Behind the Wheel Podcast 463

Pete, Chris and the team are back for episode 463!

Another ridiculously jam-packed Behind the Wheel Car Podcast this week.

We’ll delve into the world of hydrogen powered cars. Hyundai has recently announced a new mainstream hydrogen powered SUV, to be called FE - we’ll find out if and when it’s coming to town, and how we’ll fill it up with Bill Thomas from Hyundai.

We’ll hit the road in a couple of jacked-up wagons that are great alternatives to an SUV - the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack & the Mercedes-Benz E220d All-Terrain.

We’ll try and find a first car for Malcolm’s daughter with Rachel Franco & Simon Lai - and we’ll have $20k to spend.

Honda are in for a busy month with the all-new CR-V hitting the road, and the new Civic Type-R is almost here - we’ll find out just how much longer we’ll have to wait with Neil McDonald.

Joel has been revisiting our Car of the Year from 2015, the Kia Sorento. It’s been in for a nip and tuck, we’ll get Joel’s thoughts on whether the big Kia still stacks up.

The 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is renowned for outlandish concept cars and this year delivered in spades.

In fact, some of our top trending news stories this week have been from the show - we’ve got all those details, along with news of an electric Volkswagen Kombi and a Ford with a removable steering wheel.

Get comfy and settle in for another super-sized, and at times, rather silly edition of Behind the Wheel

Behind the Wheel Car Podcast Episode 0463 Transcript:

[00:00:01] Thank. You. This week. So just be careful it’s a combustible kind of area over here. Yes. We keep hearing about it’s the fuel of the future and I’m sure it is. But there’s a lot of infrastructure that go in first. However some of the makers are really heading down the hydrogen. [15.2]

[00:00:17] They really are including a good mates. They in fact they’ve released or kind of announced this week that their first mainstream hydrogen powered SUV is about to hit the market in the next 12 months is the car that emits only water. [13.9]

[00:00:31] How they’re going to do it I suppose is going to be the question how we’re going to build the thing that’s the big question isn’t it. [4.6]

[00:00:36] Yeah absolutely. Is it going to be available here in Australia. And where do you fill it up and all that sort of stuff. So it’ll be interesting but if they reckon it’s a mainstream vehicle on the way then they obviously have answers to those questions. [11.6]

[00:00:48] Well Bill is the man we got to put on the spot Bill Thomas from Hyundai. He joins us later on the show. We’re also going to hit the road in a couple of jacked up station wagon. [8.1]

[00:00:56] Now these are alternatives to the SUV really. People buy SUV because they like sitting high. And there’s no doubt about that it does give you that feeling of command of your surroundings sure. And also I think a lot of people expect there to be lots of room in them so you can put everything in the boat and actually not as was the case. [17.7]

[00:01:14] Exactly. And in fact station wagons that they’re going to be the mainstay of Australian roads were they through the 70s and 80s then they kind of all but disappeared. While it looks like there’s a little bit of revival happening we’ve got one from Volkswagen it’s the golf all track and sort of at the other end of the price spectrum Mercedes Benz have come out with an E to 20 D all terrain so will review vote. Both those guys and just the next couple minutes we’re also going to deal with the question we got from Malcolm on the email feedback at behind the wheel dot com dot you. His daughter is about to hit the road so he wants to find out from us. I don’t know whether it’s a wise thing or not but he does find out from us what we think is the best car for his daughter for about 20 case. Can we get Rachel and Simon in on that little later. [41.3]

[00:01:56] That’s a very good idea. Gosh has a lot of. Lot of cars to choose from. There you go new and or do you go for a slightly used. That’s the question. Well good question indeed. [11.0]

[00:02:07] Honda up they’re in for a busy month course the all new CRV hitting the roads now and the car I’ve been so excited about it for about 12 years. I know the civic type. It’s due to land any moment. To find out when that moment is Neil McDonald from Honda he’s going to join us on the show a little later. And Joel he’s been getting around in an updated version of our car of the year not from last year but the year before the fabulous keer sorento. While they’ve given it a bit of a bit of an upgrade and we’ll find out exactly what that’s like shortly behind the wheel needs. And then we’ll tell you. [31.6]

[00:02:40] All the people beach concours. Elegance is renowned for outlandish concept cars. And this year it didn’t disappoint. [7.0]

[00:02:48] Infinity nissen’s Luxury brand surprised many people when they showed a 1940s inspired roadster. [5.8]

[00:02:54] It’s called the prototype nine and the car is described by infinity as a sleek open wheeled electric retro roadster prototype and it is beautiful actually despite all that you can see the pics now behind the wheel. [12.2]

[00:03:06] Dot com dot. Are you. [1.0]

[00:03:07] The question is why did infinity go down this path. It’s kind of odd in fact going for a 1940s car for a car company that started in 1989 and apparently still officially a concept BMW have unveiled the new Z4 roadster at Pebble Beach. Now BMW say the new Z4 is a sporty and progressive BMW design study encapsulating their vision of a modern roadster. [22.5]

[00:03:30] It’s believed the new BMW offering will share the same platform as the soon to return Toyota Supra. How about that. And it’ll be offered with a choice of four or six with engines and a plug in hybrid the Cumby is back. Yes. Well sort of. Volkswagen unveiled an electric drive van set to hit the road in 2022. Now that and could be the diesel electric vehicle with a flat floor enabling maximum passenger and cargo space. The van will also cash in on the legacy and continued popularity of the classic Volkswagen comedies of the past. It’s believed the van also have an autonomous driving capability. Ford believes the self driving car is a big part of the future for getting around. The car manufacturers got the jump on rivals in the US by lodging a patent for the design that would allow owners to remove the steering wheel and pedals from their car when not in use. [47.9]

