Bollinger B1 electric off-road vehicle revealed

bollinger b1 sport utility truck

All-electric sport utility truck debuts

Even if you’re not a fan of electric vehicles you must admit the Bollinger B1 looks pretty cool, there is certainly something Land Rover Defender about it!

Unveiled today in the U.S. the vehicle is described as being a ‘sport utility truck’.

The four-seat vehicle is a fully working prototype at this stage, however Bollinger Motors say they intend to build the truck for the world.

It features an all-aluminium chassis and fully electric powertrain that delivers 360hp (269kW) and 472 lb-ft. of torque (640Nm).

Able to complete the 0-60 mph sprint in just 4.5 seconds, the Bollinger B1 boasts a top speed of 127 mph (205km/h).

Employing a dual-motor powertrain, the vehicle will be offered with two lithium ion battery pack options: 60 kWh or 100 kWh, delivering either 120 miles (193km) or 200 miles (320km) in range.

But is it capable off-road? Well the U.S. company tell us the B1 gives 394mm (15.5in) of ground clearance and the independent, hydro-pneumatic suspension provides 254mm (10in) of wheel travel.

While the EV componentry is all located on the chassis, giving it the ability to clear off-road obstructions.

“We are so thrilled to be able to finally take the wraps off of our Bollinger B1 SUT,” said Bollinger Motors’ founder and CEO, Robert Bollinger.

“This is the culmination of what has been a 40-year-long boyhood dream of mine and I couldn’t be more pleased with the vehicle and the incredible team who worked so hard to create it.”

We’ll keep you updated as more news on the Bollinger B1 comes to hand.

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