Best car options for new parents

Best car options for new parents

Mel and her husband are expecting and need a new car.

Best car options for new parents - Simon reckons Mel and her husband should check out the Hyundai i40 Tourer.

Hi Behind the Wheel. We are pregnant with our first child and want a car that is baby friendly but not too big.

We might have one more child and want a car that will do us for about five years. I like Toyota and Mazda vehicles especially, what do you suggest?

Peter Hitchener – Hi Mel, congratulations on the imminent arrival. The first car that comes to mind when talking best car options for new parents, if you are thinking Toyota, is the Camry.

I recently had a drive of the newly updated model and was really impressed. There was heaps of room inside and certainly enough space for two adults and two little ones. Boot space is pretty good too, though you might have more cargo area in an SUV/Crossover model.

That being the case, maybe also have a drive of the Toyota RAV4 and Mazda CX-3. The Camry, RAV4 and CX-3 all also come with five-star safety ratings.

Chris Miller – I agree with Pete that the Toyota RAV4 is probably one well worth driving. Still, there’s plenty of great options from other manufacturers that will be very family friendly, especially while the kids are still young. Kia Sportage, Honda CR-V and the impressive new Hyundai Tucson spring to mind.

I guess the key though is to make sure you take your time when it comes to test driving your potential new car, and don’t forget, if you have your pram already to try loading it in and out of the boot a few times – this is one area where a small SUV might have an advantage over a sedan or hatch offering.

Simon Lai – There’s no doubt the little SUVs are very popular at the moment, though I reckon a station wagon might be the way to go. I recently tested the Hyundai i40 and thought it was really easy to live with, there’s a lower boot floor than the SUVs, plenty of space and it drives really nicely.

Let us know which way you go Mel and good luck for the birth of the bub!

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