[00:04:18] How the US patent application describes a dashboard assembly with a receiving means that can receive the removable steering wheel or removable filler module for when you are not using the steering wheel. Well a study has found that many motorists are not yet ready to hand over control of their car and a large percentage of people are actually scared of autonomous driving technology. [20.8]

[00:04:39] The study found people were just not happy about being asked to hand over control. [4.2]

[00:04:43] 37 percent of respondents were concerned that people are becoming too lazy and reliant on technology. While there was a fear among more than one in three respondents about the technology being hacked charge skoda has confirmed it simplifying the rapid range for 2018. How simple is a line up. It’ll include just one variant the 92 txi model with the dsg automatic transmission. Gone is the 81 kilowatt Turbo pedal that we used to see. [25.1]

[00:05:08] Instead the skoda Rapid which is also available in just one body type space back in Cummins hatchback doesn’t it. Yes it does. It will come exclusively but the larger one point four litre turbo petrol seven speed dsg drive line with 2018 skoda Rapid is available for twenty three 990 drive away. [17.8]

[00:05:26] While there’s an updated version of our 2016 car of the year the 2018 version of the BMW m-2 it’s about to hit Australian dealerships. [7.9]

[00:05:34] The two model grey line up now kicks off from 93 300 for the M2 pure. While the standard M 2 price also jumps to 199 900. Now [9.1]

[00:05:44] justifying those additional costs is Edition of adaptive LCD headlights as well as the updated I drive six infotainment system powered by BMW. [9.0]

[00:05:53] Two hundred seventy two kilowatts straight 6 engine that provides up to 500 Newton meters on over boost a seven speed auto transmission remains a standard on the m-2 while a six speed manual remains a no cost option for 2018 by the manual. I reckon the impressive new generation Volkswagen Tig ones is now being offered in a special edition very the Tig one adventure engine choice for the Volkswagen Tig one adventure is either the 132 kilowatt to litre turbo petrol or 340 neutron meter turbo diesel prices for the petrol. [31.7]

[00:06:24] Tig one adventure start at forty three 990 while the diesel version kicks off at 45 490. [5.7]

[00:06:35] Top of the show a couple of cars that have been in the behind the wheel garage this week two very similar cars in ethos at least put out different when it comes to price. So yes they are. We could say the Volkswagen Golf all track station wagon and the Mercedes Benz e 220 D all train station wagon. I think that prefers to say a state or city break or something. Sort of fancy word for station wagon but we all know what it is. [22.2]

[00:06:58] It’s a station wagon let’s call it by what it is. They’re both great cars. [3.5]

[00:07:01] They do happen really good alternatives. As we said at the top of the show to SUV his SUV is of course the biggest selling sort of part of the Australian motoring lands. Yes that’s right. The first time just a couple of months ago they overtook passenger car sales. And I think a lot of people may be a little kind of confused when it comes to SUV but you look at them and you immediately think there’s going to be acre’s of space in these things. That’s right. And quite often there isn’t. [24.5]

[00:07:26] It’s not. Absolutely and it seems counterintuitive of the manufacturers to be introducing these fantastic station wagons when everyone’s buying is uv’s. However if you are in that market take a look because they really are satisfying vehicles with heaps of room in the back. [15.6]

[00:07:42] You’re absolutely right now at the Volkswagen Golf of course it’s been in for its midlife upgrade it’s now the seven point five EDITION and the old track wagon starts at 34 for night. So it’s pretty reasonably priced only in the territory of most of those sort of midsize SUV. [15.3]

[00:07:57] Yeah I think so too and I think it’s beautifully finished and beautifully made and well-thought-out. [4.0]

[00:08:01] And you’re a book and based on a brilliant cover story with the golfer it’s the classic when it comes to small cars. It’s got a spectacular chassis. It handles beautifully and in all track guys it’s actually if anything a little softer because it’s got a higher wall tyres and a little more compliant suspension. Yeah. Look you know it kind of reminds me I suppose of the Subaru Outback they kind of started this genre didn’t they. Kind of yes they do wagons. Yes. And you know they’re good for Sandy Rhodes or a gravel ride. Not so much for a serious wheel driving. I’d suggest most as you’ve seen in the country of Syria they never go off to wealth. Most [35.0]

[00:08:36] don’t. And this one will do everything you want it to do. If you do decide to just venture off the tarmac the only thing is you can’t raise or lower the car as you can in some other models like like to is not as Hades which it costs just a little bit more. [15.0]

[00:08:52] Well thirty four 490 for the golf. Yes 100 9900 plus on roads and options for the Mercedes. So there you go. Distinctly different when it comes to that you would expect automatic air suspension not for that sort of money. [11.7]

[00:09:03] Absolutely. Absolutely. However for the money I reckon the Volkswagen Golf all terrain or whatever you call track all. Oh no. All right. Oh yes that’s the Mercedes one. All right. Well it’s the old road because it’s the Audi one. Did I just call it. No no Volkswagen Golf out there. No. But whatever it is it’s a fantastic car beautiful really helpful to drive wonderfully a great little turbo petrol 132 kilowatts 280 new meters. [28.4]

[00:09:32] It’s got all the bells and whistles you know you’ve got the stop start button the keyless entry. The beautiful seats and this is in the non premium version if you want to spend it. You can even get more sort of bells and whistles. I don’t think you need it to be. [10.6]

[00:09:43] And I think you do either it’s like when we drove the base model entry model golf seven point five year series just a manual 23. Oh my gosh. Was that a good car. I kept thinking why would you actually spend anymore because you don’t really need to know that that is really well equipped. And it’s similar to this car it’s beautifully done and beautifully equipped is it got more bells and whistles of course. Yeah. But you know nice car very satisfying Absolutely. [28.9]

