BMW i8 roars into production

Hot new hybrid BMW sports car available from June...

BMW i8 roars into production

Well it may be available overseas from June, not in Australia. BMW say the i8 won’t get here until the end of the year and will be imported in only very small numbers.

Still, this is a car that deserves plenty of attention.

A mix of sexy two-door sports coupé and state-of-the-art technology, the i8 is sure to be a hit. Under that bonnet is a combination of three-cylinder petrol engine and hybrid drive-train producing 266kW!

And BMW is promising the 2+2 coupe will use as little fuel as just 2.1L/100kms.

The i8 is now rolling down the BMW production line in Germany and, not surprisingly, this cutting edge model introduces some exiting new production techniques.

Comprised of two elements – a carbon fibre passenger cell and an aluminium Drive module (which incorporates the entire drivetrain and chassis), BMW say the i8 takes half as long to build as a conventional car because both modules can be manufactured simultaneously.

BMW i8 roars into production
Final touches being added to a new i8.

BMW Australia hasn’t yet confirmed how much the i8 will cost when it comes here, but based on overseas prices, you can likely expect around a $150,000 price tag.