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Behind the Wheel Podcast 465

Pete, Chris and the team back for episode 465!

car podcast 465

Lots of laughs this week, some genuine belly laughs, some quite lame - but that’s how we roll! There’s likely to be a bit of car talk too on this edition of the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast!

You’d know comedian Dave O’Neil from shows like Spicks and Specks and a host of others, maybe you’ve seen one of the thousands of stand up shows he’s done around the country?

He has a new podcast called The Debrief where he picks up comedians from their gig’s and drives them home. Dave will be in the studio to share some his favourite moments from the show, and to discuss his long and rather interesting car history.

Holden has launched a new service to help out folks in the ride sharing business. It’s called Maven Gig, Matthew Rattray-Wood from Holden calls in to explain how it works.

Pete’s been driving the top of the range Volkswagen Golf 7.5 - the Highline edition and has come away impressed - he’ll tell you why.

Joel Helmes has been at the launch of the NISMO tweaked Nissan 370Z. Are the updates and upgrades enough to breathe life back into the old girl? Joel will give us his thoughts.

Simon Lai makes a welcome return to the show this week and brings a review of the Isuzu MU-X.

Rachel join us with her best car jokes - prepare for some terrible puns and embarrassing one liners!

Sit back and be ready for some bad Dad style jokes, and all the latest car news you can handle!

Behind the Wheel Car Podcast Episode 0465 Transcript:

[00:00:00] So we’ve got loads to tell you about and loves to laugh about when you’re right. Very special guest. I’m really looking forward to welcoming him into the by the studio. You’ll have seen him on all sorts of things shows like sticks and Specks over the years. Lots on the ABC lots in radio right around the country. You’ll know him as mr. Dave o’neill. Yes that’s the man. [20.6]

[00:00:20] He is wonderful if you’ve been in Melbourne at all. You’ll have heard him on radio for years and years and years. You’ve seen him on specs and specs and he is just one of those people who makes everybody laugh and always makes you feel better after you’ve caught up with him or listen to him or been entertained by it. [16.5]

[00:00:37] You’re absolutely right. And the reason we’ve got him he’s got a brand new podcast it’s called the de-brief So I think once you’ve listened to this show head to your podcast deal with iTunes or sanker where you could get away from it and download it because it’s really worth a lot. Dave can tell us all about it a little later on. [16.8]

[00:00:54] We’re also going to hear about a great new initiative Pete from home. Yes isn’t this a good idea. It seems that they’re going into the ridesharing business in a way but in a way that I must say I hadn’t ever thought of OK I can’t wait to find out what it actually is we are going to tell you a bit more about the golf seven point five. Highline edition which you’ve been driving which I’ve loved Joel Helms he’s been getting around in a car that I loved I was head over heels in love with it about 10 years ago. And then I sort of forgot about it. Well it seems listen are about to breathe new life into one of their what can I call it an iconic sports car. I think you can get a Z name to it it has. And they’ve been around for years like the 240 is it. Right. How many centuries ago was that a couple. The three 70s. It’s been around for a while but now is Mo. That’s the performance ARM of nisson they’ve been breathing a bit of fira JOEL have been driving it will find out what that’s like and making a welcome return to the airwaves this week Simon ly driving in his Zuzu Marks Yes and doing a little bit of babysitting as well so it would be quite an entertaining segment with Simon I know. I hope so. And Rachel certainly onboard and she said you text last week and said I think it’s time to wheel out some card jokes. And I don’t think I know any car jokes. No. [1:13.9]

[00:02:08] I never thought about it. I think I’ve got a good one but. Well I don’t know about you. I’ve got one. I don’t think it’s a good or not. Well we’ve been inspired by Dave o’neill we think we should try a handed comedy but I think judging by what I’ve heard so far we both just leave it. [15.1]

[00:02:26] Behind then we on these. I know we you. [4.1]

[00:02:31] Know the latest new generation Volvo SUV the sexy 60s about the hit Australian roads. Now power comes from a selection of five different powertrains starting with 140 kilowatt diesel going all the way through to get this beat a 300 kilowatt plug in hybrid petrol on the safety front. [16.8]

[00:02:48] Volvo says the new XY 60 is one of the safest cars ever built. [3.6]

[00:02:51] They added safety systems such as evasive manoeuvre assist and oncoming lane mitigation or the covers are off the 2019 version of Porsche Cayenne and get some fairly significant changes underneath the skin including for the first time optional rear wheel steering. [15.3]

[00:03:07] Power will come from turbocharge six cylinder engines that K and getting a 253 kilowatt 450 Newton meter 3 litre unit the k n s boasting a slightly smaller two point ninety two twin turbo. [11.0]

[00:03:18] It gives 340 kilowatts and 550 neutron meters inside an all new 12 inch HD touchscreen updated sat nav with realtime traffic info. An optional night vision assist you can see the all new stylish K in right now behind the wheel combo. [15.8]

[00:03:35] The Ford Motor Company in collaboration with pizza chain Domino’s are delivering our favourite cheese and tomato based fast food with a fully autonomous car. [7.4]

[00:03:42] Or how about Earth tests underway in Ann Arbour Michigan. It’s happening over the next few weeks where random domino customers will get their order from a Ford Fusion hybrid. [10.3]

[00:03:53] It will of course be manned by a driver just in case. With researchers in the car observing only that customer interaction with the car and the delivery process there’s been a real push by Lexus towards sporty models in recent years. [12.0]