[00:10:12] And Mercedes not to be sort of dismissive of it in any way shape or form even if it is 109 grand. Yes it’s a lot of money but of course puts it firmly in the territory of things like the GLC class from Mercedes Benz their big SUV or the X5 BMW the q7 from Audi. This I think would handle better than all of those cars go into little lower centre of gravity. And it’s based on the fabulous class which is a beautiful beautiful car kind of harks back to Mercedes Benz of old. For me even though it’s unbelievably technically advanced and very modern with all its screens and LCD lighters screens are magnificent but it still feels like an old class the only thing that’s missing is you know the big sort of silver star sitting up on top of that no more. [41.0]

[00:10:53] No you don’t have that anymore. But you do have a very satisfying car and it’s no wonder that Mercedes are everywhere and that they’re so dominant in the market at the moment when they’re making cars that are this good it’s really beautifully done. Lovely to drive. Lovely to live with. [13.8]

[00:11:07] I think I could have done it a bit more poke. It’s got 400 meters 143 kilowatts out of a two year turbo diesel would have been nice if it was a little bit punchy but it’s a pretty miserly sort of factor from a fuel point of view. Mercedes cutting five point seven leaders per 100 and that’s not far from what I got. I was six point two zero that’s really quite astounding in this day and age because normally would start to front and honestly you know that little bit of extra zip that you might get. [26.6]

[00:11:34] A slightly bigger engine. Yes. But I think you’d pay for it in fuel consumption. You would. And I reckon at the moment it’s just perfect because you don’t want to be. [8.7]

[00:11:43] It’s a very relaxed car isn’t it. Like I mean in the way of rides it’s it’s beautiful lovely and quiet. For me it’s got everything you want and that huge boot in the back. It just goes forever. You can actually get a seven seat option in the 220 day all terrain so it’s a good one for families. Certainly looks very stylish. I to check out. So please do if you’re going to buy an SUV. Don’t rush out and buy the first one you save because they look great. Make sure you go and test one of these stations carry that as well. Yep. And hit that website up behind the wheel dot com. There you’ll see me Pete and viper. The road test doled out in all our glory. [33.4]

[00:12:16] The supervisor is just terrific. He comes along. He of course belongs to Chris and his family but a viper comes along to help with our videos. He does a job. Yes he gives the final word to what’s acceptable or not. He actually almost looks like not in the slightest impressed unless their taste in Vegemite anyway. So you say yes indeed. [20.3]

[00:12:37] Check it out the website right behind the wheel. Come on you. Quick break and we’re back to talk hydrogen cars a behind the wheel. [6.4]

[00:12:44] It started with a bang this week and lots to get through. We’re going to hear about the updated version of the key sorento Shortly we’re going to tackle a question coming from Malcolm on the e-mail Pete about his young daughter got 20 Kate a spin on a new car. I’ve got a couple of kind of prerequisites that we need to meet. But I reckon with Between you me Simon and Rachel will be able to figure something out for a little later in the show. So yes but this is the bit I’ve been kind of really looking forward to because of course we know Hyundai have been leaders when it comes to a hydrogen fuel cell technology in fact there I think that the only people in the country that have actually built their own hydrogen refuelling station they’ve got one of the headquarters in Sydney and of course the government I believe drives around and a fleet of iex said five fuel cell vehicles so they’ve kind of demonstrated quite kind of convincingly that this technology works. [48.0]

[00:13:32] It’s here to stay. And there’s been a recent announcement that it looks like we’re gonna see a more mainstream hydrogen model from Hyundai hopefully sooner rather than later to tell us the bits and pieces about it. It’s all by Bill Thomas from Hyundai Australia. [11.9]

[00:13:44] Good to talk to you Bill now we’ve been hearing about hydrogen power in cars for a long time and it seems like one of those things that time hadn’t arrived yet for it. But maybe that’s about to change. [11.0]

[00:13:55] Yeah it’s it’s an interesting technology and we’ve we’ve just shown for the first time a car that for the moment we’re calling F G F stands for future for eco. So yeah it’s just been revealed in Seoul in South Korea and it it’s our next generation hydrogen car and currently the government has ordered 20 of the new generation ones I heard in your intro that you mentioned the Ikes 35 that actually ordered 20 of these new ones right to a flying start. [29.6]

[00:14:25] Yes well yes it’s some car. [3.0]

[00:14:29] So how it’s going to work I assume is that for instance in the act they’ll have to put in a refuelling station for those government cars presumably the rest of us will have to wait until the refuelling stations are put in around the country is that how it is. [14.3]

[00:14:43] Yeah. And you know we were a car manufacturer. So you know were keen to obviously get the cars on the road but we can’t we can’t manufacture or support the infrastructure as such. We’re keen to we’re keen to obviously encourage governments and other operators to put the fuel stations in and in Europe for example there are quite a few you can drive the length and breadth of Europe and refuel on hydrogen it reasonably easily. They’re not everywhere. There aren’t that many but there’s enough to get you around. So yeah it’s an amazing technology and the real benefit is the fact that you can fill up for about three minutes and get eight hundred kilometres of range. [37.2]

[00:15:21] That’s right. And of course only emits actual water from the tailpipe. Bill I don’t know with you know in Europe or not what sort of costs are involved with refuelling the hydrogen you know is it sort of similar cost to have our tanker petrol. [11.9]

