Behind the Wheel Podcast 457

An electrified edition of Behind the Wheel

Nearly ten years ago the very first Behind the Wheel daily radio segment aired on Australian radio - now 2500 segments later, it’s time to pay tribute to our humble beginnings.

We’ve got a wide and varied range of cars to talk about this week, including a review of the BMW 530e iPerformance - the first plug-in electric hybrid BMW 5 Series.

Of course, BMW have a couple of dedicated electric models (i3/i8), and most of their mainstream models now have electric options as well.

Lenore Fletcher from BMW Australia has some thoughts on what the government should be doing to help more of us get into emissions-free cars.

Joel Helmes adds his two cents worth on whether the taxpayer should be coughing up to encourage more folk into electric cars.

He’s also been driving the top-spec Volkswagen Tiguan. He’ll let us know whether he thinks it’s the new benchmark mid-size SUV.

Rachel Franco is back to look at the documentary from 2006, Who Killed the Electric Car and to pose the question “Where would we be had the car not been killed off?”.

An old mate of the show, and a face you’d regularly see on Nine News around the country, Alan Rascall pops in to tell us about his amazing cars - he’s got some real exotics in the garage.

Simon Lai has been feeling manly driving the Nissan Navara - we’ll find out though whether he has the rope skills to tie a load to the back of the ute.

There’s plenty of news around this week, and as usual, plenty of laughs as well - Join us for another edition of the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast

Behind the Wheel Car Podcast Episode 0457 Transcript:

[00:00:00] Well here we go it’s another week of motoring each day. Good to have you company. It might help you. [5.9]

[00:00:06] Well thank you and to you. MILLER And it’s going to be great fun because we’re talking about all sorts of cars this week. What about the Nissan Navara car we’ve enjoyed very much in the past the twin cab. You’re [9.5]

[00:00:16] right. And look I think it’s possibly the most underrated jewel cap you’d on the market. And kiran it is the basis of an all new Mercedes-Benz. You get the exact pass which I believe is going to be previewed in the next couple of weeks. So we know if Mercedes Benz are okay with it it’s going to be good. I would say so. So why aren’t they selling more. SIMON LAI has been driving one he’s been driving the top of the range version. [22.1]

[00:00:38] He’ll tell us his thoughts and maybe he’s got an answer as to why they’re not selling I don’t know. He might have. What about Joel this week. He’s well he’s been talking about why some people aren’t buying electric cars. You’re right. And then of course we’ve had some big announcements this week when it comes to electric cars. Volvo have decreed that as of 2019 all their cars will be electric or at least partially electric. Yes of course. Elon Musk he’s been going mad on Twitter with photos of the first production version of the Model 3. Yes. What has happened. Deliveries are going to start I think in the next week or so and he plans to be by December building 20000 of these things a month. He’s got orders for nearly half a million of them. So some people are interested in why about here in Australia why are there not more of them. That’s exactly right. [45.6]

[00:01:24] Because maybe as maybe it’s price. So we’ll find out anyway. We have a chat to him. BMW Well we’ve been driving a car that is a hybrid BMW or how sensational is that. It’s the five thirty we’re going to have a review of that very shortly. [13.3]

[00:01:37] You’re right Lenore Fletcher from BMW joins a conversation about electric cars and maybe has some ideas that the government could contribute to a maybe kind of encourage people to look for more emission free motoring and kind of try and move away from a fossil fuel powered combustion engine somebody who’s got a few of those in his garage. [19.3]

[00:01:57] I speak of internal combustion engines care is one of my colleagues at nine news in Melbourne. Alan rascal now wherever you like. Oh he’s a great bloke and wherever you live in Australia you’ll have seen Alan rascals logia war deserving reports on various items in the news. Alan can do a serious story one minute or something a little light a little late teens to do the fun ones the ones I remember I don’t know but he always seems to get the he always seems to be the opening of something or on the new rollercoaster at the theme park driving the new car or back to the future in eighty’s gear or something that’s Alan. He’s very entertaining but he’s also a bit of a red head and he’ll tell us about his exotic collection of cars. We’re going to go back in time with rate electric cars. Little bit of a theme this week. You remember there was a documentary Who Killed the Electric Car. Yes I’ve seen it. General Motors was had a hand in that might have been assisted by the oil companies. We don’t know. We’re going to kind of explore that topic and pose the question of where would we be now if that electric car hadn’t been killed and if we’d been making them since the 80s. Maybe but by now we’d have moved on to hydrogen cars around the world. Who knows. Will have to wait and see. You are angels along a little later of course will bring you product reviews all the usual kind of hoo ha you come to expect behind the wheel. [1:14.4]

[00:03:16] Yes been mentioned we’ve been driving the BMW 530 I mentioned it briefly last week and in fact if you head to our Web site or maybe you can go to Facebook Twitter Instagram Snapchat wherever you go you’ll find a little video review that Pete and I were able to get to do. Of the five 30 day you can see it in the flesh. It’s important to kind of I suppose just let people know how spectacular this plug in hybrid electric vehicle from BMW is and that plug in hybrids really are a viable way of getting around. You recently spent some time in the Mitsubishi Outlander plug in hybrid they. Yeah I did. [33.7]

[00:03:50] It was a terrific car surprisingly good car beautifully made and very quiet and very economical to run. And there’s 530. BMW is just outstanding. [10.7]