[00:04:05] But the brand did make its name with luxury cars and that’s exactly where the focus has been on the design and engineering of the new generation Lexus. L.a. is launching locally early next year. [10.5]

[00:04:15] Lexus tells us they sought the counsel of professional shiatsu masseuse when designing as you do of course when designing a new rear seat massage function which offers 22 away power adjustments and a warming function with the massage programs reflecting a distinctively Japanese level of detail. [16.9]

[00:04:33] Indeed chief designer koshy sukha said the team was inspired by Japanese culture or the sporty version of the new generation Audi A The 2018 Audi S5 lands in December powered by audie’s two point nine litre visits by turbo engine boasting 331 kilowatts 600 meters. It’s a significant jump over the old model and the new car also up to 60 kilos lighter. [24.6]

[00:04:57] The interior has a new feel with the. I’ve wait for it. Diamond stitched find an apple leather that’s all the rage. There’s also digital radio and a bang and olafsson 3D sound system priced from one hundred fifty six thousand six hundred. [13.8]

[00:05:11] Further details will come as the release gets closer December this year. [4.5]

[00:05:16] Keep it right behind the wheel like you many is confirmed it will have a fully electric model ready to debut in around 2 years. [6.6]

[00:05:22] It’s based on the many electric concept at the famous British brand say the production version will debut in 2019. He’s already begun producing plug in hybrid vehicles including the countryman g.v. the fully electric vehicle that takes things another step forward in teasing the concept car. [15.1]

[00:05:38] He said it combines a drive system that is always quick off the mark with a precision tuned suspension. [5.3]

[00:05:43] No word yet on how far it will go right. Why do you say it. The all new Bentley Continental g.t. it is absolutely beautiful. You can see pictures of it right now behind the wheel. [9.3]

[00:05:53] Or are you the third generation Continental combines handcrafted natural materials with state of the art technology and a vehicle that honours the past and embraces the future. That’s what the company says any way they do on the dash a big 12 inch touchscreen that has like a revolving veneer I houses three analogue guys so it sort of spins around at the very groovy under the bonnet a six litre twin turbo w 12 TSA engine. That’s quite a mouthful fitted with the dual clutch eight speed transmission for the first time. The engine’s position further back for better weight distribution. [31.1]

[00:06:30] Yes. Well of course we heard about Volkswagens in the news there and Volkswagens have been in our garage behind the wheel garage over the last couple of weeks and we’ve had the flash golf Highline which is sort of the top of the range version of the golf. And I’ve got to say not that I’ve had a lot of time with it yet but I’ve seen you in it a few times. And it’s a pretty special looking little car. And I must say I was rather shocked at the price. [23.1]

[00:06:53] Yes 34 for 90 is pretty good because this is pretty much the top of the range. It’s kind of everything though like I mean really everything hasn’t it. It really has. It’s beautifully finished beautifully made goes wonderfully well. It feels to have more ground than the entry level model that I drove. The manual version a few weeks ago and yet it’s the one point four litre motor so motor 110 kilowatts 250 meters. That’s right. And. And who can believe the fuel consumption figures they claim five point four litres per 100 kilometres. So much of my time with it I’ve been doing five point five litres for home heating and up to about six at times now. That is unheard of because generally there’s the streets of difference between claimed views and what you actually get. It’s premium unleaded petrol that it uses but it seems to be pretty frugal about it. It’s got all the traditional golf features great fit and finish quiet. You feel like you’re like it’s got the solidity of a bank vault. It’s lovely it hangs on it handles Well it has rather a refreshing exhaust note as well which you can’t complain about. No not at all. It certainly seems to have a lot more sort of high end things in it. Stuff you would normally expect to find in a luxury Audi or a BMW digital dashes and these little dashes which are just wonderful what they are. Now I know the golf Scott gesture control I’m not quite sure how to use it. [1:25.0]

[00:08:19] Did you know that your radio changing station or did you find yourself inadvertently ringing people without realising how it happened. [6.2]

[00:08:25] Thank you. Yes thank you. You’ve just reminded me of one of the things I still can’t get used to. You think look I’ll just reach out for this and suddenly you’re listening to a different radio station you think. No stop. I was a big gesture control gesture supposed to be actually supposed to be a good thing. It’s supposed to be a good thing and I’m sure they turned it off. You take the middle of your gestures your heavy metal front triple j. I was thinking some of your gestures to other drivers don’t bear up. [35.3]

[00:09:03] I’m sorry. I take it you’re very patient I know. I like the way you do. You a smile on his face. I doubt. He does if you see me a few hours with a big smile. He’s actually probably abusing you. [13.1]

[00:09:17] It’s very rude. I’ve had I’ve taken up the habit of just breathing that tension out. And honestly it really works. Yeah. OK. But could you take me for a drive only to get in that area. [15.6]

[00:09:34] Yes indeed. Got to get through this week. We’re going to go driving in the news mode tweak nisson 370 Z shortly. We’re also going to find out about a new ridesharing initiative where I believe you can rent new holdens which is kind of odd but we’ll find out what that’s all. It’s only makes money on the side. What’s what could be wrong with that. Exactly right. But this is a bit I’ve been looking forward to we’ve had this line for a couple of years. And I got to say I’m a massive fan of this guy. Me too. I don’t want to feel old or anything like that. I’ve been watching you for years and years and years. Thanks. It’s time for a peek behind the wheel. Comedian extraordinaire mr. dave O’Neil. [33.3]