[00:15:33] That’s it yes similar similar depending on where you are. I think in America it’s a little bit cheaper than petrol in Europe it’s around about the same maybe slightly cheaper depending on how the hydrogen is transported to the refueller and how it’s made. But but yes it can be a little bit cheaper than petrol and then the efficiency of the vehicles are quite high. So you get it quite a lot of quite a lot of efficiency through the system and then yeah it’s just it’s just water out the tailpipe In fact I was doing a photo shoot of a hydrogen car recently and and the guy put his foot down a little bit to get into a gap. He was in front of me and I was behind in another car. [37.0]

[00:16:10] And when he put his foot down there was just this light mist of water just just hit the wind. [4.2]

[00:16:16] He he had given it a beautiful and there it is. It’s it’s just water coming out of tailpipes So zero emissions and and then if he can generate the hydrogen using green electricity and electrolysis you’re actually zero emissions on generating hydrogen as well. So it’s an interesting solution. [15.1]

[00:16:32] It certainly is and it’s delivered to the. In cells in sort of battery shaped things. How does it work. [6.3]

[00:16:38] So very similar to a petrol pump so you just click it onto the nozzle. The refueller talks to the car and the car talks back. You put it in place just like you would like a sort of a lever that clicks the nozzle into place and then it fills up with with compressed hydrogen. So it’s it’s a fill time depending on temperatures and the sort of refueller that you use. But fuel time fill times about three minutes. So about the same as a petrol car and then you know rather than having to wait for your battery charge up your you’re away. And our new car will have an official range around eight hundred kilometres which is pretty useful. [35.2]

[00:17:14] And I believe pretty punchy is was something like 120 kilowatts So certainly you know even though you’re getting all these efficiencies you’re not going to be able to get out and run faster than you think. Yeah [9.4]

[00:17:24] that’s it. And well what the what the fuel cell on board is doing is converting hydrogen and oxygen into electricity so it’s effectively an electric car. So it’s using electric motors to power itself. So it’s it’s it’s really good. Off the line like any powerful electric car you get maximum talk from zero revs. And the other advantage of the car is that it’s quiet of course like any electric car. [22.1]

[00:17:46] So what are the what are the the downsides. [2.2]

[00:17:48] What has to happen is development of infrastructure. So we need to see the costs of refuelling stations coming down. We need to see more acceptance of the technology and a combination of those two things along with government incentives should should start to see it build in. And what we’re finding in Europe is that there are collective’s that are getting together including governments that are helping to fund the stations. And then we’re seeing more pick up from sales of vehicles around those stations So it’s it’s a process that’s it’s not cheap but the cost of it will come down and we’ve now got to a point where the car itself is becoming affordable with Hyundai pushing a hydrogen cell development. [43.7]

[00:18:32] Does that mean that your deserting electric cars just pure electric cars or is that part of the portfolio. [6.4]

[00:18:40] No we’re anything but in fact the exact opposite where we’re developing both. We can see the potential for electric cars around the city for example where you can charge overnight and battery technology is coming along well too. So we’re seeing increased range from from pure electric vehicles. And so we’ll be introducing a car called ionic later this year or early next year which is which is a hybrid at first but we’ll soon We’ll soon introduce completely electric vehicles or versions of that ionic. So yeah we’re looking at both technologies and we think they’re very very promising indeed indeed. [37.5]

[00:19:17] You can actually see pictures of the FAA and the ionic at our website right now behind the wheel dot com dot you. Before we let you go Bill back to today and hopefully in the next month or so maybe a couple of months we’re going to see a rather hot 30 land the 30. [13.8]

[00:19:32] I’m really excited about this car. From what I’ve seen out of Europe it’s going to be a little weapon I suppose designed to take on things like the Volkswagen Golf gpi in the Reno magazine when the first one going to hit the road. [12.1]

[00:19:44] Well we should see the car launched in Europe late September and then we’re going to be launching it early next year. And I was lucky enough the engineers gave me one lap of a private test track. Not that I was begging or anything but. [15.2]

[00:20:00] Come on guys let’s interrupt your expensive test program to give to give me a run. [5.3]

[00:20:06] And here I had one lap at this track. Wow. It really is quite something it’s such a focussed performance car. It’s it’s unlike anything we’ve built before it’s been developed by some brilliant engineers. So yeah one lap later and I was grinning I can tell you that much a fantastic thing to come up in a couple of guises. [17.3]

[00:20:24] I’m bleak. You’ve got to wait till next year but it really is something to look forward to from you guys as always goes. [4.9]

[00:20:29] Bill Thomas thanks for your time today. Hey look come back again soon. [2.9]

[00:20:32] Pleasure good on you. Thank you. [1.2]

[00:20:39] Well time for a product review from our great minds have it all tricks auto accessories. [4.5]

[00:20:43] Anything you need for your car. They’re guaranteed pretty much to have it. They’ve got that huge online store albrecht’s dot com dot. And you can choose from a whole heap of different products. But this week we got the focus on something from their car plan deman range. Now the car plan demon tyres comes in a massive one litre bottle and it’s designed for use by people who have a serious machine to clean and shine. And in fact even if it’s not that serious even if it’s an old magner Hey why not have sparkling wheels. You can do it with car plans demon tyres. Now this product it’s not the run of the mill kind of cleaning product that you buy off the shelf in Kohl’s. This is a serious tyre and wheel cleaner and it’s all pretty easy to use. Basically what you do is you sprayed on. You walk away. You come back you hose it off and it’s done. Remember the days when you’d kind of be out in the driveway with you know you’d have to go get an old toothbrush to get inside the crevices of the rim and all that needed any it at with the car plans demon tyres sprayed on. And with that one litre bottle it’s going to last probably for a couple of hears. So I only need to buy it once. It’s a pretty reasonable price to its 16 dollars 99 for a litre. You can buy it right now at the website as I mentioned all tracks dot com dot. Time for a quick break. [1:11.3]

