BMW turns tap on M2 supply in Australia

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Less waiting time for a BMW M2

History shows it was a joint Behind the Wheel Car of the Year winner last year, but the only trouble with the BMW M2 was simply getting your hands on one!

BMW Australia has struggled to keep up with demand for the car with more than 670 already finding loving Aussie homes.

Initially, we only received 300 cars and history shows that was never going to be enough!

But CEO of BMW Australia Marc Werner has some good news for prospective M2 buyers this afternoon…

“Demand for the BMW M2 has been strong from the outset and this presented us with a strong base to ask for further supply increases to match the sustained demand.

“As a result, we can now announce that Australia has again increased its allocation.

“This has ensured wait times are minimised, and dealers have immediately-available stock.

“If you want an M2, come and get one.”

Powered by BMW’s 3.0 litre straight-six engine, the M2 delivers 272kW/500Nm in a lightweight and compact package and that makes it one of the most enjoyable cars to drive on the market today, according to Behind the Wheel’s Chris Miller.

“It’s a joy to find a car like this.”

“Light on technology and big on engineering, the BMW M2 with its near perfect balance, steering and poise, combined with a howling six-cylinder twin-turbo is about as complete as it gets.”

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