[00:10:07] Welcome to the high heels. I drove my car here. And what sort of car is that. I got a VW station where you know they have children so and I’ve got to upgrade to something because I don’t want to get a full drive and I got to think Ian’s fall drives that maybe I live in the inner city I’m surrounded by lawyers in range rovers who never go to the Bush. [18.1]

[00:10:25] So I want to get a bigger wagon. But apparently the Gulf states Wang has become bigger because I’ve got a little older one I tell driven. We just had the golf all track long last week. It’s a really good car nice race in the bay. It’s for the kids are teenagers in the back. [15.2]

[00:10:41] The one we just talked about in the news the new Volkswagen Passat. [3.1]

[00:10:44] All right so this is the big of urgency. I’m happy that I’ve had a Passat. Yeah that yeah. [4.5]

[00:10:49] Yeah pretty classy cars and really a Passat is essentially sort of a cheap Audi isn’t it. It is a form of sort of just sort of dressed up Volkswagen. [7.3]

[00:10:56] Yeah but no one car Jackson a Volkswagen. If you were in an Audi driving and particular areas and someone bangs in the back and look at them coming before you. Exactly. [11.6]

[00:11:09] Dave I’ve been listening with interest to an all new podcast you’ve been doing and of course an excuse to get you in here is because you record that podcast in a car in my car my Volkswagen this is not communicate well just because just do so many gig. [14.8]

[00:11:24] Last week I did a gigs and the week before five. So I do but between 5 and 8. We’ll be right. And often they’re in outer suburbs or country areas and I’m often with another comedian and we’d have these conversations on the way home I’d say this make a good podcast. So I just started recording the conversation. Yeah right OK. And so now I look at my schedule to ask hey I’ll be with huge record here. I’ll be with Carl cernan. But sometimes it’s funny that they’ll have their own car and also I’m with you and drop me off somewhere I’ll make my way back my car. I’ve been stranded in the outer western suburbs of Melbourne. I to. L. Wilson lives gotcha. Like 1:00 in the morning. No 11 actually OK. But most of the time I organized so they’re in my car. Yes. And we just drive home and have a chat. And what are the logistics of actually recording audio in a card. Yeah. You’ve got it technology so good these days you got to zoom recorder with two lapel mikes and also has two Mikes recording the background noise as backup as well. So it’s pretty good. But someone did a listening It’s a say oh you got a bit of car noise on it. You know Jerry seinfeld’s car show hears no noise on his bike. [1:05.5]

[00:12:29] Yeah that’s because his budget would be like what. He’s got no budget. So how dare they complain about your bus track anyway in the hope that the atmosphere is actually nothing like the sound of a clatter Volkswagen diesels that are humming away in the background. [14.6]

[00:12:45] This is an idea but it is good because you know what it’s like it’s like having a when you’re sitting next to somebody you know actually looking at them. People do share more I reckon. Yeah. They say it’s a good time to talk to teenagers when you dream with them because it’s not face to face and intimidating. Yeah but it’s a psychological thing. [19.2]

[00:13:05] Sometimes when people want open up I put them in the back seat and the booster don’t love it I imagine can be dangerous territory. Could Offer because sometimes some refreshment during and afterwards. Yeah yeah. I’m not a big drinker and I’ve got a jibe at yes. I mean you have been a bit there’s been a bit of drinking going on one go which is I’ve been in Cairns constantly and you go to a footy club which is actually maybe newborough which is a smoky role right. Yeah. The nice part they always tell me and here of course the footy club you do a good gig there and I’ll give you as many travellers as you want. Right. OK. So we had like these travels constantly. Were you able to edit them out or did you mean tainment value barely do any editing. If anyone said any libellous. You know yeah sure yeah just want to loy’s. [52.9]

[00:13:59] I have it in my head that many comedians are not the best drivers and this is only based on one person who we both know who made touch parking an absolute specialty. We all work together at Channel Nine long time ago and he would arrive and his car would arrive in various stages of disrepair. Yeah it’s just caused by just those little supermarket supermarket bengal’s that happen mimic well but he doesn’t drive not think Bill by someone else altogether. But we won’t mention names. But what’s been your experience driving with other comedians when when they’ve said oh look we’ll give you a lift they’re not going well they’re not bad drivers. [40.0]

[00:14:39] I mean they would be mostly female drivers actually the female comedians are there and they’re all elderly parents so they’re pretty good drivers. But there’s a reason why some comedians don’t drive like and other comedians because I think they like drinking too much. I was that. Oh definitely definitely. I’m amazed by how many creeds don’t let little Lawrence Mooney. He was well he was caught. [19.6]

[00:14:59] He says if you don’t stand up to an hour I say yeah. SD in his Jeep. So you’ve got guys like that they just push it a bit. I was telling you off I’ve got 12 points so I can’t brag. [11.3]

[00:15:11] I’m unbearable ledford but I just the problem is when you’re driving country roads I mean I got done in allbery the other day in the middle of nowhere and I was just you know it was like a 70s and I was I mean I was going 75 and just got caught by camera. These things happen. They do. I explain to your wife that because I used to be a bit of a petrol head as a kid so I was just thinking I was coming here. My first car was a torana which was nice orange. So they picked it out in the car yard for me. Seven hundred ninety nine dollars with roadworthy three on the tree. Or was it automatic. Three it. It was on the floor on the wall for well wasn’t a 253. It wasn’t a very good one. I don’t know how to answer but I think it was 253. So six cylinder four cylinder fours alright I can imagine yes you could have decals on the back. [52.9]