[00:21:55] We’re back to check up on the exploits of Honda. Got a new SUV on the way in fact just landed. And of course that very wicked type of civic type car. It’s going hit the shores soon as well. We’ll find out exactly when and Joel. He’s been driving the key is sorento our car from a couple of years ago. It’s just been in for a bit of an update. [17.9]

[00:22:13] Catching up with Simon and Rachel in a little while we’re going to tackle the question of what the best new car is to buy for someone just starting out on their driving experience with a reasonable kind of in the bank. To me it seems malcom’s the man in charge of buying his daughter his first cut 20 grand 20 grand I tell you what he’s bankrolling a very nice car by the sound of I got I got a set of car seat covers for my children I when I turned 18. Nice poster for the war. Nothing nothing more need. Times change. I look I’m going to catch up a Joel shortly too he’s been getting around me updated care sorento but right now we need to find out what’s going on in the world of Honda. [37.0]

[00:22:51] And who better to do that with than the head honcho of Honda. That’s his official title. Neil McDonald you’re going very well. [7.9]

[00:22:59] Thanks go. How are you doing. Very good. Thanks Neal. Tell us about the CRV. Very stylish looking car isn’t it. [5.7]

[00:23:04] Yes. First generation model just gone on sale. So we’re expecting big things from this car for the first time that are seven feet or offering in the line up. [10.1]

[00:23:15] It’s a good looking unit too. I’m noticing there’s a few actually starting to hit the roads. What’s been the sort of public reception in your first month. [6.2]

[00:23:21] Well certainly the there’s been a lot of interest in the range. [4.3]

[00:23:25] We’ve got five models in the line-up. And as I mentioned the seven seat is joining the line-up for the first time. So there’s a lot of opportunities for customers to get in the car and now that we’ve got a five year warranty backing all our hunters. There’s a lot of incentive to go and check out the cars. [16.5]

[00:23:42] So if you want to get in on the entry level you’re a bit over 30 grand. [3.9]

[00:23:46] That’s correct. Yeah. About thirty thousand six hundred ninety four you will drive five cedar peaks at forty four thousand two hundred ninety four to six which is the top range version. [12.9]

[00:23:59] Gotcha. Now are they all boasting the same engine and sort of automatic transmission configurations. [5.4]

[00:24:05] Yes. We’ve standardized the engine line up right across the range. [3.9]

[00:24:09] 140 kilowatt feature turbo engine which is plenty full enough power for everyone I think and about 240 meters of talk. So this is the actual 140 kilowatt engines more powerful and the are two point four. [15.9]

[00:24:26] That’s pretty good. Is it the same one that we find in the new Civic the one point five letter. [4.9]

[00:24:31] That’s correct yeah. Two slightly refined more refined versions obviously a bit of a jump in power and talk for the customers and being an issue that’s a little bit extra urge on the road show. [11.3]

[00:24:43] But incredible when you consider the capacity of at one point five if you look at it and then you see the size of the CRV you’d wonder how would you characterize it. Yeah. But now they really are good and from a talk point of view they’re great as well. Cvt the only option again. [11.7]

[00:24:55] That’s correct. Yes standard across the range so customers can walk in and it’s a pretty well equipped vehicle even for the base model. [7.5]

[00:25:03] Associates got Apple car play and Android Auto over all the all the other things that are pretty much standard. Of course your favourite function to where you put the left hand indicator on the screen. Yes I love it. Yeah that’s a great Honda innovation. I love it. [13.1]

[00:25:16] And critically we’ve got a full size always spare across the range too. [3.9]

[00:25:21] What a novelty that is these days. That is fantastic. Neil of course. See Are they as exciting and all as it is. It’s a great little sort of SUV has been in it’s been a mainstay of kind of the ncvs in this country. Quite a while. The car we really want to talk to you about though. You know what it is it’s the. My father the new little wickett weapon coming from a Honda. We’ve been teasing this I reckon for about the last two years. We’re getting we’re getting close. I think I can almost smell it. [30.0]

[00:25:51] Yes it’s officially on sale from October 1st where I think our first shipment is on boats now so we’re really looking forward to it arriving and for fifty thousand nine hundred ninety it’s a pretty well equipped performance search. [15.0]

[00:26:07] What sort of allocation is Australia getting because I imagine they’re going to be in pretty strong demand I reckon. Getting your hands on what’s going to be a problem isn’t it. [5.5]

[00:26:12] Yeah well we’ve had more than 5000 pre registrations via our website for interest in the vehicle and I think our confirmed dealer orders are standing around just over 300 at the moment. We’ve got good good support from the UK factory for four models so I shouldn’t imagine it’s too difficult for people to get into one. [23.4]

[00:26:36] Excellent. [0.4]

[00:26:36] Now just for anyone who might have been living under a rock for the last two years can you just give us some of those numbers again from the typa two litre turbo in Australian tune that develops twenty eight kilowatts and 400 meters from around two and a half hours on roads a very potent vehicle in a Honda Civic. [19.0]

[00:26:56] HATCH it’s just fantastic alignment and looks like nothing else to your life. In fact see on the current TV ads are getting I love that new TV ad with the robot in the plane and all the cars going around in circles It’s a good look for Honda. [11.1]

[00:27:07] Yeah well we’re we’ve just launched a new brand campaign and to the advertisements is just seen as a signal to that. Plus we’re really developing our advertising campaigns around the various products so you will when you see a Honda ad you’ll know it’s a Honda. [15.7]