[00:04:01] That’s right. So what you do you go home you plug it into the wall you know charges up you get 50 cases is too much probably more like 35 K’s out of a full charge of electricity and you can get around and you can drive with that no petrol engine no fossil fuel burning. But the great thing is it does use the combination of the petrol and the electric motor. When you want to go fast you can’t get the best of both worlds with this car. [21.7]

[00:04:23] And it switches from one to the other when it feels like a leaf. If you’re running short on charge you don’t notice it because it’s incredibly quiet. The car is beautifully built. It’s fantastic looking. So this is the new five series. It looks like any other five series in the range. It’s got those wonderful headlights that are that do amazing things fantastic to look at. It’s got two filling ports one for charging and one for topping up the two litre Turbo motor that comes in and takes over when it’s needed. There is a bit of room lost in the boot for the battery pack which sits under the floor of the boot. Well they used to got you got golf clubs and everything. Exactly. That’s the thing that got my golf clubs in. There was room for a fold up buggy and a few other things so it’s not compromised really in any way and it’s beautifully built beautifully made very nicely finished. I must say I was really impressed by this. Now of course the five series is a very important model for BMW and so far so good. I’m looking forward to driving other cars in the range. But if somebody said you know we’re going to give you one of these things it’s a 530. I would absolutely jump at it. [1:07.1]

[00:05:32] The good thing is if you are in the market for that sort of big premium luxury saloon high priced identically to the five thirty. So you can choose to have a more powerful two litre Turbo four cylinder as your sole means of propulsion or you can take the five 30 with a slightly detune petrol engine but you’ve got the joys of electricity as well all comes in yes it’s pricey. But cars like this are hundred and one grand parsha on road costs. Look a beautiful car and I think it’s we’re going to see a lot of these cars on the road. I would say so. Now you’re somebody who likes to well get that lead for a bit of exercise. Never do such a thing. Not at all. What do you think to drive it. Foreman’s point of view look really good and particularly when you put it in sports mode you’ve got the petrol you’ve got the electric all in combination. It’s a real slingshot it’s got loads of torque handles beautifully too. It does have extra weight obviously than the standard five video. You haven’t driven but if you pick up the 540 I have a lot of fun in that. I’ve got to say I see the glint in the eyes already friends. [56.8]

[00:06:29] So there you go some new models from BMW. [2.9]

[00:06:32] We’ve had the 530 and more to come in in coming weeks behind the wheel these and then you. [9.0]

[00:06:44] Our rifles Volkswagen is back in their long awaited and nearly all new golf for gold. Seven point five is just landing in Aussie dealerships now. [8.0]

[00:06:52] Now Volkswagen say the big selling point for the new arrival is the standard features list available across all variants but particularly the well equipped entry level version. [8.8]

[00:07:01] The one 10 TSA that’s right is 110 kilowatts available in Hatch form only at the moment starting price 23 990 for the manual for the auto version 26 for 90. But you do get a very big list of features. And for those looking for a golf wagon it’s priced from 24 990 lovely the g.t. iron Well the performance versions all arrive later this year. Now the fully imported 2018 Holden Commodore range is set to boast a maximum five star safety rating. [25.5]

[00:07:27] Euro encamp the European crash tests authority has just handed the European UK version of the car with the top safety score. [6.8]

[00:07:34] Now the five star safety rating covers both the sedan and wagon body styles and the testing found that the Holden offered a 92 percent rating on adult occupant protection 85 percent for child protection and a 78 percent pedestrian protection rating euro encamp were particularly pleased to see the active bonnet feature and automatic emergency braking system on the Commodore. [21.2]

[00:07:55] One of the biggest car news stories this year was when the two star safety rating was awarded to the Ford Mustang. [6.3]

[00:08:02] Now after Ford made some improvements to the car European testing has shown the model deserves an improved three star safe flight. I suppose we’re headed in the right direction. The new euro encamp rating comes after Ford fitted pedestrian detection forward collision warning autonomous emergency braking and lane keeping aid as standard to the car. They also addressed a bottoming out issue with the drivers airbag. We’ll let you know if these upgrades come to Australian models. Their new sales data out of Japan shows Australia is so in love with the toy a Land Cruiser that we’ve purchased more than any other country on earth and that’s a pretty amazing fact when you look at our comparatively quite small population. More Australians have bought a Land Cruiser than customers from any other nation. More than one in 10 Land Cruisers end up in the driveways of an Aussie owner and it looks like our love affair with the car is a long way from over via fact sales data show 200 series Land Cruiser SALES In Australia were up 49 percent last month. [55.0]

[00:08:57] Sales of the Land Cruiser 70 series jumped thirty seven point six percent ahead of the same month in 2016. [5.6]

[00:09:03] Well Mercedes Benz selling up a storm well ahead of its European rivals here in Australia for 2017 and now comes more fresh product aimed at enticing even more buyers. This time it’s the new buy Turbo V8 powered GLC SUV known as the Mercedes AMG GLC 63 s for madoc plus unformatted class keep the new variants of the midsize SUV from his daddy’s promise a 0 to 100 K sprint in a blistering three point eight seconds. [27.1]

[00:09:30] The duo landing in Australia in the final quarter of the year are powered by the brand four litre V8 engine that gives 375 kilowatts and seven hundred Newton metres price from 164 1900. Now speaking of fast SUV ease there will be a 313 kilowatt version of the new Volvo x 60 available tweaked by Volvo cars performance division Polestar the Volvo xc60 will sit alongside the Polestar enhanced XC90 as the most powerful volvo’s ever offered. [31.3]

