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Behind the Wheel Podcast 475

The team are back as COTY heats up

It’s Behind the Wheel Car of the Year Time. Over the next few weeks we will narrow down to the best car of 2017.

Peter Barnwell, a great contributor to the Behind the Wheel website, is first up with his nominations. He’ll name his best three cars of 2017.

BMW are in the news this week. The wraps are off what is set to be a best seller for BMW, the all-new X3. Then there’s the new, super sexy BMW M3 CS.

We also need to talk to BMW about a really big recall happening in the U.S. and Lenore Fletcher, Director of Communications for BMW joins us with the facts.

Simon Lai has been driving a new four-cylinder version of Kia’s Stinger. The four-cylinder version largely gets overlooked - but should it be?

Rachel Franco wants to talk about parking. She’ll disclose whether she’s a front or back parking girl - and will challenge the boys on what they like best.

Joel Helmes is back to talk BMW Gran Coupe - the top of the range edition BMW 440i Gran Coupe.

We’ve got a review this week of the all-new Audi Q5 and Renault Megane GT Line Wagon.

And there’s news on Holden’s replacement for the Captiva - and flying uber cars too!

You’ll get it all on this week’s edition of the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast…

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