Behind the Wheel Podcast 453

We’re in performance car mode this week

Pete and Chris take you live to the launch of the all-new McLaren 720S.

It’s their latest road going supercar and it’s a lot more reliable than their F1 car. We’ve got all the stats, speeds and power outputs - and we’ll chat to some of the big bosses of McLaren.

Lexus have unveiled possibly the most striking car ever…it the stunning LC Coupe. Nick Raman from Lexus Australia joins us with all the vital information, including Australian pricing.

Joel Helmes has some surprising results about a customer satisfaction survey in relation to Nissan in the US….so what’s going on with Nissan here in Australia?

Joel previews the launch of the all-new Holden Astra Sedan, and the new version of the small crossover SUV from Subaru - the XV.

Simon Lai is driving one of the cheapest SUV’s on the market - the Mitsubishi Outlander - it’s cheap, but is it any good?

Rachel Franco wants to save you some money on car insurance - hopefully, she’ll be able to explain it.

Peter Hitchener brings you his review of the 2017 Range Rover Sport SVR, the fastest Range Rover ever.

While Chris drives one of the last ever HSV Commodores - in particular, the executive express that is the 410kW Senator Signature 30th Anniversary Edition.

There’s a big dose of motoring news, along with a huge helping of laughs.

It’s a pearler of an episode - don’t miss this week’s Behind the Wheel Podcast…

Behind the Wheel Car Podcast Episode 0453 Transcript

[00:00:00] That ladies and gentlemen here we go got behind the wheel. [3.7]

[00:00:04] PETER H. Great to see you again. It’s good to see you. Miller wasn’t it fun this week at the McLaren launch. How great was that. I know we get along to see the Australian preview of the McLaren 720 Yes. And you supercar from mcclaran and this thing is supercar pay. Do you remember these zero to 200 kilometres an hour is something unbelievable. It was faster than a golf gpi is to 100 kilometres an hour. Pretty much yes that’s the way they go. [29.4]

[00:00:34] And I’ll tell you what. Just look at the car. It is unbelievably good looking. You know some of these supercars occasionally and I sort of think you’re a bit of McLaren here. Earlier used to think over. How unusual is that. Lovely. Yes that’s right. Oh I hope it doesn’t come chasing me. Anyway if the new one is just beautiful it’s gorgeous. [21.9]

[00:00:56] It really is. Quick story about one of the older mclarens I was lucky enough to be invited to Government House for the Formula One previewed this year. And in the line up in the cars as we’re going to the car park in front of us was a mcclaran the six thousand yes. But it came in this sort of like fluorescent green colour. You know we got out of the car and we were sort of walking towards government house and there were two people standing beside the car and kind of looking like they were wanting to take a photo so we said to them should we take the photo for you and that would be great. [28.4]

[00:01:24] So they posed there beside the mcclaran and we snapped the pic and I said to the black carpet I would buy one in fluorescent green. Oh it was his car. [8.8]

[00:01:33] Oh no. Anyway I didn’t make anything of it. [4.3]

[00:01:37] I hope I’d like it out at the mcclaran lodge. We’re going to take you there live later this in this show. And we’ve got a couple great chats with the head honcho of mcclaran for the asia-pacific So some really informative stuff to bring you there. Some informative stuff too when it comes to Range Rover sports the SVR varieties and the HSV. Senator reviews of both those cars later in the show. Yes very much. [20.9]

[00:01:58] Now Lexus have unveiled possibly the most striking car ever from that stable and that’s the big elsi coupe or Cooper whichever you prefer. It’s optional I think. Beautiful car. Amazing looking car and goes like the clappers if you don’t mind saying so big 5 litre V8. Yep neck Rahman from Lexus Australia will join us with all the vital stats about that car and how you can get your hands on one. [21.0]

[00:02:20] Nick Rahman he is the heir to the noodle fortune old stopper. Rachel Francos going to save some money on car A Gerards. Joel Helms is well getting ready to go to the launch of the new Astria sedan the new Subaru X V. I’m going to look at how nisson are doing particularly well overseas but maybe not so here in Australia very much so. [19.6]

[00:02:39] And also Simon line now. SIMON Is the excitement machine of behind the wheel don’t you. And that’s how he wrote this news to him. And the thing is a thrill seeker and all that he is here this week. We’ve got him in the Mitsubishi Outlander carfrae. I think he’s actually loving it. It would suit him. I wonder everyone bought a new shirt for the outcome like you did for the test low. I think that’s essential. I think it’s a rule you have to abide by. [22.5]