[00:10:01] Now remarkably the 313 killer output doesn’t affect the economy. Volvo say they’ve improved it over a number of areas and it still returns get this two point one per 100 K. [12.8]

[00:10:14] Oh and you still get the 45 kilometre electric vehicle range as well. [3.7]

[00:10:18] Well the long awaited and much more affordable Tesla Model 3 is now in production. [4.8]

[00:10:23] Initial customer deliveries in the US are expected to start at the end of the month. The car’s been offered under a reservation system and Tesla say they have more than 300 73000 buyers waiting to take delivery. [11.8]

[00:10:35] Well it’s got a price tag of thirty five thousand dollars in the US the fully electric Tesla Model 3 boasts a range of 346 kilometres. [8.3]

[00:10:44] Tesla founder and boss Elon Musk tweeted that about five thousand six hundred model three cars will be built per month in coming months. However he is tipping as many as 20000 will be built per month in 2018. [10.6]

[00:10:54] And another step towards the increased use of electric cars. It’s being taken in France as the government there has announced that it will ban the sale of all petrol and diesel powered cars. [9.9]

[00:11:04] Sure it won’t be until 2014. But the move is seen as another milestone in a switch away from traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. [7.8]

[00:11:12] The nation will also offer tax incentives to replace diesel powered cars that are more than 20 years old and petrol powered vehicles made before 2001. [8.2]

[00:11:21] It would seem there’s no doubt about it. Electric cars can be the way the world people. Now after that announcement now from Volvo everything from those guys from 2019 going to be either all electric or at least partially electric. Yes and we had that spectacular week last week in the partially electric 5 series BMW to 530. Want a car. [18.5]

[00:11:40] Honestly that is. Real game change joyner we’ve said this before about electric or hybrid vehicles but this one is so amazing because it is brilliant it drove beautifully finished. And about the same price as an internal combustion engine car. [15.9]

[00:11:56] Now we’re lucky enough to have old mate Lenore Fletcher from BMW on the line. Hi Liane. How are you going. [4.8]

[00:12:01] I am fantastic today guys. How are you. [2.2]

[00:12:03] Very well indeed. Thanks. So electric cars. Your thoughts. Could the government be doing more for instance by way of subsidies and encouraging people to make the switch. [9.5]

[00:12:13] Well that’s a very dangerous topic to raise with me because you know I’m very passionate about this one. BMW actually currently has seven other pure electric hybrid models in the market in Australia where there we’re here it’s happening. It’s coming. So what we would love to see is the fact that we’ve taken the stance and we’ve brought the models in because we believe our customers deserve the choice. We need to see the government get behind that choice and start to look towards the future. [26.7]

[00:12:40] What about the public. How does the public accept electric cars. The sales have been disappointing pretty much haven’t they. [6.0]

[00:12:46] Sales haven’t been as high as we would have liked to have seen. But the interesting thing is it’s that awareness factor and it’s that validation factor as well. So there’s two things here. If the public actually if anyone if we get anyone in and actually sit them in an eye three or a five thirty or whatever variant it is everybody is immediately transferred. Much like yourself. Yeah. But I think it’s it’s about that understanding the technology knowing the technology but that the general public also needs to see a strong government policy behind that for them to have the confidence to take that step. And that is what we are lacking at the moment that government acceptance and the validation of the technology. Look we are certainly taking matters into our own hands so we’re doing a lot of bringing these vehicles in. We’re doing a lot of chatting with energy supplies to see whether or not we can have some sort of a partnership there where we can start promoting the use of green electricity and also some sort of a charging network. So there’s a lot of discussions going on between different companies who may be able to push this technology and who are aware of course because of our international counterparts that it is definitely the way of the future. One of the things that we’re seeing is every single vehicle manufacturer is investing in some sort of alternative fuel technologies. So you know there can be no doubt if there are billions and billions of dollars being invested in this technology there is no doubt around the world that it is the way of the future. [1:28.8]

[00:14:15] So you only have to look at Europe or the USA to see that as well. [3.2]

[00:14:19] What about commonality of charging equipment. You know the plugs that go into the car are they are they pretty much the same or is there a divergence among manufacturers. [9.6]

[00:14:29] Initially I believe there was a divergence among manufacturers. But like all new technology and this is this is one thing where manufacturers do discuss these things going forward so that it can make sense because obviously the more we have on the road the more the technology your awareness is. But certainly I think you’ll see in the future that there will be a common charging infrastructure. [20.7]

[00:14:50] Excellent as always a contributor to behind it all. Thank you so much and I’m sure it will be only a week or two until we hear from you. Here’s hoping guys enjoy it. [9.9]

[00:15:06] All right. [0.2]

[00:15:06] Did a lot to get through on behind this week we got to talk to Rachel Franco Allen rascal from 9 News is going to drop by and tell us about his love of cars and his rather exotic collection. [11.5]

[00:15:18] It’s not something that you would expect of a news reporter. No certainly not generally not on the kind of wages you’d expect. News reporters like me. But he’s done it he’s got an exotic collection to talk about. It’ll be great. And right now a man who is often referred to as exotic amongst other things. It is the only jailhouses. Hi John. Are you going. [19.8]

[00:15:38] Hello guys. Very well thank you. [1.4]

[00:15:40] Now you heard Noor and her and her thoughts on the fact that maybe the government could be doing a little bit more to help people get in to a more fuel efficient more green and even more electric cars. It seems that it’s all been left to the manufacturers with no help from the government at all. Got any thoughts on that topic. [15.0]

