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Behind the Wheel Podcast 472

Pete, Chris and the team are courting controversy this week

Big news about emissions and fuel consumption claims -  The Australian Automotive Association (AAA) has done local research on about 30 cars and found the nearly all of them had fuel consumption and emissions considerably higher than the sticker on the window the suggests - CEO Michael Bradley joins us with all the details.

ANCAP CEO, James Goodwin returns to Behind the Wheel with news on a new app that helps buyers choose the safest possible car…while they’re car shopping.

Simon Lai has been driving the latest version of the Renault Clio. The big question of course is, has he figured out what that strange, fat stalk behind the steering wheel does? And no, it’s not the indicators.

Rachel Franco has been struggling at the servo and thinks there are too many petrol choices - everyone will likely get confused with her at some stage in the show.

Joel Helmes is overseas in some manufacturing plant in Germany, so while he’s away, Alan Zurvas jumps in the hot seat from the launch of a couple of brand new Lexus models.

We’ve got details on our first drive of the all new Range Rover Velar.

Shaun Cleary from Audi pays a visit with news on the all-new Audi A7.

There’s a heap of news from right around motoring world, including details on a stripped back Porsche 911, a new type of paint inspired by butterfly’s, and the results from one of the biggest reliability studies on the planet.

It’s informative while being immature and childish all at the same time! Don’t miss this weeks Behind the Wheel Podcast…

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