[00:16:04] I hope so because I think it made them go faster somehow. But then we grew up in the outer suburbs there was just a start a car. We all wanted V8. We just got common sense. When you’re 18. So I got a settlement. I got a valiant of e.g. 3 8 8 0 0 8 on the front bonnet. Yeah yeah yeah. I forgot all of us to know it was it was one of the colour the blues. Bill and you couldn’t get closer to that model the Dodge Phoenix of course. Yeah. And that was a great car that was like a V8 and that impressed the girls and the guys and all we did you have the Venetian blinds on the back window because they were real party. I love them. And that car got stolen. And of course the police go Don’t worry Dave it 97 percent of cars get returned. You know three percent are never. Mine was one of the three one of the three percent. Amazing I see one of them driving along I think that could be my idea. Then I moved on to an XP station wagon nice for the old. Yeah yeah yeah. That was a good car turn a nice bench seat for drive ins. [1:01.3]

[00:17:05] I don’t know that I see you know natira in a station wagon. However [4.4]

[00:17:10] I was a young man you ride. I wouldn’t. Maybe it was me. Oh you to for the equipment to be a roadie or two after the gig. Exactly when I move to a BMW 2 0 0 2. Wow. Oh they were great because I want to see them on TV. I saw him on the Sweeney you are the professionals OK crash cop shows had that I was a great degree from Matrix the light gun from valiant’s and holders and Fords to sort of stuff they kind of move into the inner city. I was hanging out with them. We know where you’re coming off a lot. Yes I know I had a Saab. [35.3]

[00:17:46] Yes who knows also broke down all the time. Yeah correct. And that key that was I think it was somewhere between the seats and why it was there. Who knows the difference. You know what I had for a while. Had a Volkswagen sedan you know those cars so it’s not the beetle not that they’re the one with the boot. Yes there was the boom. That was right. Can’t quite rare Yeah but that was a great look and not Ecar kind of post that fast. Back now with the know how to boot and it looked like. [32.5]

[00:18:19] Either way if it is in reverse it looks like it’s going for you to notice it. If it wasn’t the and gear then what I have and then I got a Volvo my car. I think this is wonderful. This is a silver Volvo which was a great car that went for ever a boxy but big boxy they certainly are boxy and so we moved the wagons. [23.7]

[00:18:43] I had a place where you and a golf wagon. That’s the issue of my cars I think. I think it is almost a routine experience actually just because it’s so funny because you’re touching on things that every one somebody in the audience. I’d wonder if you had one of those and it broke down on the freeway. [17.0]

[00:19:00] Well this is it. This is the thing I wrote a book last year called the summer of 82 about leaving school and worrying those 10 weeks to get your results. Get into uni or whatever. And I wrote a whole thing about cars when I couldn’t remember the details as I rang up Eric Bana because he a massive car cause we were a Holden family so my dad who still got his 982 Commodore wagon wheel of fortune now to love it takes it upon his men. [23.8]

[00:19:24] Yeah he’s met Peter before yes. And you can’t see him drive this car. No no no you won’t let me drive. Oh no. No way. Steady on. And so Eric knew all these details that I’d forgotten about like things like graphic equalizers of course. Yes because you know how you would go through the catalogue of chupa. I wasn’t given back of cheaper to buy cheap auto back then it was. I. Well would be the Autobahn cataloguing for the stereo and yes circular and the graphic I was with about 17 different kind of functions. [31.2]

[00:19:56] What makes you really knew what they did. You always kind of wonder if you would have made any difference anyway. [3.8]

[00:20:00] I know it was we to park our cars outside a 7-eleven open up in our neighbourhood and then we used to park the Valiant and just sit on the bonnet and talk to the girls like a charger or something would pull in next year. And even when we look upon the bonnet the kids was tell me the Ford equivalent of the charger was the XP coupe. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. [22.6]

[00:20:22] There’s a big announcement to land our door with that would be a revolving headlight. [4.8]

[00:20:28] Yeah it was a white one of the blue stripes the cobra COBRA. I’m thinking of the cobra. OK. I’d forgotten details like that. Yeah. And Eric he’d be sure to be listen this podcast. You can’t find yourself lusting after cars these days. [13.7]

[00:20:42] Like so if power comes off at the end of the week what where would you be headed. Go to a Ferrari dealership. [4.2]

[00:20:46] No no no no. I would almost go retro I reckon like you yeah now. [4.8]

[00:20:52] A retro along the lines of someone we all know John Faine who is he’s known as the citrus ones. [6.0]

[00:20:58] Yes. Which I love. LEIGH SALES I know the ABC but we all know their city. You go in there. My brother had to see my brother to see to see me. [9.4]

[00:21:09] I love them little snail cars and the boat comes off and you can use it as a picnic table. You know I almost go classic Commodore and maybe even xslt an HDTV version or you know I’m on a statesman either statement but they’re worth a fortune these days. I’m really just crazy. [17.2]

[00:21:26] Crazy money. The WB in particular. Last sort of one that came out of the Kingswood you can’t buy them for love or money. The is hard. And she will and I think she’d be happy of me getting another valiant. [10.0]