[00:15:55] I mean look I understand where where the electric car manufacturers are coming from and support them fully. I think it’s you know as we say just about every week nowadays you know on the show what great technology the electric cars are and the plug in hybrids and that type of thing. [13.7]

[00:16:09] But I mean just at the moment I don’t see there being many votes in it for politicians to get to get you know pouring cash and resources in. Now you think about it from this perspective that if you are taking millions of dollars from somewhere or the chances are you might be taking that from hospitals or you know other essential services and things like that and you know essentially at the end of the day the car manufacturers are going to make a profit and they won’t be giving back any of that money whether or not it’s politically expedient. I don’t know either because I don’t really know anybody who’s saying I desperately want an electric car if only it was cheaper. I just don’t know if there is that demand and that call for people to do it now we can obviously say well yes we want to feel good about what we’re doing for the environment. But you know ultimately people vote and make decisions based on their bank account. And at the moment fuel prices are pretty low. It’s not as if we’re paying two dollars per litre and people are desperately looking for an alternative. You know it’s still relatively cheap to run a car especially if you’re only doing the kind of case that we always talk about but people do every week when we’re talking about electric cars. People say well yeah. Or the average Australian drives 30 KS a day. Well if you work that out that’s only you know it’s only five or six dollars a day in petrol. So it’s very much a chicken or the egg scenario. [1:16.2]

[00:17:26] So you think that the future of electric cars will be dependent to quite a large extent on the price of petrol not to a large extent completely and timely. [10.2]

[00:17:36] I mean if you look back and you know we’re gonna be talking a little bit about the early days are behind but we also we will look back to 2007 we were doing and running stories and I guess one of the reasons why behind the world came along was there was so much discussion because petrol prices were getting up to a dollar a year later a dollar 85 and we were talking about that magic two dollar barrier and we just fell a little bit short of getting to two dollars later and people were switching to hybrids and they wasn’t interested in doing something different. But at the moment you can still go fill your car up for a dollar 30 a litre which is very reasonable it’s cheaper than milk. So I just don’t see there being any great stampede towards what is as we’ve said Amazing technology and fantastic technology undoubtedly the future. But you know getting us there with relatively low fuel prices I just don’t see it happening as quickly as the manufacturers might like. [50.4]

[00:18:27] Any thoughts on hydrogen power eventually. [2.4]

[00:18:29] Well I’ve driven the Toyota Mirai which was an amazing experience because it just felt exactly like a normal car but no emissions and not that not that necessarily that electric car feel it had a different feel altogether again. Yeah definitely the future. We’ve just got to work out how to how to split the oxygen out of the water and do it in locations that are convenient and get the refuelling I think definitely hydrogen for commercial vehicle fleets makes a lot of sense. And that’s something we should be putting money into as well. But I mean there are so many things. If you think about it if you’re the treasurer of your state or Australia you think about all the things that you could be funding And unless you’ve got people ringing your office saying we want electric cars they’re just not going to do it. [42.0]

[00:19:12] People are constantly saying we need more nurses. [2.6]

[00:19:14] The government is quite happy to take plenty of money out of car sales. Let’s look at the luxury car tax for example if there was any sort of subsidy there when it comes to things like the Tesla that’s currently priced at 300000 dollars. You know you could probably make it more attractive but look it’s a long long conversation and you’re right. I think it’s well and surely based on votes. Let’s go back to something else you mentioned a bit of a milestone for behind the wheel and in fact behind the wheel started obviously on the radio but dellwood little daily segments little snippets from the motoring industry and as you say jola a lot of it was driven by those high fuel prices. But it turns out this week we’re going to click over 2000 500 or 2500. The addition of the behind the wheel segments and it all started with you. [41.7]

[00:19:56] It did start with me. Yes and I was looking for something just to do on the side while I was looking after our first. Baby and I thought well you know why not. Why not do a little syndicated radio segment. And I’ve got to say it certainly took off pretty quickly I’ve got to think there’s early radio stations especially Flow f.m. who are still broadcasting on and going on today. They were one of the first to sign up and that was fantastic and yes it has grown from there and I can’t believe that it’s 10 years next month which is pretty incredible with 10 years gone and it reminds me a little bit of the line in the Simpsons where he says he’s talking about his business and he says that was the old me which ironically was the young man says it well. [43.8]

[00:20:41] And did you have. Did you come to it with a with a love of cars or an interest in cars or was it just something you saw. There was a need for in the market. [7.3]

[00:20:49] Yeah I think that I was one of those kids that had car magazines in my schoolbag. I was more interested in reading the car magazines than I was in doing much work. And then of course my passion really out of school was radio and then to be able to combine the two a little bit later down the track. It’s been it’s been an amazing journey and we wouldn’t as I said we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the radio stations initially getting on board and supporting. And of course all the advertisers that have been along all along this last 10 years. And of course the listeners and the readers on the Web site been personally it’s been really an amazing journey and I am even more excited about the next 10 years because I think it’s going to be even better and I can see it continuing to grow and change and morph just as quickly as it has over the last 10 years. [46.7]

[00:21:37] And I suppose it’s good for people to know and I think people can tell that you know this is driven by passion. You know everyone that’s involved in behind the wheel and producing the radio segments and the website site everything. It’s out of love. I love cars and being able to sort of share that love and that excitement and enthusiasm. [15.3]

[00:21:53] Yeah and I think it’s also a passion of mine for being different. I’ve always tried to keep behind the wheel being something different from the others and something unique with its own feel. And I think when I think about behind the wheel that’s sort of what I’m most proud about is that it is something that is different and not a not a carbon copy of something else. [18.6]

