Beware Christmas Car Scams

Beware Christmas Car Scams

Interesting advice regarding increased car crime at Xmas.

Beware Christmas Car Scams

Beware Christmas Car Scams - buying a car? Make sure you get all the keys, it could be a scam if all original keys aren’t provided.

The lead up to Christmas is apparently the peak season for car crime and scams with a warning to be extra vigilant.

Roger Powell from UK car check business, My Car Check, says there are five common scams to be on the lookout for in the festive season.

“Every year in the run up to Christmas we see a significant increase in all manner of vehicle criminality.

“There are two main reasons for this: Firstly, it is traditionally a quiet time for vehicle sales, so criminals double their effort to overcome the lull.

“Secondly, criminals, like the rest of us, have more outgoings over Christmas, except they boost their income by conning innocent members of the motoring public.”

Five Common Christmas Car Scams:

  • Online escrow con - A potential purchaser is informed that the vehicle is currently abroad and will be shipped as soon as money is paid into an ‘escrow’ holding account.
  • Stolen/cloned vehicles - Criminals steal a car and change the number plates to disguise it, so you now have two vehicles with the same superficial identity driving around.
  • Not theirs to sell - A large percentage of cars are covered by a finance agreement. The provider often retains legal ownership until the debt is cleared in full.
  • Cash deals in car parks - Agreeing to hand over cash at a neutral location will be music to a criminal’s ears. Once they’re gone, they’re usually gone for good.
  • Sold with only one key - All seems fine but the vehicle only comes with one key. Sometime later the buyer finds their car has disappeared. No prizes for guessing who had the second key.

Some things to watch out for in the lead up to this Christmas, we hope that helps.

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