[00:21:37] I mean you know I’m looking forward to when the kids leave home and then I can get rid of the wagons. Yeah. That’s time to go backwards or get a really nice car. [9.0]

[00:21:46] But the thing is if you do go backwards you do miss out on a lot of safety measures that yes really just you will come out or the kids do. You need to actually have it you know they look lovely. But I’ll try to win on the road then Wendy. Yeah. You really don’t read it on my own. Yes heaps of fuel. And I love the call that I can plug into my stereo system and play podcast. I travel a lot. [24.8]

[00:22:11] I’m always driving or Aubrey or Molly or wherever. If that’s what they say I suppose it seems to me that the life of a comic of a comedian is is limited. [9.3]

[00:22:20] I know it sounds like it’s one of great courage. Courage Oh you would. I don’t know how you do it. [6.7]

[00:22:27] You get used to it. So for me something scary would be doing what you do every night. You go down a lot. You’ll read the news. But for me when I go to a gig I’ve done this before I’ll be all right. And what’s going to happen if it’s not all right as a matter of fact you can yell out but you try and cut down the risk factor so you say when they ring up for say on Newcastle time at lunchtime you go I’ll be right. [22.4]

[00:22:50] But thanks anyway. I’ve done a go. No no they’re not good because sometimes you can pfluger and they’ll be a great bunch of people or whatever but often they used to be in a canteen and were people eating their lunch and you’re ruining their lunch. [13.6]

[00:23:05] But the thing is you’ve got you’ve got a huge following specs and specs you’ve got oh you’ve got generations. [4.9]

[00:23:10] I don’t know. What I find with young people come to me like a girl come up a young woman say my mum’s a big fan of yours. [8.8]

[00:23:19] So it’s just great. I’m sure you get that Peter. Sure. I get people look at me and think Oh God what’s his name again. So I get David Brian or Mike mostly when they think then the next question is what are you doing these days. I before I got the news you got this great new podcast from Dave o’neill It’s called the de-brief you can get it in all the usual spots. [23.6]

[00:23:43] I Tunes automatic soundcloud all the places you get your great podcasts on. This is a great podcast to get. It really is. So once you finish with behind the wheel go download the de-brief Dave and great for you to come and visit as it by the way. Thanks very much. Thank you. [13.2]

[00:23:57] Never gonna hit the road with a mo tweak listen 370 Z shortly Joel helms’s been at the Australian launch 370. It’s a bit long in the tooth these days. Been around for what 10 years I suppose. I hear from where I’m sitting. That’s just a positive youngster any opportunity to freshen it up a bit. I’m sure will be gratefully received indeed and as we mentioned at the top of the show Hold’em behind a great new initiative. It’s a program called masan. It’s got an awful lot to do with ride sharing and to kind of make a bit of sense of it with it all want to get the boss of the whole project on. So it’s a big behind the wheel. Welcome. [36.4]

[00:24:34] Matthew rattray Wood general manager of urban mobility and maven from Holden. I mean how are you going man. [4.7]

[00:24:39] I’m great thanks how are you both. [1.3]

[00:24:41] Very well indeed. Good to have a chat to you today. Now of course we’re familiar with Ride sort of sharing car concepts like go get and so on. But as I understand it this one’s a little bit different because this doesn’t so much make itself available to members of the public. But for those who are already involved in operations like Uber or taxis yet that’s exactly right. [22.1]

[00:25:03] So it may even make it in the US probably offers a whole range of products in terms of car sharing some of the traditional models you talked about but here in Australia we’ve launched a product of gig and that is specifically for drivers who want to work in that right hailing space who may not have access to their own car. You know we’ve got some great new holdens that they can rent from us with a whole heap of included extras that make it easy to get on board and start driving. [26.3]

[00:25:30] So really it’s going to maybe make it easier for people who wouldn’t even be able to contemplate buying a car to actually get out there and use a car to make an income. [9.3]

[00:25:39] Yeah exactly that. So we get a whole range of different people some people who just as you say you know could it couldn’t buy the cars themselves and others who might have tried out driving. For someone like Uber in their own car and decided they’d rather hear someone else’s. We’re happy to oblige there. So there’s a whole range of reasons that people get from us but there’s certainly a lot of happy customers who who are pretty keen to get into one of their cars. [23.1]

[00:26:03] Of course the big issue I’d imagine would be insurance’s and the like. Does that sort of all come as part of the maven program. [6.5]

[00:26:09] Yeah that’s for sure. So the price stuff from two hundred fifteen dollars a week up to 300 dollars and that includes unlimited kilometres that can be true of all your servicing and maintenance is paid. Or our old and old and dealer network and yes comprehensive insurance is definitely a big well for our drivers that covered as well as his 24th. Roadside assistance. So we try to make it really give give drivers peace of mind that they can draw up some cash on the side and not have to worry about all of those annoyances that we take care of. [30.0]

[00:26:40] How long does their agreement with the company last for how long do they have the car full. [4.0]

[00:26:44] It’s a minimum of four weeks. What we call our drivers at the end of that time. And they’re happy. In the vast majority of cases they’re very happy and we let them then keep the car in indefinitely and it’s simply a case of them calling us up when they’re ready to give it back. [13.6]