[00:22:12] It’s often when you take a quick break stick around because you want to hear about the new Volkswagen TIGUAN. You have the fast one didn’t you. [6.2]

[00:22:18] Yes. The 162 TSA line. [2.2]

[00:22:21] We’ll hear more about that straight after this. [1.5]

[00:22:23] Yes as promised. We’re back with the news on all that SUV that essentially was the benchmark there for a little while. I was kind of almost picked by the Mazda CX-5 of neck and neck between the Mazda CX-5 and the Volkswagen big one. Well Volkswagen released an all new version of it and Joel has been driving it. You say the 162 CSI High Line that’s the one with the motor from the golf gpi isn’t it. [26.3]

[00:22:50] Yeah yeah certainly is. And it gets along quite well probably not as well as the golf obviously we’re talking about a larger vehicle but still 162 kilowatts 350 meters. [9.8]

[00:23:00] It’s an SUV with know I know Simon’s always talking about SUV being a bit but same same and a bit boring at night. [6.9]

[00:23:07] But this is certainly an issue where they’ve got a bit of character and a bit of flair about ads a lot of polish to it of course has that fantastic new role with this virtual cockpit in Volkswagen spec and that’s Audi speak but it’s got the digital dash hasn’t it. [12.6]

[00:23:20] It does have the digital dash which is a fantastic feature. There was just a couple of things with that that I maybe I couldn’t work it out but I would love it if the if the listeners aren’t exactly where what we’re talking what we’re talking about. Yeah you can bring up the satnav right there in the middle of between the speedometer and they take all matter. The only thing is if they have real traffic information in there you know you get the red lines and the orange lights that sort of thing from the Google maps I couldn’t work out how to do that if you can do that. And I also did a little bit of trouble finding just a large digital speedometer in. [32.3]

[00:23:53] It’s an ordinary everyday speed. And that actually is really important especially when you’re when you’re following satnav and telling you to do this that and the other it’s easy to become distracted from the speed you’re doing. I have had several instances of that lately and not particularly fond of it and I think that digital speed readout or a heads up display is of value. [20.7]

[00:24:14] Yeah definitely. And we were talking about you were talking about Ford Falcon XF in the old days. Now let’s let’s reminisce back. [6.3]

[00:24:21] I had one of those I had a Falcon g.l. version and I got the family gear digital dash put you had the digital speedometer reading and you want to high falutin types. [11.2]

[00:24:32] Yes. [0.3]

[00:24:34] That’s a pretty amazing day. [1.8]

[00:24:38] But yes somebody at the new Volkswagen took one. It is certainly an issue that you would need to drive. You should have it on your dear. Your price on you. You know you just drive less. Probably just a different feel to the see x. Very roomy inside not too much not to like just a little bit complicated on the set of console there’s a lot of buttons there and when you’re driving along it can be a little bit just not to be confusing. A little bit sort of distracting and this high line version the Arline pack 20 inch wheels obviously low profile tyres. It’s just a little bit uncomfortable but overall a very good all round because you’ve got that sporty feel like sort of a technicality. [39.4]

[00:25:18] What sort of price are you going to be up for. You are sitting down if you’re right. [4.9]

[00:25:23] Right right up the very top of the range 56 for 90. [3.4]

[00:25:26] It’s a lot of money for what is essentially just a midsize SUV something the same size as a Rav 4 you know yes 60 old brand long ago. Yeah. [6.9]

[00:25:34] Yeah it is. But I suppose it comes with the cachet of a over a badge and presumably nice finish. [6.3]

[00:25:40] Yes. Excellent finish. As we said the other week we we’re talking about volkswagen’s level of quality certainly right up there with no digital radio again I would add a slight little hesitation in the transmission at low speed so you may be crawling up a slight incline waiting for the current front of you to pull out and you know making a left hand turn and you just get a bit of a shudder. And it was a little bit unusual. Conversely Yeah everything like electric tailgate a little fold out aeroplane tables in the back front and rear parking sensors heated seats. Leather seats are really good. Got just about everything you could want. [39.6]

[00:26:20] Of course we can read in full. The review at behind the wheel dot com the Volkswagen Tiguan sounds good. And what are we driving next week Joel. [8.7]

[00:26:29] I mean a run of kias which is nice because I haven’t had kids for a little while and I know I used to drive them fairly often so I’m always impressed by the care product. Little care Rio at the moment which is just a good little car. [12.4]

[00:26:42] Well hear more about it next week as always Joel Helmes thank you very much. Thank you guys. Behind you when you starts. [8.1]

[00:26:51] Using the electrified edition of behind the wheel. Still lots more to get through. Rachel franko said to make an appearance. I’ve been looking forward to this bit. An old mate of yours and a behind the wheel and a man who has very fine tastes in motor vehicles I might add and a face of course aren’t familiar with Everywhere you look to where you are in the country you turn on channel 9 and there he is. [19.6]

[00:27:10] His name is Alan rascal and he’s many things but one thing the people listening probably don’t know Alan is that he’s also a rev head. He’s a petrol head. [10.6]

[00:27:21] He loves cars. So Alan hello there it’s great to have you company. Tell us about your love of cars and what do you drive. [7.2]