[00:03:10] Well it was only a couple of days ago that Pete you and I were in the car we were pottering around the Docklands in Melbourne and all of a sudden the traffic was stopped in front of us and you could see it stopped in the other direction and we were sort of looking at each other. And what is going on and then in the distance we see this dark grey silhouette of what could only be described as what must have been a concept car. [21.1]

[00:03:31] What is it doing on the road. It’s a revelation. I’ve never seen anything like it it looks. I asked him. And stylish and tough and well sordid and brilliant and it had a Lexus badge on it. You certainly did. [11.7]

[00:03:43] We were then very excited to figure out that it was the all new Lexus LS see a car that is if you’ve not seen it yet go to our website right now behind the wheel dot com dot are you there you can check out a pic. You’ll know what we’re talking about the juicy details and there’s some detail on it too because it’s hybrid V8 and lots of stuff we’ve got from Lexus Australia. A big welcome to be behind the wheel. Welcome Danny Graham and get a new car going mate. [23.4]

[00:04:07] Thanks very much for having me along. It’s an exciting time just as you’ve mentioned. [3.4]

[00:04:10] So we’ll say it wasn’t you the other day in the elsi that we saw it wasn’t Peter. [4.4]

[00:04:15] No no unfortunately not that the car was launched last week and amid some considerable buzz I think what you hit on just there in the opening about it looking like a concept car is really what the car is about. I think that if you look at the design it traces back to the 2012 Detroit Motor Show when the concept vehicle was first released and they made a very concerted effort to make sure that these are like the dramatic lines of that car carry through to production. So what you saw on the road is very similar to what people saw of the Detroit Motor Show a number of years ago. [34.3]

[00:04:50] And so not only does it look good but presumably goes pretty well given that huge engine the five litre V8 our ring our ringer. [7.0]

[00:04:57] That’s right. Exactly and it’s 351 kilowatts and 540 meters. It’s also the first Lexus to have active exhaust systems so you get the power that you get the noise to go along with it. [13.1]

[00:05:10] Oh yes. Well have a look. You must have that. It’s funny on one at one end of the scale. We love cars that make a loud noise and then on the other hand when it’s a hybrid you think oh how quiet and peaceful. [12.6]

[00:05:23] That’s right. Well speaking of hybrid There is a hybrid version available as well. [5.9]

[00:05:29] The elsi YES YES. YES THERE IS Cristen this new hybrid system represents I guess the next generation of this type of power train. Because what it does is it uses the traditional elements of I guess what you get say a Lexus hybrid in using a three point five letter engine and a CV but a lot of actually had to for speed automatic transmission as well. So what that does is work together to give you 10 ratios. And it really it levels up the driving experience. So traditionally with the safety you would have a certain experience but what this does is it takes it up a notch for a driver engagement really when you go through the years you can really feel a mechanical change. And it just makes it for this current particularly the LC it changes the whole approach to driving and really gives you that immersive experience behind the wheel. [51.8]

[00:06:21] And I suppose does a lot with all those ratios for fuel economy as well. [3.5]

[00:06:26] Yes it does. Quite right. And that was obviously a focus with a hybrid system is that you get very good fuel efficiency and with the LC or your matching efficiency with a new level of driver engagement. So it I think for a different buyer to the. But you know you get that you get the new driving dynamics that are offered by this platform and a different type of experience depending on what train you choose. [29.6]

[00:06:56] Excellent. One of our favourite cars at the moment we’ve been raving about it was shortlisted for car of the year last year was the fabulous are X the SUV from X is the big one. And it’s all about that interior. It is the best interior I think in the business. We got one car that had the white leather and then an enormous screen that seems to go on forever and just the architecture and dash but the attention to detail on the quality of the materials loria’s car you can imagine in this sort of high spec or high end LC very dead is going to be really upping the ante there as well. [30.5]

[00:07:27] That’s right Christmas excellent to hear your comments on the yea I think with the LC there was a real commitment to producing a beautiful interior to match the styling and the dynamics of the car. In Japan they used to cue me craftsman and what they do is they look at every aspect of the interior and and really just apply incredible attention to detail in the fit and finish materials ergonomics and just the way it makes you feel when you get in and close the door. You want that sort of bank vault feeling when you close the door and be surrounded by fantastic instruments but you’re really nice materials that make you feel special when you get in. Go for it. [41.3]

[00:08:09] Yeah well you can really see the appreciation on Pete’s face. [2.3]

