vehicle is affected by a recall of the legendary off-roader.

The recall affects only 2015 Land Rover Defender vehicles and is being overseen by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The affected vehicles carry a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) within the range - SALLDWBR8FA461900 to SALLDHRP7FA465615.

The ACCC recall notice advising that the front brake pipe from the caliper to the flexible brake hose is showing signs of a chafe condition.

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This has occurred on some Defenders that have been subject to an earlier recall.

This may cause brake fluid loss. Brake fluid loss will illuminate a red warning triangle on the instrument cluster instructing the driver to seek qualified assistance before continuing.

What are the hazards?

A loss of brake fluid will result in extended brake pedal travel combined with reduced braking performance.

Stopping distances will increase and this will also compromise vehicle stability and significantly increase the risk of an accident.

What should 2015 Land Rover Defender owners do?

Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted directly and requested to contact their nearest Jaguar Land Rover dealer to arrange an inspection and repair of the vehicle.

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