Brake Pedal Recall for Volkswagen Touareg

Brake Pedal Recall for Volkswagen Touareg

All Volkswagen Touareg SUVs sold between 2011 and 2016 in Australia are being recalled over concerns a potential fault could affect the operation of the vehicles brake pedal.

The Volkswagen Touareg brake pedal recall is being overseen by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and affects vehicles within the VIN range: WVGZZZ7PZBD024361 to WVGZZZ7PZGD024826.

Brake Pedal Recall for Volkswagen Touareg The ACCC recall notice advising that a circlip on the bearing bracket of the brake pedal may become detached from its locking position. As a result, the bearing pin can move out of one of the two bearings, impairing brake pedal actuation.

The loss of braking effectiveness may pose an accident hazard for the driver and other road users.

A letter is being sent to affected owners of the Volkswagen Touareg vehicles. Further information is also available from Volkswagen Service Centres and on the Volkswagen Customer care line - 1800 504 076.

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