Bookies say Volkswagen sales to slide

Bookies say Volkswagen sales to slide

U.S. controversies see bookies back slide in local VW sales.

Bookies say Volkswagen sales to slide
Bookies say Volkswagen sales to slide - it’s alleged Volkswagen used technology to fudge emissions results for its diesel engines.

It’s been a disastrous week for Volkswagen, particularly in the U.S., where the German car company is looking at having to recall thousands of cars over allegedly doctored EPA emissions test.

The damage to the Volkswagen brand could extend beyond fines and the cost of recalls, more importantly, the value of the brand and the way it is perceived by car buyers might never be repaired.

Now Australian betting agency is also betting that Volkswagen will feel some pain in Australia and reckons local sales here in October will be impacted by the overseas controversies.

According to the online bookie, it’s $1.70 that there will be less new VW cars sold in October when compared to this month.

Will Byrne from says a market has also been framed for a drop in overall Australian Volkswagen sales this year and next.

“Looking at the odds, das auto is about to crash in the new car sales market.”

Volkswagen markets courtesy of

October Volkswagen New Car Sales

$1.70     Sales will be lower than September

$2.05     Sales will be higher than September

Total October Volkswagen new car sales

$11        Under 4000

$4.00     4000 - 4499

$3.50     4500 - 4999

$3.75     5000 - 5499

$4.50     5500 - 5999

$7.50     6000 or greater

Will Volkswagen sell more new cars in 2016 than 2015?

$1.60     No

$2.25     Yes

In other Volkswagen news; Volkswagen T-Series continues to boom and 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan debuts.

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