[00:08:11] He’s dressed up in his to qumi Christ when a ship out. So I wouldn’t expect anything less. Absolutely it’s how I roll. [7.2]

[00:08:19] I must say I’m always impressed with the Japanese philosophy of designing things and being inspired by nature and bringing all these things together somehow in this ultra modern creation and yet it comes from a from a tradition that goes back centuries. [16.4]

[00:08:36] Well that’s right. And I think with this interior was what they they wanted to ensure that with this next generation of vehicle they wanted to provide that experience. When you got in through as you said the use of materials but just the sleek design and actually went through 15 iterations before they were actually satisfied with the final design. And that just really shows the attention to detail that they went through to provide that experience for you know whether you’re driving car or a passenger you just want to have that that sort of feeling when you get it. [29.7]

[00:09:06] So now we’re all we’re all very impressed with the car and we’re sold on it was sitting down. You better tell us how much it’s going to cost us. [6.5]

[00:09:13] Well Peter it’s going to be 190000. [2.6]

[00:09:17] As a started with extras. Well Alibaba. [5.3]

[00:09:23] Oh well what do you do what you can do is at a performance. And that’s another fifteen thousand dollars and that that provides you some other dynamic properties. [11.4]

[00:09:35] So a Reist hearing different dynamic having pack and there’s an activity wing as well. But really as a as a proposition from the 190000 dollar point you do get a lot of standard specification and luxury features to go with the driving experience as much as we say 190 is a grand amount of money it really does. [24.5]

[00:10:01] There’s a considerable amount of car and also a brand new platform from Lexus as well. So there’s it’s what we call the G8 L platform which is a global global architecture for luxury. [9.9]

[00:10:11] This will underpin future electric models. [2.3]

[00:10:14] And so the only suspension system that really dials up the driving experience and what you and the other thing is we all need to keep in mind too is the cars it’s competing with you know if you are looking at an equivalent from Germany I suggest you be paying probably a hundred grand. So that’s a happening here. Yeah. Check it out if you you’ve not seen it yet go directly to our website behind the wheel dot com dot. There you can see it in all its glory. It really is a stunning effort from you guys at Lexus and Nick really good to talk to you. Be trying to come back visit again soon. [30.1]

[00:10:44] Wonderful. Thanks very much Chris and Peter great to talk to you guys. [2.2]

[00:10:47] Too behind the wheel. We’re live at the Australian launch of the supercar from mcclaran the 720. Yes. And it is well it’s a work of art. It’s absolutely beautiful. We’re lucky enough to have the regional manager for asia-pacific. Anoop Argent from mcclaran. Good afternoon. Welcome to behind the wheel. I are you going really well mate. That is well worthy of congratulations I’d suggest. Yeah. Now we’re very proud to bring this car to market. It’s a real leap forward for us as a brand and this vehicle has not just an evolutionary change but a revolutionary change from its predecessor. So really happy with what we’ve produced. And finally in Australia now just take us through a couple of the stats on how they flashed up at the launch we’re looking at blistering times here. Yeah. So this car can achieve nought to 100 in two point nine seconds which is phenomenal to say the least. But even more staggering is the North to 200 times of just seven point eight seconds which gave it to its competitors. It’s over half a second faster. That’s faster than a Volkswagen Golf duty. Two hundred kind of quite a bit faster. So yeah no really proud and really happy to bring this to the customers and it has a new function. It has a drift function that allows even somebody like me to look like an absolute superstar driver. Absolutely. This is called variable drift control. [1:16.1]

[00:12:04] And this particular feature relies on the control system and really changes the driving dynamics to allow you to drift beautiful lines across any race track. And I say any race track because that’s really important in Australia. I don’t want this car to be banned from the market and I probably shouldn’t say that on media but it’s going to be really important that people. Trains people to be a better driver. One thing that’s really noticeable supercars these days tend to have big gaping holes in the sides of them and all the rest of it. This car just has this sleek side profile but there’s some gaps between the driver’s window and where the driver’s door stops. What’s going on there. Yeah. So one of the design mantras that they really focussed on was paying homage to our highly successful McLaren F1. That’s really iconic car for us. And what they’ve done in this particular car and a modern spin is they’ve created two skins. So there is a second layer to the door. We do have a side intake. It’s just not visible. And we’ve had to peel that skin away to help channel that turbulent air into the air ducts. And that really is quite quite advantageous for this car. Just drag and improve calling. Something going on in the headlights to those holes there as well. Yeah we also need to call our front radiator’s and the way the headlights are designed is not just the headlight but have a cut out to suck in some air. The predecessor was able to channel the air over there over the rear-view mirror. This particular car was sucked through the headlights calling the front radiators but also channelling them down that deep air ducts. [1:27.8]