[00:27:28] I was more a Holden man than a Ford man that’ll be a bit controversial loves Commodore’s. When they came out love the King’s words. My first car was a Renault Fargo mumbled it for me for my 21st birthday. The only meaning of those anymore. And then I got a Ford Capri full convertible for Capri when they were new and had that as well when I was channel 9 in Sydney actually years ago and then I went to a convertible BMW after the BMW had a convertible Saab after the Saab got a 1 2 6 Mercedes. They got two 11 Mercedes now got a W2 20 Mercedes S Class 1 6 4 M L3 fifty four wheel drive and a rolls-royce Silver Shadow too. [38.3]

[00:28:07] Now there you go. We got to get it right right at the very end at the most exotic You can think about in Allen’s collection is right there at the end. It is a rolls-royce. [9.9]

[00:28:17] It is more of a service attitude from 1978 79 I wouldn’t like to live with because it’s an old car these days. It is an older car but because it’s probably more mechanical than electronic they’re actually quite easy to maintain and unreasonably cheap to maintain and actually I find it cheaper to maintain than average commodore of the older the old story about the clock. [20.7]

[00:28:38] So the only thing you could hear was the clock to take it back and have it fixed. I can hear it ticking a lot because it’s not an electronic one is it. So you will hear how it goes both. Do you. How is it to to keep on the road. How is it to get parts. [13.6]

[00:28:52] Not too bad actually. I mean rolls-royce overshadow rent from 1965 to 1980 so it had a 15 year run. By the time the shadow came out in 77 or so they’d done 2000 or something modifications so and at that stage the Silver Shadow too was the highest rate high selling model. And so there’s plenty out there and there’s plenty of parts out there both here and overseas so not too bad to maintain it all. [21.0]

[00:29:14] What sort of reception do you get from other drivers on the road. Because I’ve never driven a car like that so I really don’t know what other drivers would think of it. Whether people take notice do they give you a wide berth or do they just see it as another car could finally give you the thumbs up were just kind of kinnick kind of cool. [16.9]

[00:29:31] My wife she’s tiny size 8 know blond hair blue eyed lady and a lot of traders pull up beside I think there was an old granny driving and she is a bit of a liberal so she thinks I’m off at the traffic lights. [9.1]

[00:29:40] That’s a six point seventy five litre It depends on the overalls of the walk in and get out and tinker with it or do you leave it to the expert. [7.5]

[00:29:48] I leave that to the experts. I’m more just a bit more polished. [2.3]

[00:29:50] I’m a bloke. You’ve also got an S class Mercedes in the fleet as well as as well as the four wheel drive. Tell us about the the choice between the S class or the rolls. Do you get up in the morning and think it’s late. Morning this morning or is is one of the mainly four weekends. [15.6]

[00:30:06] I don’t know the roles as a daily driver for me as well. But it’s kind of like a lucky tip whatever stick their finger in the door whichever key come out with drive it film The Day party thing. But I love the class I’ve had that for a few years. It’s a 2002 model and it looks still looks brand new but it’s done over 300000 out. They just keep going and going and going. [18.1]

[00:30:24] Yeah. To start with. Now of course you have encounters with more recent cars with more of the active safety equipment you know blind spot monitoring and so on. When you get back into the class or the rolls do you miss those things. [13.5]

[00:30:38] Well not really. I mean the rules for its time back in 78 79 It had dual climate air conditioning. It had cruise control and had wipers on the on the headlights on everything. Very often the higher end cars back then the features that appear in those then filter down to other models later on. [17.1]

[00:30:55] Yes. Yes so it was in a way groundbreaking in its day. Absolutely. [4.0]

[00:30:59] And what about the four wheel drive fun fun car to drive an unusual. I’ve got it. There is one particular quirk about this one. The battery went flat. It’s the wife’s car. So we don’t have kids who don’t have kids but she’s a soccer mom. And the battery went flat. But to change the battery the battery is not under the bonnet it’s not in the boot. It’s actually under the front seat so they actually had to take it back to Mercedes who then had to take out the front seat cut the carpet put the new battery in to change the batteries cost around 200 bucks. You’re kidding seriously. [28.8]

[00:31:29] You’re crazy. [0.7]

[00:31:32] That. That’s extraordinary. I wondered whether that is still the case or whether they’ve realized the error of their ways and put it somewhere more accessible. I couldn’t tell you that. No. [9.6]

[00:31:42] And what was it that got you in the cars in the first place. Do you remember was it you know sort of as an eight year old boy seeing a rolls-royce drive down the street. What was the car that you have in your bedroom all the combat Commodore actually lvb obviously. [11.8]

[00:31:54] Oh yeah. [0.5]

[00:31:55] But I also have cars and I’ve always Mum and Dad always bought us Matchbox cars and all that stuff. So my love of cars started when I was about three or four other members of the family car nuts as well why your youngest brother is a kanojia. He’s got a few. He’s got statesmen’s and things like that. My family grew up with my learned to drive on an eight day statesman 76. We also had a WB Deville. We also had WB series to Caprice which I reckon was the slickest cold and ever made. [27.1]

[00:32:22] And I bet you wish you’d got them all now they they’re all worth it. [2.2]

[00:32:26] Yeah I know you said you were a Holden man rather than a Ford man and yet going through the cars that you’ve owned. I seem to think that there’s a Ford in there in the shape of a Capri but I don’t know that you’ve ever actually owned a Commodore. [15.0]

[00:32:41] No I haven’t. I haven’t. Sadly no I haven’t. But the Commodore was a great car and I think it’s sad that it’s going. [5.1]

