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The Toyota HiLux and the Ford Ranger actually arrive and I know that you have a very interesting take on what it could be that actually attracts the buyer to hand over their money for a Ford or a navy or whatever it is. I know that your theory on this is a very interesting one.

We’ll go into that later in the show. We’re also going to talk about the all new Well almost new Volkswagen Golf. The whole seven point five. It’s kind of well kind of a new car when you don’t really get a new car. It’s sort of a a major midlife upgrade of the golf course. It’s been the class leader for a number of years. There’s a whole heap of new tech and it’s actually got a pretty attractive starting price. Well Paul from Volkswagens got a call in. He’s got some details on what to expect in the Golf.

There’s also a new Audi a coming now I’m all I’ve always been quite fond of the idea that I like. I like those big German sedans.

Yeah. It’s going to be carrying out his version of the S class Mercedes Seven Series BMW.

[00:01:55] Exactly and it’s it’s just a little bit different and very nice. Now these days it can drive itself while you watch TV. [6.6]

[00:02:02] More viewers for 9 News every night perfect. I’ll take that any time. Well that’s at least what Audi said. [7.1]

[00:02:09] Now Sean Cleary will join us shortly to confirm or deny. [3.0]

[00:02:12] Excellent Lots of news around this week. We’ve got some of the top trending stories from behind the wheel dot com you including the most stolen car of the year. [7.8]

[00:02:21] Oh dear. I hope it’s not. No I hope it’s not the car. I’ve been testing. It’s parked downstairs in the Colorado. It better be when I get downstairs or the people at Holden will not be happy not at all like Mercedes are bringing in a soft top version of the AMG G. [15.3]

[00:02:36] T. And we’re going to analyze how much it actually costs you not to park your car but to look for a car park. There’s a cost attached to that you know. [9.1]

[00:02:45] Yes there is. And there are apps that will help you do it but I suppose you have to pay for them. [4.0]

[00:02:50] Now you mentioned the Colorado. That is down stairs. [2.9]

[00:02:54] I must say I have driven the new Colorado when it was launched probably by six or eight months ago. It’s a vast improvement over the car it replaced which I always thought was rather agricultural you know swathes of hard plastics in the in the interior and noisy kind of clarrie diesel engine. They calmed that down a bit. There was a bit more noise suppression in the new one. Yeah you know it kind of looked a bit better on the inside it felt like it was worth a little bit more money. You have been driving the l t z version which of course is the top of the range when it comes to Colorado. [34.4]

[00:03:28] It certainly is. Now this is pretty good I reckon. I’ve been quite impressed I must say I’ve had it for a week and this is the top of the range model starts about 50000 50000 for 90 something on a mass on roads. It’s a lot of money. You get a 2.8 leader forcillo a turbo diesel. Yes it tows three and a half tons and it’s got all the latest gear. So you’ve got satellite navigation auto headlights Apple car play Android Auto Reversing cameras standard and I must say that holdens my link 8 inch screen well the miling system at least is easy to navigate easy to negotiate my way through it very easily. [36.3]

[00:04:05] In fact I found the car pretty good to live with plenty of room in the front I like being up high you know. You get to ending in the road. It’s not bad in the back. You’ve got sort of enough leg room I suppose. Depends on how tall you are if you if you lose it. 2 meters tall. Well maybe good luck but you know it’s probably for kids pretty much if you ask only family uses young apprentices in the back maybe. Well yes I suppose so. I like the sports wielders looks pretty good and really it goes pretty well. It is a bit clatters Yes but I think it’s not as noisy as it once was. I like the look of the face it looks smart and doesn’t look very good any time as it gets it has got more of a polished look about it hasn’t it. Yes exactly and I must say the steering was pretty good. [46.8]

[00:04:52] I wish I found them really quite vague. You know you’d kind of almost make two and half turns before you’d kind of change direction. [5.5]

[00:04:58] I don’t think it’s like that. I found that pretty good. I think they’ve tightened that up. [3.7]

[00:05:02] Do you attempt a Woolworths car park at any stage in it. [3.7]

[00:05:07] Yes I did and had to go well. It wasn’t too bad. It’s a matter of fact. The funny thing is it’s I’m not sure if I’m just getting used to the twin cab route know as a kind of vehicle. But I didn’t find this one even though it’s vast. I didn’t find this one is difficult to manoeuvre and as hard to get in out of car parks as I have in the past with others you get 3 year warranty 100000 Kate plus price servicing. [25.7]

[00:05:33] Understand it so it’s not really kind of up there with the class leaders when it comes to the warranty. And three years is a bit like that but I suppose the main competitor is the hyflux and the Ranger. It’s sort of on the money with them. [12.5]

[00:05:45] That’s exactly right. Yeah. So I don’t know whether you’d buy this over the ranger or over the Amarok for instance which is more expensive or significantly more refined in more car like Certainly my experience is with a two car Amarok was streets ahead. Yes I think so but I think I think people will be pretty happy if they do take it for a test drive and if it fits their needs. And I’d urge people drive the whole lot drive them all drive everything in the range of you like the look of the Triton. Give that a go. The suso there’s an suso out there that’s worth looking at. Just give them a go and see what you like and see what fits into the budget. [34.8]

[00:06:20] I think it’s a great idea to keep an eye out for a video review of the Golden Colorado at behind the wheel dot com. [5.3]

[00:06:27] Well most car owners would probably admit to knowing that at least one component or function of their car is out of action or maybe not working quite the way it should. Well it probably won’t come as a great surprise then that the majority of cars inspected as part of a recent US study found that well nearly all of them needed at least one issue fixed or attended to the non-profit Carkeek council sent inspectors to work across the US checking things like wipers belts hoses air filters tyres all that sort of stuff. Eight out of 10 vehicles Pete were found to need some type of service. [33.3]

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