[00:27:23] Yeah. Fair enough. Just like you know when you see them on the right because they really have their own distinct look and I love it it’s great Japanese styling. It’s nice. [7.0]

[00:27:30] You know we’ve always said with Honda Civics that it’s a bold design and that’s certainly true of the type 2 it’s a very bold statement on the road and we’ve already had a few comments from people and certainly our typa community here just can’t wait for the CAN’T or meals always look forward to talking to you again real soon. [19.4]

[00:27:50] Thanks chaps and have a good day. [1.9]

[00:27:53] Anyway I’m focussing on today which is probably the important thing to do with the one and only Joel Helms hello. Joel how are you going. [6.5]

[00:27:59] Hello there guys. Of course the most exciting part about that typa is we’ll be able to hear you say that Honda has got its mojo back. [5.9]

[00:28:06] I’ve already said it I’m not ready. I’ve said it twice every week right I. [7.1]

[00:28:15] Now of course a car that had its mojo when it took out the car of the Year award two years ago from keer the fabulous seven seater sorento SUV. Really nice cars still a really handsome looking machine engaged really well isn’t it. It had been in for a bit of a bit of an update got a few more bells and whistles and you’ve been driving on Joel. [17.6]

[00:28:33] Yeah absolutely. Good to get back in behind the wheel of the 2015 behind the wheel car of the year and still a good looking vehicle as you say still delight to drive. Very comfortable very roomy and the pricing is pretty spot on as well. And I suppose you know the topic is is it as good as the nine which one car of the year last year. I reckon it’s pretty much like ball tell you the truth. [25.3]

[00:28:59] But there’s not much you can really fault on the sorento if the 2018 versions now include a whole suite of safety systems that they were only kind of able to get in the top of the range models. You. [12.5]

[00:29:12] Yeah that was probably the weak point in the in the sorento up until more recent times. But things like an autonomous emergency braking standard now and for a five star safety rating of course front and rear parking sensors all sorts of things. Are very well priced and very well thought out vehicle. It probably isn’t getting the sales numbers that it should but sorento to me has always been a bit of an invisible car in the key airline. I’m not exactly sure why it is. I mean I know that but Pierce Brosnan then adds you’ve got a lot of country but it seems to be a key that doesn’t get the you know the glamour that it should I suppose. [33.9]

[00:29:46] It’s such a pity because it is such a well rounded card looks good it drives well beautifully finished nicely made and it’s got to 70 you already. [7.9]

[00:29:55] Yeah exactly. I mean you couldn’t think of a car especially having a couple of kids and getting them around in it for the week. You couldn’t think of a better family car. Yes it’s got plenty of space. It’s comfortable. It’s you know and then when you dropped the kids off at school it’s a it’s gets along really well especially the diesel engine variant. And it’s luxurious. It’s got plenty of space. It really is such a good all around car could pricing be the issue. Job pricing may be the issue I suppose and maybe the Korean manufacturers have struggled a little bit telling the story of anything but the small cars I mean the debate has been a good success but it doesn’t sell in the big numbers like this. Like that too does. So maybe people still see undying care as being the cerrado the Rio the 30 brands and not so much the big family car. But you know I just I don’t think you could find a better car if you were weighing up between the basics petrol and the turbo diesel as swiftly as that basics. It’s a three point three litre engines big engine. One hundred ninety nine kilowatts which is pretty amazing. [1:04.8]

[00:30:59] And it’s silk too isn’t it beautiful. It is a beautiful motor but it’s got a bit of a thirst on it doesn’t it. [4.9]

[00:31:05] It does. The Diesel is the way to go. I drive that around in the city and average 10 litres per week just a little bit over 10 litres per 100 and that’s that’s excellent fuel economy for a big seven seat wagon It absolutely is yeah absolutely. And that’s not a compromise engine. It’s got plenty of power 440 meters 447 kilowatts moves along really well. [18.2]

[00:31:23] Yeah. Fair enough. And of course as I mentioned that seven year warranty but you also get a whole new program you get seven years roadside assistance you get seven years cap price servicing as well so you can buy it now I you’ll know that right through 2025 you covered you can do your sums and you know exactly what you need to spend on. If you sell it it goes to the new owner. The balance of the warranty. Yeah. [19.7]

[00:31:43] Yeah exactly. So if you take out a five year finance on it for five years when you trading it in or you’re selling and it’s still got two years warranty which is pretty amazing isn’t it. [8.8]

[00:31:52] And I know what it’s going to do for resales will be great because you can read and see pictures of the 2018 version of the keer sorento maybe with job now and you just get a picture of his arm or something kind of in the background but if you go to the website see if you can find Jole behind the wheel dot com. Here’s sorento Review. What are you reviewing next week. [19.7]

[00:32:13] Well you can’t talk about the optimum GTA. I had the care of a g.t. last year and I don’t remember it sounding. As good as it sounds. This one that I’ve got. It sounds like it literally sounds like a like a Holden V8 real. [16.4]

[00:32:30] Were really surprised by how well it gets along and it’s been a fantastic drive. So you know the optima car of the year back in 2011. It’s not the freshest thing on the shelf but by G. The G is a good offering. [11.2]

[00:32:42] Excellent a very good idea about that. And of course about three weeks time I’ll be live at the launch of the key Stinger which is I suppose the most highly anticipated care of all time since a couple of pictures and videos of that and the noise that that just winter baiting makes is pretty exciting as well. [16.0]

[00:32:58] Yeah absolutely. I could be the game changer for Kate because you know as we were just saying consider perhaps to be the small car company but you know there’s a car that I reckon will outsell this forthcoming imported Commodore. [11.1]