[00:26:58] We have a seven day notice and then they can return the car when when they’ve finished with it or I suppose there’s an option to purchase it if they’ve done no rather better than expected. [9.8]

[00:27:08] Yeah exactly. Well look you have been being part of Holt and that’s certainly an advantage for us is that at the end of that rental term we can help help drivers get into that car or perhaps another you hold them because that’s what they prefer. [11.7]

[00:27:21] And after a week say driving a Holden track can you get a bit bored Can you swap and go on get yourself a Colorado instead. [6.4]

[00:27:27] Yeah. Well after four weeks that that can happen. So with the minimum wage term that’s minimum in one car. But we do have some drivers. Yeah. Tried out driving a smaller car like an extra hatch and then decided they want to try a bigger SUV seven seater. I guess that’s one of the great things of a service like this is it gives you that flexibility to see what suits you and for some people it’s even just a case of trying it out and seeing if this is the sort of work they want to do. And if this is a car that’s good for them. [26.6]

[00:27:54] So how do you get involved to get a job at a Holden dealer. You make a phone call. You got online. [3.9]

[00:27:58] Yes. So look probably the easiest way for anyone to find it is just to Google mayford gig. And anyone who is in Melbourne and Sydney at the moment they’re the two cities where I’ve been to find they’re nice and prominent back can either. They can also on their submitted an online lead to us. We’ll give them a call and get them sorted so the cards are picked up from our headquarters in Melbourne and we’re also operating out of a dealership there in Sydney. So nice and convenient for anyone in those cities. [26.4]

[00:28:25] Any plans for expanding further round the countryside. [2.7]

[00:28:28] Yeah definitely. So we’re currently looking at a couple of other cities that will have a bit more to talk about very soon. So obviously this this space you know that the ride sharing economy is booming around Australia at the moment everyone knows that the rapid growth of companies like Uber. So we’re really trying to get in on that. And we’re looking at different cities. The other thing we’re looking at is is different car sharing options outside of this one obviously and gig is for the sharing economy. But for right drivers but we also piloting a program called Mesa campus here at our headquarters in Melbourne which is a pool of vehicles which have over 500 employees currently using them. We got over 30 cars and that’s booking by the hour by the day. We’ve got an app so we’re just testing all that technology and hopefully we’ll have some more to announce on that soon as well as we can bring that to the public. [47.9]

[00:29:16] Wow. Exciting times and a great initiative. Good to see you. First like that coming from Holden Matthew Racker he would general manager of urban mobility and of course the new Mavin gig. Thanks for your time today on the oil. [11.7]

[00:29:28] Thanks very much for having me. It’s been a pleasure. [1.6]

[00:29:35] Yes as promised it’s time to slide behind the wheel of a Z car. And no not the datin to forty’s Ed. Oh no. I don’t know whether there would be many of those still going to be honestly a few around the place probably. But Eric. No. I’m sure they have to ask Harvard certainly doesn’t qualify for heritage number plates is the one is no tweak nisson 370 Z breathing a bit of life into the old girl and the man who’s been driving it. There’s the one only Joel Helms got a joke going how Hello there guys. [27.9]

[00:30:03] Very well thank you. [1.0]

[00:30:04] Now the 370 is Z it’s starting to get a little long in the tooth because it’s pretty much the same shape as the 350 Z which was released what more than 10 years ago I think now. [9.1]

[00:30:14] Yeah. [0.1]

[00:30:14] It could just about qualify for those heritage plates to get done before 370 Z. Well I certainly remember the 350 It was just an awesome sports car rear wheel drive. Naturally aspirator e6 up the front and that just a beautiful handler and something that just brings a smile to your face when you get it into it. Over the weekend and take it up a twisty mountain road or something. [21.6]

[00:30:36] Yeah. But it has been the forgotten car you’d say in the nisson australia line Yeah yeah. Is it really ground down to basically nothing. Probably the big reason for that Ford Mustang. It’s just been a phenomenal success. The Mustang and you know people have sort of looked there for their reasonably priced sports car and I guess it kind of sits in between the Mustang and the cars like the Subaru be out there and the Toyota or 86 Nemos room X5 a bit more sporty than those but probably you know a little bit easier to live with and a bit more fun I think than the Ford Mustang that’s how I felt after driving it. You’re looking at a starting price sixty one for ninety which for the performance of the car is I think very reasonable. How any how many and cap safety starts this god hasn’t been encamp tested so I can’t tell you in terms of this body shape dates back to about 2000 and eight. So yes still looks good but certainly it’s something that if you are on the road you know you would know the car and recognise it quite well. It’s due for a significant update I’d say. [1:08.2]

[00:31:45] Yeah. Now you were you said we’re looking at price sort of in the early 60s that’s for the Bismo tweaked version of the 370 but of course you can get more garden variety versions at a more competitive price. [10.9]

[00:31:56] Price Yeah. Forty nine 990 is the starting price. So that’s that’s your version that’s for the could pay manual the base baseball. The difference between the Bismo and the standard one not a lot in terms of performance eight kilowatts and 8 meters for them is due to a twin exhaust so it’s got a bit more of a sporty sound I suppose you’d say than this. [21.5]

[00:32:18] For the record only available it could pay as well. Other than that different wheels a few cosmetic things stiffer suspension but I kind of got my eye on that 50000 dollar manual and also just speaking of home I knew after driving the manual in the auto if you’re going to buy a 370 Z you’ve got it by the manual. [18.5]

