BMW unveils next-generation 1 Series

BMW gives 1 Series styling update and interior tweaks…

They say it’s a new-generation model, however it looks as though BMW has resisted the urge to make wholesale changes to the 1 Series.

BMW head office this morning released details of what it calls the “next generation BMW 1 Series”.

Being launched in Europe in July, the car manufacturer is promising an expansion in the availability of special-edition models, and an enhanced premium interior too (details below).

While the tech hasn’t been forgotten with the latest-generation of the iDrive system being promised.

The new BMW 1 Series also picks up the connectivity features that already come in models such as the new 5 Series, including Concierge Services and Real Time Traffic Info.

The early info confirms once again that the 1 Series will again be offered in the traditional rear-wheel drive configuration, with all-wheel drive available as an option.

And lastly, engines will include three-cylinder, four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines and the traditional BMW six-cylinder petrol.

We will bring you more details on the new BMW 1 Series, including Australian availability and pricing details, when confirmed by BMW Australia.

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