[00:33:09] Yep times are a changin. John as always thanks very much. Thanks guys. [3.5]

[00:33:13] We are on the road on the road with one. What are we calling this week. [4.9]

[00:33:19] Yes. What defies description really because he is so brilliant at just about everything you can think of. [5.2]

[00:33:25] His name is Simon like one of my favourite back xo. [8.1]

[00:33:33] Good to have you. And I believe you have why is it that we should called him stylish and suave because he’s been driving a jagwar. [6.1]

[00:33:40] Yeah that’s it. That’s it for me. [1.4]

[00:33:41] He doesn’t really stylish understated elegant smart sophisticated all of those things and more. And what did you think of the car did you love it. [7.9]

[00:33:49] Yeah. Well the Jaguar S face and I know you know you guys have had a go of it and I just wanted to see what you were writing on about. Yes I was thoroughly impressed as I am the Jaguar is usually excellent So Jerry was first ever SUV. [13.8]

[00:34:03] Of course they’ve recently released or announced the pace which will be kind of a little brother to the F pace but the face I still to this day say it is the prettiest SUV on the road it is just something about it. It’s a good looking it’s handsome it’s tough without being kind of mean and menacing. Oh stop it. [17.2]

[00:34:21] Well you’re talking about. That’s right. And it’s just the right size too isn’t it Simon kind of it’s sort of I suppose halfway between say a BMW X3 and a BMW X5 right in the middle. Yeah. [9.2]

[00:34:30] You summed it up quite well actually. I mean it is very attractive from the outside. You know you’re sitting in the inside the interiors so plush and luxurious but I didn’t even think about the outside because it’s just so comfortable driving it around. The ones that I had was the 30 day sport which is the diesel version. And our sport is like just the second on Tier just below the premium. And this one had three leader these six twin turbo diesel engine. [29.3]

[00:34:59] At what point does it go like a rocket. Yeah. And it comes out 700 meters. Look at that twice. [6.7]

[00:35:06] I couldn’t believe 700. I mean if you want to demolish something. [3.6]

[00:35:10] Just you can’t tell where it could go how far away. [3.7]

[00:35:14] It’s about the most effortless thing on the road isn’t it though you just touch it. Now you know right from eleven hundred r.p.m. just surges like a locomotive. [7.3]

[00:35:22] Yeah I mean for a diesel engine it is amazing what they can do now. Nowadays you never expect that kind of power. But you know it’s just like a petrol engine. The one thing that I found was that I didn’t like was that the. Did you notice that the doors were very very big. It’s OK in normal circumstances but if you’re in a car park or in a garage and you try to open the door that reduces your opening. ANGLE I guess I’m fairly slim and I found it difficult to get in. So you guys will have no hope. [30.4]

[00:35:53] Hey hey. Settle down this guy. There’s something happening here that is grateful that Sandra got a very large salary in the army. But actually opens up. Oh I think that’s the only way you don’t joke about it. [18.0]

[00:36:11] I heard about somebody who accidentally got locked in a very stylish sophisticated sports car had to make his escape through the roof but the keys were outside the vehicle at the time. He couldn’t get out. Yeah true story. Wow. [16.9]

[00:36:28] The thing about Keys you know if you lock the keys on the inside there’s still a way in this place comes with what they call an activity key which is like a bracelet that you wear like a watch. [11.1]

[00:36:40] It wouldn’t matter where your other bracelets here. Yes. You have to get I to get one. [5.7]

[00:36:48] You can leave the keys in the car like you don’t want to carry them if you go for a swim or you go for a run then you can just wear this conveniently and then you just touch that bracelet on a certain part of the boot press the button and then the car opens so you don’t even need to have the key on you. [14.7]

[00:37:03] That’s fabulous. Right now the three litre of a diesel f pace Jaguar in ask bored guys isn’t necessarily a cheap prospect is it. [9.7]

[00:37:13] No not really. But I guess by comparison to some other luxury cars on the market it’s not too bad. But this particular variant comes in at 90 to Grand not too great. [12.6]

[00:37:27] Actually when you think about it comparing it to things like the BMW X5 or Mercedes Benz glt it’s actually a bit cheaper isn’t it particularly with that beefy engine in it as well. And you’re right about the interior. It’s pretty much mirrors or mimics all the other Jaguars are on the market at the moment. Got that beautiful kind of they call it the riva hoop which is sort of a hoop that runs around underneath the the windscreen there and kind of just it sort of brings the whole interior together. But really good quality sort of equipment in there and that in construction patrol car payment system. The screen is good isn’t it. Yeah it’s great. [39.3]

[00:38:06] I mean even a little pop up you know. Yeah. Shift the control just adds to the refinement. Once again about the size too because the doors are so large it is a little bit the door smaller on the inside I would say but it actually gives a cosy feeling rather than a cramped one. [16.6]

[00:38:23] Yeah. It’s certainly not cramped in there. [2.2]

[00:38:25] No no no. The boot space is just enormous. You know it’s very long you can fit all sorts of stuff in there. [5.4]

[00:38:31] It’s very handy. Did you try the baby seat. Yes of course. And I did it. It fitted in properly. It clicked Yeah. [8.2]

[00:38:41] All. You know all these eyes were fixed. They’re all really different. These ones have little caps. They come out here. This place is somewhere you’ve lost that right. [8.3]

[00:38:49] OK. Excellent. So I suppose the question is if the Powerball draw does come off for you this week would we see a jaguar or f place in the garage of one Simon lie. [9.6]

[00:38:59] Well I’m not the biggest SUV fan but if I was to go for one in three car then I probably would choose one. I always like something that’s a little bit different. And for people who are looking for something similar than Jaguar is a good option. [13.4]