[00:32:46] Yes me too. Yeah very much so. Of course keep your TV channel 9 9 news you see me everywhere no matter where you are in the country. Dairy is one of the most interesting stories too I don’t know. Do you have some sort of everything you’ve got something on the other reported that channel line that mean you get the good stories and they had the boring ones. [15.9]

[00:33:02] Now I’m in my twilight years a dispensary and off to have a bit of fun and a Hey hey hey that’s enough of that Twilight years stuff. What’s the most interesting story you’ve covered. [7.6]

[00:33:10] Oh there’s so many people that it but I actually prefer doing the fun ones I love people. Everyone has a story. I love talking to people and everyone has a gun to tell and I just love interacting with people in our audience. [9.5]

[00:33:20] And yet of course you can also do the serious stories and you have done many of those over the years. You’ve had coffee thrown at you you’ve had all sorts of things happening on the more serious side of the news. [9.5]

[00:33:30] Well absolutely. I mean effectively my training as a hard news tour and I probably moved into the more fun type of stuff in the past four or five years. But before that I did all the serious drills the court reporter for three or four years covered black Saturday I’ve covered federal elections a whole lot. [13.7]

[00:33:44] Well pleased to hear you’re into the cars these days and I believe there might even be a Holden script coming in the next couple of weeks so yeah watch this space on nine News. [7.0]

[00:33:52] It’s great working with you. And thanks for being with us on behind the wheel. Thanks. Thanks Chris. [4.8]

[00:33:57] Time to hit the road in a duel. Have you got another one coming next week in Colorado. This week we are talking Novara and a man who I must say I was surprised at how well it kind of suited me. I [12.5]

[00:34:09] kind of drove down the road and went he almost suits that indeed. And he didn’t even have to buy a t shirt to go with it cause not a blues singer. Live in the house. And I think the cushion that he put on the driver’s seat to kind of make a little bit taller. SIMON Hi. Hi. [15.0]

[00:34:25] How are we. Oh no I don’t look funny. I am yeah. No you don’t you. Great. Have you are. How do you go. I was in Banda Aceh driving. [9.1]

[00:34:34] You know I don’t know I don’t think it’s I don’t think those things are mutually exclusive you know. How do you go with tying stuff onto the back of you. Are you any good with that can you. Can you do the track each. Can you tie it off. [13.7]

[00:34:48] No I’m like a granny not probably a few fines because there’s all fallen off the back so don’t worry it’s the same with Miller and the same with me as well. [8.4]

[00:34:57] I’ll pay you a fifty dollar delivery for it. Period. Good company. I think he. For somebody to assemble his flatpack furniture. [5.8]

[00:35:03] Well I only took me two days to assemble an art key event at Christmas time. Well good work. I had to get back to Ikea five times because I thought I had the wrong stuff. Like I went back there are nothing and you do it like this. [13.6]

[00:35:17] There are either too many on not enough screws for this thing. Actually no that’s always the right number. But I tell you what last time I drove a Nissan Navara. I absolutely loved it. It was a great I thought a really good deal cab. [12.7]

[00:35:31] I reckon the most underrated jewel cab you’d on the market at the moment you know powerful comfortable car like to drive. Yes but where are they you don’t see them on the road. That’s exactly right. What are your thoughts Simon. [9.4]

[00:35:40] Yeah. I wholeheartedly agree. I mean if you look at the sales figures it still sits behind the highlights from the ranger and the Triton and the Colorado which are driving next week and I’ve driven recently. And you know it really deserves a higher place than that. It’s a well put together. It’s very solid and stable and it’s got great features and I’m quite surprised that it doesn’t rank higher. But what I had was the Via sgx just the top of the range four by four for your cab with the auto transmission they call it the sgx. Now they recently done away with the previous moniker of p300 when they did upgrade earlier this year. This particular one comes in at 54 490 for the whole package and you get some really good practical features that you want in there you as a trader you get things like that. Now I have a compass on the rear view mirror here. Different for they for of course that little rear sliding window at the back. I don’t know what it is for I think it is. [58.8]

[00:36:39] I see you have a dog that’s sitting in the train had your dog or chuck your pipe wrapper out into the back of the. You know it’s really cool. I like that. Yes. It’s a nice touch. [10.7]

[00:36:50] They’re going to be the basis of the all new x-class from Mercedes Benz. It’s essentially a your in disguise. [5.6]

[00:36:56] You there’s a lot of work to get off the mark. You know it’s quite a heavy heavy car so there’s no real quick acceleration. But you know there’s a good strong pulling power with 450 in and it is of course being a diesel. You get that heavy clatter sound when you step down. But you know that’s all part and parcel of being a youth. [18.8]

[00:37:15] So and I think that’s a first and I’d say why I think that food is free trade is never considered a marvellous. That’s all I can say. Fantastic. So you felt that it took a little bit to get it going. Anything else about it you didn’t like. [15.1]

[00:37:31] Every week I tried parts patch on this being a new parent. [2.3]

[00:37:34] I always have to put the baby seat in this particular one had no ice fix which is the only downside. Yeah. Which was quite surprising being being the top of the range model being in such a new car. [11.5]

[00:37:45] I actually thought it was almost mandatory data as well. And really that’s more people are buying your cap you know that’s why you see them everywhere. The new station wagon it’s a car that you can use for work and go out on the weekend with everybody so. [11.5]

[00:37:57] Yeah absolutely. All carry your IKEA furniture. [2.3]

[00:38:00] Well there you go. That’s right. You’re going to be lifted up and tied down which of course we’re still working on but never actually now that you mention it there’s one nice feature in the back. [9.0]

