Best Drives Around Sydney: Wisemans Ferry

Wisemans ferry is a must-do Sydney drive

Wisemans ferry car ferry

This is a beautiful drive out of Sydney for a lazy afternoon - the scenic Wisemans Ferry.

How to get there from Sydney?

Head up the M2 and take the Windsor Road exit (north), then be prepared to turn right onto Old Northern Road. Heading north, simply follow the signs all the way to Wisemans Ferry.

Weekends see this quiet B Road come alive with joyriders and sight seers, so be extra careful.

The town of Wisemans Ferry has full facilities including an historic pub, fuel, cafes, restaurants, and quaint shops.

The pub lunch is tasty. Try a steak and chips, because there is nothing nicer than a refreshing beer and a pub steak. Eating on the verandah gives a view back towards the river from its hilltop spot.

From here, there, you have the choice of turning around and heading back up through the hairpin bends to the plateau (Old Northern Road), or going across the river on the famous ‘Wisemans ferry’.

The ferry carries a maximum of 24 cars per trip across the Hawkesbury River and it makes the trip regularly, 24-hours/seven-days a week.

The service is free of charge and is well worth the experience.

wisemans ferry pub
Wisemans Ferry pub

However, be warned that occasionally the ferry is out of action for repairs/maintenance and it’s always a good idea to check the RMS website for updates before you head off.

After you’ve made your way over to the Northern side of the Hawkesbury River turn right onto Wisemans Ferry Road.

The route hugs the river for a substantial part of the journey with the speed limits varying between 50, and 80km/h.

Try to keep to the limit if you can as there are no overtaking lanes, and few spots where it is safe otherwise.

The bends and corners are peppered with glorious views, especially from straight sections along the river bank.

Stretch your legs and grab a drink at the Spencer Village Store.

There are also toilet facilities and a picnic area near the dock. This pretty spot is a secret known only by a few.

After a little over an hour and a half you’ll find yourself back at the M1 at Mooney Mooney.

Best Drives Around Sydney: Wisemans Ferry

  • Round trip time: approx. 4.5 hours from Sydney CBD
  • Road Surface: Varies. Tarmac poorly maintained in sections
  • Road types: highway, b roads, ferry
  • Skill Level: intermediate

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  1. Hi The Wisemans Ferry trip is excellent. It use to be far enough out of Sydney to have a drink on Sunday. To have an alcoholic drink on a Sunday you had to travel 30 miles (about 50 k’s) from home and the publican had to check your licence when you signed in. We use to do it regularly back then. I bet it hasn’t changed. My Mother use to get Dad to take her out to the old churches to look around the cemeteries at St Albans on fathers day. (Nice) Enjoy the trip

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