Best Car for Hauling Five Kids?

Fiona is looking for some advice on how best to haul five kids around!

Hey guys, quick question for you. What is the best vehicle to cart five kids around in? We have a budget of $35,000 max and we are happy to look at a near new used car.

Hi Fiona, wow, you have your work cut out for you! Alright, we won’t make this too complicated for you. There are quite a few good seven/eight seat vehicles that we would recommend. All are probably going to have to be purchased second hand to fit in under your budget.

In saying that, $35,000 should get you any of these vehicles which are no more than two years old. You can find a review of each vehicle by clicking on the links below.

Our recommendations for the best cars to transport five kids (in no particular order):

We would love to know which way you go! Got any other vehicle suggestions for Fiona? Send us an email via [email protected], leave a comment below, or use the Contact page.

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