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Big range improvement for Volvo electric buses

Volvo 7900 Electric will boast up to 200km range

volvo 7900 electric bus

The future of metro buses is undoubtedly electric-drive and Volvo has been at the forefront of electric bus development for a number of years.

The Swedish automotive giants are about to bring to market their own ‘ready to run’ electric bus – the Volvo 7900 Electric.

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And just before the official debut of the bus this weekend at an event in Belgium, Volvo Buses has confirmed some technical advancements for the offering.

Set to get to work from 2018, the improvements to the electric bus include an extended range of up to 200 kilometres.

To get that extra range (over the early development version), Volvo upped the battery capacity - the Volvo 7900 Electric is set to launch with a choice of 150, 200 and 250 kWh.

While Volvo Buses has also expanded the range of options regarding the way the batteries are charged.

In addition to the traditional OppCharge interface, the 12-metre bus will also be able to charged via cable, CCS, which is the European standard for charging of electric vehicles from the mains grid.

Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses, says the offering now makes even more sense for cities.

“This is a very important reinforcement of our electromobility product range, giving our customers maximum flexibility in their daily operations.

“During peak hours the buses can operate continuously without stopping to recharge.

“Instead, the batteries can be charged once traffic is at off-peak levels. On shorter routes, they can even run throughout the day and be charged at night.”

The new Volvo 7900 Electric premieres this weekend at the Busworld international bus fair in Belgium.

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