[00:38:10] It’s got to rails at the side with like reposition the bow tie down hooks or anchors. They just loosen the bolt and slide it along. [7.9]

[00:38:18] That’s claptrap anything in there. Yeah. It’s very very light. Very good idea. Love it. Now you can see the pictures you can read the review right now behind the wheel dot com dot are you Simon. Thank you very much. See you next week. You’re a legend. [11.9]

[00:38:36] I’m a guy who likes black UT’s to a girl who likes black. I’m sure she’d like a black guy. Don’t you think. I think she probably would. I know she’s really very much into motoring and you’d just could be the car of choice. What is it Rachel. Love love black. [13.6]

[00:38:49] You pimped out Toyota hilux like Michael J Fox. [3.3]

[00:38:53] Fox I had Disney in the back to the Future movies remember that Lagos must must have been. I was about 19 earlier versions of us to have been given all the ills all of us see it in the movies you know as a kid car that’s the coolest fall I’ve ever seen him I’m just a big adult version of the remote control Tonka truck tanker truck. [20.0]

[00:39:13] Yeah you could get as a kid. [1.8]

[00:39:15] I’m speaking of things from the 80s you mentioned to me when we were talking during the week great that well today we’ve been talking a little bit about electric cars and you say it wasn’t an electric car that General Motors tried to kill back in the 80s. [12.0]

[00:39:27] There was actually a documentary that was sold about it called Hill who killed the electric car. Yeah. And back in the day GM came up with this battery powered vehicle called the I.V. one which was somewhat dumpy looking actually and that’s crazy. [14.6]

[00:39:44] All locked up. Imagine if had more done but it looked. [6.2]

[00:39:51] It didn’t get too much mileage. OK. I think you get only do something like 80 to 100 miles away like it did have a very limited range. But it was sort of interesting because it was really like the start of the whole idea of moving away from fossil oils and oil. [14.8]

[00:40:06] Yeah. Yeah. And they killed it. So they came out they were sort of at the forefront at one point but their marketing department on the river obviously sort of took over there. I think there’s a bit of collusion with some oil company money as well. [12.0]

[00:40:18] Absolutely government other sort of different related industries and they basically killed it off and then at one point GM almost Well I think they did go bankrupt. [9.1]

[00:40:29] And the whole business in the financial crisis and everyone’s getting on the bandwagon now and they’ve sort of missed the boat. [7.1]

[00:40:37] And it’s very odd because trysting back in the one nine thousand hundreds the early nine thousand five hundred cars were electric electric. They they went along just fine and then the internal combustion engine took over. And electric cars were just. Well that’s right. [14.3]

[00:40:51] Non-existent. It was decades kind of Edison vs.. Henry Ford was Unison was very much. Yes the electric cars are going to be the way the future and Henry Ford went. Vietnam is going to be all all gasoline and while obviously we know who won but it’s kind of funny to see such a big company like that. Completely miss the boat because you could imagine where we’d be now if they’d continued the development from the 80s you know battery technology I’m sure would be a lot further along than it is now say so. [25.6]

[00:41:17] Absolutely. It really reminds me of I’m quite interested in photography and it really reminds me of the whole Eastman Kodak story where they actually brought an engineer there developed the first or invented the first digital camera in the mid 70s. [15.4]

[00:41:32] Yeah was that long ago the 70s was that long ago. Yeah. 1975 yeah. Their marketing department and the business development department both pooh poohed the whole idea saying that there was no market for it pretty much like what GM did. [13.5]

[00:41:47] And by 2012 they were bankrupt because they just thought a whole lot. Yeah they did patent the technology. And so they made a lot of money off that. But that ran out in 2007. And then by 2012 they were gone but I don’t really miss the boat on it. [13.9]

[00:42:01] Yes I remember having one of their early one of their very first digital cameras and it was a Kodak digital camera and actually worked quite well. Yeah. But of course it wasn’t long before there were Japanese and competitors from other countries nipping at their heels. [14.8]

[00:42:16] And in fact they took over complete market share and that was it was interesting because the Kodak thing and it was a similar thing I think with GM that the marketing and business development partment sort of said you know this is going to take the evolution of it before it’s sort of kind of vibe was going to be about 20 years and they didn’t want to stick it out for that time because they thought that it was going to be the detriment of their current business model. [22.5]

[00:42:39] I bet in hindsight they think okay we should have actually adopted a different approach I reckon because you know yes taking film to a processing place and then waiting for it to come back the next day whereas whereas a limited number of picks you can take on a digital camera I mean in hindsight you think what were they thinking. [17.2]

[00:42:57] I mean it’s no different with this sort of technology and stuff that’s happening now with the automotive industry you have to have a bit more foresight and being in it for the long game you want to be around in another 50 years time. You sort of have to take the hit maybe now and play the long game a bit more. [17.6]

[00:43:15] You should be a special counsel to some governments around the world they could probably take some of that. [4.6]

[00:43:20] Look I’m telling you I think I think that the prime minister of Australia I don’t feel any great idea of what to do next. [6.7]

[00:43:28] Rachel you were amazing good work of all trades master now. Oh yeah. Franco thank you very much. Thank you. Guys for another week. [15.1]

[00:43:44] It’s been a good fun one I’ve I thoroughly enjoyed this weeks behind the wheel. Pete. No no. We’ve got another big one in store for next week. Yes looking forward to it. And in the meantime till we talk to you again please stay safe.[9.3]

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