[00:32:37] Now I believe because Nissan were the first ones to come out with that sort of rev matching thing going on where you put your foot on the clutch and it would connect automatically kind of spike up the revs so that it would be in exactly the right spot to go up or down a gear and really quite quite good fun to drive. [14.5]

[00:32:52] Absolutely good for the drive. Got a really nice night shift. Feel nice and small and it just you know this kind of car which is a sporty car I don’t think you can have an automatic transmission in it and have the full experience if you want the full experience and if you’re going to buy a car like this surely you know you’re looking for a sports car you probably buy them. But interestingly that’s not the way that Nissan expects the sales of the motor go. They say 65 percent are expected to be the automatics and 35 percent for the manual. That’s interesting. [29.4]

[00:33:21] And are they forecasting a boost in sales to counter the Mustang with this revamped version. [5.4]

[00:33:27] What do you think. There was no talk about any sales projections. So I think you know this was coming in doing a bit of a new generation a new era. They’ve got some new PR people the guys a couple of guys over from Mazda they’ve got a new a new Australian boss as well. They’re moving at the New New Territory. Things like the ultimate gone the part the pulsar is gone the micro is gone. So you know cars like this they need like cars like this 377 Bismo motor cut burn and start getting some sales is never going to be a big seller. [32.7]

[00:34:00] But they just need something that’s that’s not the extra money that is successful I suppose you’d say. [5.9]

[00:34:06] Yeah true. And I suppose for the 370 Z unlike the Mustang it’s not all bodies to port and kind of having to you know kind of prepare for three kilometres out like you do any boat shaped Mustang. The 370 is really good luck gone isn’t it. I [14.3]

[00:34:20] mean entirely different things and this is a history if you go back even back to 1969 Mustang versus 240 that it’s exactly the same thing. The Mustangs more use straight line speed and grunt with the Japanese cars more. But that three point seventy that engine moves along really well and it brings you enough straight line speed to make you feel like you’re getting let down in that area but also has the really good handling and arrived as well. Excellent. [28.1]

[00:34:48] You want to see pictures of it want to read the review unfallen it’s a good one to head to the website right now behind the wheel. What are you Joel. We’ll catch up again next week. [7.5]

[00:34:56] Thanks guys. We’re already been on the road. We’ve been driving what the U.S. tweaked Mo 370 zeidner it’s a new low tech missing 370. It was something like Yes Joe likes it and says it’s very well worthwhile driving especially in manual version. You’re right. And of course we chatted. Top of the range Volkswagen Golf the Highline which I took I could decide what colour it is is it is it is it a metallic baby poo. Well I think it might be almost a case of metallic cactus with an overlay of orangy. I’m not sure it’s a colour like that which you’ve never seen before. It’s hard. [33.1]

[00:35:30] Some might be able to put a little bit of a spin on whether he seen a metallic baby because he’s very familiar with baby poo these days. Oh and in fact he is about to tell us about the zoo zoo marks or the X. That’s what the ises people like to call it. And he’s doing it with baby Lucas in his arms. Yes. To be quite good. [17.6]

[00:35:48] Simon he going pretty good guy. Simon It’s great to talk to you. What is Lucas think of the music. [5.3]

[00:35:53] Oh I think he’s okay with it. It’s usually the same opinion every week. [3.6]

[00:35:58] A little bit of back on your collar. Yeah. Oh yeah. I was asleep in every car. So yeah. [5.4]

[00:36:06] Yeah. That’s this radio appearance. [2.8]

[00:36:10] Oh what have you done to him. He wasn’t at all. He’s so close to Father’s Day. All right. [7.4]

[00:36:19] Well I’ll tell you what. While while while Simon is dealing with baby Lucas will die. I think it’s time to wheel around and she came up with this brilliant idea. She heard the davinia was on this week’s show so she said let’s do car jokes. And I went oh that’s great. I don’t really know any but I’m trying to come up with some. Here she is. It’s gorgeous Rachel Franco hearts going great. [20.3]

[00:36:39] How are you. Hey real good. Good to talk to you. That is a brilliant idea. It’s a stroke of genius because I was speaking of a stroke of genius Dave o’neill is just funny Dick funny and terrific company and witty and good fun. [12.0]

[00:36:51] I don’t think we’re going to do that today cause we’re pretty Mars. Well that’s three minutes of radio. That’s all I’m going to say. [8.1]

[00:37:00] I didn’t have a particularly successful aren’t for car jokes either. Mila did but of course most of the we can’t tell on air. [7.3]

[00:37:08] We ran away with a few and then two are all going no no you can’t no you can’t say that to them. Yeah I know I. Well can I. Can I ask you you guys. Are you looking back so Lucas is better. Yea yea I got what they did here. I know what we’ll do. But look he’s back so let’s take advantage of this small baby Lucas is having a nap. Yes I’m in the M you x. What is it like. Would you buy one. [21.4]

[00:37:30] Yeah. Well I’ve driven it before and I liked it. Then of course it’s not the most refined SUV out there and as you know it’s based on the BMX platform so it really actually does drive like it. It sounds like you got really loud. You know the diesel engine clatter you can hear that it’s not as refined as there should be. Like I said but they have made improvements. They realized at the beginning of the year on the inside I found that you know it is a bit better than before. They’ve got nice leather seats a nice smooth although they’re not really tight fitting they’re very comfortable to sit on. The interior is improved as well. You’ve got a nice soft touch materials not just all the black black plastic although the controls are still very basic but sometimes as good as something simple easy to use. It’s like a big temperature dial in the middle. And of course they’ve improved the talk in the engine. So there’s a little bit more grunt there I found that last time we drove it off road it tended not to have so much punch. [1:04.7]

