Big hybrid milestone looms for Toyota Australia

Toyota to deliver 80,000th hybrid

Novelty, science experiment on wheels, publicity stunt, these are just some of the names thrown at hybrids, particularly the Toyota Prius, in their formative years.

And sure, hybrid technology may not be the ultimate driveline technology answer, but there’s no disputing they’ve led the ever-growing push away from an industry previously rusted-on to the internal combustion engine.

Now comes a key milestone for Toyota – the delivery of its 80,000th hybrid to an Australian customer.

Remarkably, for something still considered to be cutting-edge, the Toyota Prius is about to turn 20!

It wasn’t until 2001 though when we first got the Prius in Australia.

Since then, Toyota has added to the hybrid range with the Camry and Corolla hybrids and the Prius variants – c and v.

Of those 80,000 sales, more than half have been Camry – a model particularly popular among taxi fleets.

Sales and marketing chief at Toyota Australia, Tony Cramb, says the Prius really started a revolution.

“When Prius arrived, the focus was on how hybrids could save fuel and reduce emissions - both of which remain central to their benefits,”

“Now, with the fourth-generation Prius and hybrid variants of Camry and Corolla, you can add driving enjoyment and greater emotional appeal to the mix.”

Love the Prius? Own a Camry or Corolla hybrid? We’d love to hear your experiences with these vehicles. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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