Behind the Wheel Podcast 454

The team are back for show 454!

This week on Behind the Wheel we bring ways to save money, annoy your friends and family, find the perfect new city car, and bring you a review of one of the fastest and most expensive cars on Australian roads.

We’ve got news on the cheapest cars to own and run here in Australia this week.

Our mates from the RACQ have been crunching numbers on the available cars in 2017 and will share the list of cars that will cost you the least.

There’s been an all-new Volkswagen Polo unveiled in Germany and Paul Pottinger from Volkswagen Australia calls in with all the details of what to expect.

Rachel Franco is the world’s foremost expert on what it takes to become an A Class back seat driver.

She’ll explain her techniques on how best to annoy any driver.

Joel Helmes, fresh from the launch of the 2018 Subaru XV and Holden Astra Sedan, is armed with lots of juicy details.

Peter and Chris spent a couple of days with the epic Tesla Model X - the fastest, most out there all electric SUV available today. It even has automatic doors that could cause problems.

Simon Lai has been driving the Infiniti QX30 - some say it’s just a Mercedes-Benz GLA in disguise…Simon will share his thoughts.

There’s all the latest motoring news, product reviews, and maybe even a few more laughs than normal!

It’s a big one - don’t miss this Behind the Wheel Podcast…

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