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[00:07:00] Now car thieves are targeting old Honda’s not because they’re great to drive although they probably are simply because they’re easy to pinch. According to the 2016 US car theft statistics the 1998 Honda Civic was the most stolen car in the US last year. The Civic was followed closely by the 1997 Honda Accord. Look at those hunters don’t have smart key technology that makes them ripe for the picking. [25.3]

[00:07:26] Well this is proven by the fact that later Honda cars peaked with the security system and that smart. Pretty much never stolen. So the top three the Honda Civic the Honda Accord and in the US the third most stolen car the F1 50 pick up in better Honda news. [15.8]

[00:07:42] The new US built Honda Accord was released this week. The engines on offer include one hundred eighty seven kilowatts three hundred seventy Newton meters two litre turbo engine almost the same engine as that found in the 2017 civic tie bar. Nice one of your favourites mated to that engine will be a new 10 speed auto transmission can still be yes. I don’t know why you need the 10 but maybe you do said to be the first for a front wheel drive car. [23.7]

[00:08:05] Six speed manual will also be available in the sports model and of course you’ll also be able to get a drink with one zero point five lead a turbo petrol that we see in things like the Civic the HIV and the new gen CRV which lands here soon with all the new accords Apple car play Android Auto and all the usual sort of bits and pieces even a bigger boot is part of the new Accord. You can see pictures of it too. It’s the website right now behind the wheel. Dot com. [24.5]

[00:08:30] Are you sure it may be only 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there but added up over the course of a year you might be spending a lot more time looking for parking spots than you actually realize how much time you drive in. Some of the big cities in the United States you could be wasting more than 100 hours per year. [16.4]

[00:08:47] I’d suggest the same in the big cities of Australia too. That’s more than four days each year going nowhere. Well not only is it going to waste time but inrix there a leading specialist in Connected Car services and transportation analytics estimates that looking for parking spots over the year comes with an estimated average cost of 440 dollars per driver. Three wasted time fuel and emissions. [23.7]

[00:09:10] A new Jaguar SUV under fifty thousand dollars. They reckon it’s a distinct possibility. [4.8]

[00:09:15] Jaguar Australia. The pace is likely to land in Australia next year starting at around forty eight thousand dollars. Did you see them barrel roll the all new space they set a Guinness world record during the week. Pete when they launched this new baby SUV they literally launched off a offer ramp back all rolled at 270 degrees. No trickery there. They actually did it and this thing looked fantastic. You can see the video right now at behind the wheel. [26.7]

[00:09:43] You Mercedes AMG has created a storm launching the Porsche rivalling AMG GTA. Q pay further stirring the pot a few months later with the race entered. [9.9]

[00:09:53] AMG GTA Well now there’s two soft top roads diversions coming to Australia in September. Both. A triple layer folding soft top the takes 11 seconds to deploy or retract at speeds of up 50 kilometres an hour. [12.8]

[00:10:06] Both run with a twin turbo four litre V8 engine nice 410 kilowatts and 680 Newton meters in the gtc that takes three point seven seconds to do the zero to 100 km an hour sprint. Wow that’s slow. And yes it. Say both get the full luxury treatment. [18.7]

[00:10:25] NAPOLI the advanced driver assist technology in premium audio connectivity the AMG g.t. roadsters will start north of 300000 dollars. Lots more to get through and right now I know Peter Michener is very excited to discuss this new car. Yes indeed it’s one of my favourites has long been one of my favourites. You in fact owned one of the first iterations of it I remember it was sort of wowed by the all aluminium construction is throbbing four point two litre V8 and it went extremely well. [31.1]

[00:10:56] I must say when we speak of the Audi 8 which is the kind of large flagship model of the Audi pinnacle of the range you need and we love them. [8.6]

[00:11:05] There’s a brand new one that’s just been released. Now this technical tour de force is your turn it’s bandied around I think quite a lot. Yes. I think though in this instance it absolutely is the case and to tell us a bit more about the technical wonder that is the Audi eight it’s shown clearly about you are and how you going mate good guys how are you. [19.5]

[00:11:24] Good to talk to you Sean. Now it seems that autonomous motoring is coming ready or not. And it seems like in the latest decade it’s more than ready. [8.3]

[00:11:33] Absolutely it is something that will be available in the U.S. and something that’s obviously rolled out across the world because of course it needs to comply with with road rules and regulations. Yeah but I guess the whole purpose of offering it is to make the process of driving a little bit nicer for everyone who who likes to drive like a spirited. Interesting piece of road. But also just you know when it comes through a traffic jam people don’t necessarily like to be paying attention all of the time. So particularly if you’re in the you know 30 minute 30 minute 45 minute traffic jam and start stop and bumper to bumper. This is where the part of driving technology will be able to take over in the traffic jam pile. [44.6]

[00:12:18] It’s perfect and everyone could sit on the freeways and watch Pete Read 9 News at 6 o’clock. [4.7]

[00:12:24] It’s not exactly what it is. She was always hit every night. It’s not compulsory but we will be around to people’s places of no options. What are you doing over there. That’s great. [12.6]

[00:12:37] So are they calling it starts now. Our pilot maybe I need to put a German accent on but look it sounds like really exciting technology. Some of the other exciting technology that caught my interest was this fantastic new suspension system that somehow is kind of I think it must be rigged up to the Jeep. Because it kind of reads the road in front of you and then alters the suspension to lessen the shock when you hit those potholes. [23.0]

[00:13:00] Yeah exactly right. And then you know it’s all about delivering the most comfortable ride and you miss the start that you know the ad is that the Audi flagship. It is the biggest car you own and you know traditionally it’s always had our latest technology but it also needs to be comfortable and so new suspension system that is that you 48 bulb electrical system is the best way of delivering that. [21.2]

[00:13:22] And I believe it can also prime itself if it feels as a side impact coming on using that suspension system it’ll actually almost raise the car up just a couple of millimetres in milli seconds. That could possibly lessen the impact of the smash and and obviously reduce the chance of injury. [15.6]

[00:13:37] Exactly right. It effectively tilts the car so that you know away from the accident so that you know hopefully it’s able to offer further protection to the occupants inside the car. [11.9]

[00:13:50] Now these cars are remarkable for the way they make you feel when you drive them you feel like you’re just being you’re just being surrounded in luxury so I assume the cabin will have the typical Audi attention to detail. [11.7]

[00:14:01] Absolutely. Inside and out. It is the first car it has been designed bowed out or not. A new head of design now. But this was in 2013 he began. And obviously with the life cycle that it takes to design an all new car with the idea it takes a few years for a new design language to effectively make its way into production as there are ahead of the Audi design market. This is the first carbone’s design from scratch. And so it brings with it the new design language which you would have noticed with a really wide and low single frame grille and along the rather accent that you would have recently seen in the prologue show car from a few years ago. [37.1]

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