[00:39:14] The more common boys indeed yes something a little bit different to suit Simon who’s a little bit different. And it’s at this stage we’d like to bring someone in who can kind of bring some sense to this conversation. She’s she’s she’s a woman with her head screwed on the right way. Her name is Rachel Franco. Hello Rachel. [19.0]

[00:39:34] I don’t know about head screwed on the right way. [1.6]

[00:39:37] We see the rest of you keep quite subdued from what we can tell. But you’re you well. [4.0]

[00:39:42] I am. I’m doing great. [1.1]

[00:39:43] And of course you’re in charge of feedback at behind the wheel. That’s the outlook inbox for our e-mail address for everyone to get in touch with us. And we got an e-mail from Malcolm this week which you forwarded to me and I look Malcolm’s got a dilemma that I think faces quite a number of people around the country. He says he is interested in assisting his daughter to buy a small commuter style car. The majority of her driving is short haul or city urban stuff. She’s got no preference whether it’s manual or auto. Doesn’t mind if it’s three doors once a five star safety rating which of course you know you’ve got to have an estate agents. [33.5]

[00:40:17] What could be new. Could even be a good used vehicle. Has the ever good turning seckel needs good vision and we need to think about things like parts and servicing costs. He’s got up to 20 grand to spend. I’d suggest he’s got an awful lot of choice or she’s got an awful lot of choice. [14.9]

[00:40:32] Yes absolutely. There’s a lot in that segment. I think it’s going to be. Decision for them because there will be plenty of options. [5.8]

[00:40:38] You’re absolutely right and there’s there’s so many good little cars you know under 20 grand like I mean realistically we could save them some money send them to somewhere like a Holden dealer to buy a Holden spark for 15 grand and walk away with you know maybe a five grand barly holiday to boot. That’s true. [16.3]

[00:40:55] That sounds awesome. [0.8]

[00:40:56] I might go out and do that because as we know the spark is a terrific cast like really a very good car. What about something a bit bigger I was thinking that well for 20 you might be able to get a nice Kiya her after having driven that a bit. Yes you could. I think 99 90 driveway is right at the moment. It’s a terrific car and it’s got kids build quality seven year warranty capped price servicing and it shouldn’t give her any troubles at all. You wouldn’t think so good a good turning circle vision. [29.7]

[00:41:26] Yeah. Because Simon you were in a case last week that might fit the bill. [2.8]

[00:41:28] Yeah. I was in the pecan is a good option there. That’s their small car the cheapest one and you can get like you said. [7.6]

[00:41:37] Build quality and it just ticks all the boxes you’ve got everything that you need in their seven year warranty. Five star safety rating and you know it’s people. [9.2]

[00:41:47] Rachel what would you be buying. I would probably go for a little Mitsubishi Mirage in pink. [5.4]

[00:41:53] Yeah. [0.3]

[00:41:56] I think accents and I’d probably put some pink ribbons on it as well. [3.1]

[00:42:03] Oh my God. Sorry. [2.1]

[00:42:05] Anyone who put that stuff on their cars but those eyelashes are there as well. [5.7]

[00:42:14] It’s not a good look when you’re absolutely slamming someone on the lawn and you’ve got these days. [4.0]

[00:42:19] You start your road rage someone with little eyelashes on you a red light. [3.9]

[00:42:23] But I think for is great because it’s you can get in it starts at about 12000. Yeah it does have a manual. [6.2]

[00:42:31] It’s got that fast and cab. It’s a whole lot of stuff on it that you wouldn’t think a car would have at that price point six airbags got to air conditioning. A lot of power stuff mirrors and windows under 20 grand you could get something like that. You could put some additional things on if you wanted to put some rims on it. [17.7]

[00:42:49] This is all the eyelashes and when they keep happening you still be looking at about 15. [5.9]

[00:42:55] If you did all that stuff and you had cash that over you could go to Bali. [3.8]

[00:43:00] Now yeah that’s true of the path I would point someone in my family towards would be the Volkswagen dealer to go and get an excellent buy on a golf Mach 7 because of course they’ve just been superseded by the seven point five which brain you can buy for 23 for 90 but you’re getting some sensational deals on the the just superseded base golf. It’s got a whole heap of space. They’re so huge inside and look up until the seven point five. I still say the golf was the class leader when it comes to small cars when it comes to build quality dynamics power inclusion. I think the only thing I would sort of suggest is maybe avoid the ordo and go for the manual because it’s manual. The only the only issues we’ve ever heard from Volkswagen are with those dsg gearboxes. If you can kind of eliminate that wall then you get yourself a little manual golf Mach 7 and that thing will go for years and years and years. [50.4]

[00:43:50] And she’s got apparently no preference for manual auto. So I know you do it. I mean golf is a brilliant car. You know it’s not it’s not a micro car so much. You got plenty of space in there. Exactly right. And a very extremely satisfying drive and beautiful handling. So yes I have to agree with you. That’s very good. [17.7]

[00:44:08] Hey Malcolm let us know what you choose. We’ll be keen to find out. We’ll see who wins and whoever whatever car he chooses if it’s one of how’s the competition. It is a competition indeed. It’s just a way for me to get a free slab a b c so he buys the golf you have to buy me a sly. I think that’s fair. All right. Well if he buys the Mirage We’ll get you some advice some more verbally. [22.9]

[00:44:32] Oh I don’t know those children. [2.8]

[00:44:36] And on that note I think it’s time to go and have a glass. Thank you very much for your contribution. I would strongly suggest we reconvene at the same time on the same channel next week for another edition of either We will thanks guys. All the best. [10.8]


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