Best Car Options After Divorce

Maria is free and single and looking for a fun car.

Hey guys I have some money to spend (my divorce came through), I’m free and single and want a car that is fun, sexy and easy to live with.

It doesn’t need to be too sporty but I also don’t want a station wagon. I was thinking BMW convertible, any other suggestions? (Up to about $80,000 please).

What are my options?

Peter Hitchener – I reckon you should go get yourself a BMW convertible Maria. The beautiful little BMW 2 Series convertible starts just under $70,000 and is fun and well-made.

Otherwise, how about the Holden Cascada? The convertible Holden also comes from Europe and can’t be beaten on good value topless fun for the money.

Chris Miller – I would go and drive the highly acclaimed new Mazda MX-5. Though it doesn’t need to be a convertible as a nice car with a sunroof can be just as much fun (and just as sexy). Cars to try include the BMW 4 Series Coupe, Audi A5 and Mercedes-Benz A250.

Joel Helmes – I’d be getting along to a Lexus dealership if I were you Maria. There you will find the very attractive, easy to drive, efficient and rather sexy new Lexus RC 200t. Check it out, I reckon you will like it.

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