[00:38:35] But now there is a bit more there something there’s something sort of companionable about the car isn’t there it’s just practical and down to earth and hard as nails that go towards it and you know you can’t break it. It’s sort of still a Toyota marketing line. You must feel unbreakable doesn’t it. [16.2]

[00:38:51] Yeah exactly I mean aside from all its faults it actually covers all the bases quite well. [4.2]

[00:38:56] I probably should tell people that it is actually because only we have it’s a big 7c SUV for a model. And it’s a proper off road. So it’s competing with the likes of say the Ford Everest or the Toyota fortuner or mitsubishi’s pajero sport one of the most attractive rear end in the one that most really doesn’t like much. [19.2]

[00:39:16] I think you know where it’s coming from. Actually it is the rear loads just like the variety. [5.2]

[00:39:21] So four wheel drive and low range and like you said it’s got seven seats they can fit. Plenty of people in there and it’s large and spacious. And this top of the range might all the city comes in its payment system so far. We’ll be back we’ll have a DVD to watch. [14.5]

[00:39:36] Excellent. Pretty reasonably priced too from Emory isn’t it. [2.5]

[00:39:39] Yeah. So this one it’s a fifty six thousand five hundred and thirty thousand kill me to warrant in five star safety rating so it’s a pretty decent package. [9.3]

[00:39:49] And of course if you’ve got a horse float or a dirty great big boat you need total do that with these as well. [4.7]

[00:39:54] Absolutely. [0.7]

[00:39:55] I mean like I said it ticks all the boxes X on well I took out some review behind the wheel dot com dot you for the ides izu mucks on spy skort the M you X because that’s what the title is. But muxes way more fun way more fun. And particularly being a kind of the joky edition off hind the wheel will go back to the lovely Rachel who has been wheeled out and sitting over there in the cold right. [20.4]

[00:40:17] Oh it isn’t the show a bit of a joke every week anyway. [2.9]

[00:40:24] And it was a lovely working with him. We will. Let’s go back to the jokes. I’ve got one I’m going to kick off proceedings. Here we go. A man buys a sports car and is really beginning to enjoy it when lo and behold in the rear-view mirror flashing lights. He guns it and rapidly gets up to 160 miles an hour when he suddenly realizes what he was doing. So the policeman gets pulled over. Walks up to the window and says What were you thinking. Just taking off like that. Well the man replies after thinking about it for a bit a few years ago a highway patrol officer ran out ran off with my wife and the policeman said Well what does that have to do with anything he said. [37.8]

[00:41:02] I thought you were bringing your back. [1.2]

[00:41:08] Funny you should be in a bus so I didn’t see it. I didn’t see the tag coming on that one. I must say you got one for us. This was your idea mate of mine is really now mine. [12.5]

[00:41:20] In the spirit of Father’s Day or special case day if you’re at Woolworths. I’m going to go down that route. Go there a bit a bit safer and they’re actually they’re so lame that they’re funny. OK so I’ve got Why does a chicken coop have two doors. Why does a chicken coop have two doors. I don’t know because with four it would have been a chicken sedan. [23.3]

[00:41:46] Very nice. Very very informative. And putting it in there is where when Volkswagens go when they get old. [9.0]

[00:41:56] No we do Volkswagens go when they get old. They go to the old Volks home. [4.0]

[00:42:03] Was shocking. But the trouble is so bad. [5.0]

[00:42:09] If you do if you do some of the funny ones you end up slagging off about one brand or other. [5.1]

[00:42:14] I don’t want to do is not look I’ll do that on and off you go. [5.7]

[00:42:21] Oh so this guy he walks into a spare parts shop and ask Guy Oh I need some wiper blades for my jeep. He goes thinks about it for a while goes Oh that’s a fair trade alright. [16.7]

[00:42:38] What’s the smallest part of a fit. [2.0]

[00:42:42] I have no idea. The owners brain about what do you call it. [8.7]

[00:42:51] It ran out of petrol. I don’t know. What do you call the Ford Fiesta that rented a petrol a Ford Fiesta. [5.7]

[00:43:02] And before that they were very funny. [3.6]

[00:43:06] So why are we going to do this. Why did valiance have heated tailgates. I don’t know why. So that your hands would stay warm when you were pushing them back home. [10.1]

[00:43:18] I quite like that. OK. Here we go. [5.6]

[00:43:24] Last one. Why don’t Shelvey sustained much damage in front in collisions. [5.0]

[00:43:29] I don’t know why don’t Chevy sustain much damage in front end collisions because the tow truck takes most of the impact. [6.2]

[00:43:39] On that note I would love to hear your funniest car jokes if you’ve got any e-mail of do as it feedback at behind the wheel. Dot com dot you did for another week right Joel. Franco you’re a legend thank you very much. Lovely talking to you guys. Simon ly good to talk to you and I hope baby Lucas can stay settled for you for the rest of the day. No worries. Fantastic spinach. Good to see you. Thank you Chris and to you. And we’ll see you next week. [23.0]


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