[00:13:32] Now this is a super car no doubt about it. How many do you reckon you’ll be selling in Australia. Well we were the fastest growing manufacturer in Australia back that went from two to three last year so. This is a company that’s really having a lot of take up and it’s all demand driven. We don’t really set objectives where we look at organic growth because if we start pushing them out the door. I mean that’s really to the detriment of our brand and our customers. So. In terms of a hard and fast number we don’t have one but we rely on demand and really the way this car is taken off we’re taking orders out through the latter part of 2018. There are plenty of people who are interested in forking out the dough. How much is it again. So this particular car starts from four hundred eighty nine thousand nine hundred dollars plus on road costs. So it’s competitive position. When you think about 8 8 and hurricanes and events because the performance figures and I don’t want to talk too much about competitors because it’s not really about them today but performance figures when stacked up against Aventador which you pay probably a third more for our car corelated alone. Tell us about the typical buyer of one of these cars. You were saying probably won’t be their first Super Car. Yeah. We also find that our buyers you know are considered purchaser. They’re people that don’t really have anything to prove to anyone else. [1:21.2]

[00:14:54] We find that our customers are very much high skilled have a high understanding of engineering and a really high skilled in their own field of expertise. Our customers are generally the third fourth or fifth supercar buyer and it’s quite easy to see that you know we don’t attract that first and second those people that just getting a supercar. We don’t really see them in our dealerships. So it’s really interesting and especially in Melbourne where our dealerships based they get the advantage of seeing the customers walk into them. But also the customers walk into a Ferrari positioned. As I understand it in Swan Street just so conveniently close to the other super manufacturers or sales offices as well. Correct. And it’s really up to our brand name products to do the talking. As Firstly our customers in that segment they’re not swayed by salespeople. That’s really a mass market type of approach. So it really comes down to what can the car give me. What’s the value that I get out of the car when I say value what are you getting for that money. And in this particular car you see the carbon fibre tub which is significantly lighter than any other chassis that’s available in the market. Excellent I know barjan regional sales manager of mcclaran. Thanks for joining us on behind the wheel today and I. If we take that yeah let’s say you get you in the press car. We’ve got it on tape now. [1:19.3]

[00:16:19] All right. So you didn’t think you could get much better than a live cross from a mcclaran launch Pete and I know you know we were kind of thinking now what could possibly top the launch of a brandnew mcclaran said look we thought long and hard about this we had a conference meeting a planning meeting. [18.4]

[00:16:37] You got the consultants in from the US. We did. And we came up with the perfect answer to this one and here he is. SIMON Hi. Hi. [7.5]

[00:16:45] Hi boys how are we. It’s good to talk to you. Tell us what motoring. What moudry do you think it is worth. [7.0]

[00:16:53] And the games on maybe you got a better McLaren launch where I go on what have you got for us. [3.8]

[00:16:57] Wait for it. Listen for this. Yeah. [1.8]

[00:16:59] I was in a Mitsubishi Outlander. How do I sell that. I sell that. Well yes you did it is very nice. [8.0]

[00:17:07] And how was it in McLaren and nothing else is sort of short for low slung or light and Super Bowl. What [7.4]

[00:17:17] is your sense of the time coming back the background is you know loudon’s saucy vsc. His [8.1]

[00:17:26] Oh yeah absolutely. SIMON [1.7]

[00:17:28] Right now the lsc is the entry version isn’t it to the midsize SUV from the Mitsubishi I believe you can get it in seven seat configuration and I believe you can buy it for under 30 grand. [10.4]

[00:17:38] That’s true. There you go your exit price right. This is a close one. There’s only there’s only two to choose from. [7.6]

[00:17:46] So there’s not much in the range this particular one. It’s pretty much the same as it was a couple of years ago when I went to the launch of the Outlander. Except recently they’ve upgraded it and included a safety pack. [12.1]

[00:17:59] It comes with the lane departure warning blind spot warning adaptive cruise control across traffic. And you know we’ve been talking about this in recent weeks and you know the big boss Joe has mentioned this many times that cars should come with this sort of thing and standard as standard. [19.7]

[00:18:18] Yeah. Very much so. So and this is on the base model. Yeah. [3.9]

[00:18:23] Yeah that’s right. There comes a standard now for that very thing. It’s. That’s great. Yeah. It goes up to 35000 dollars. [7.8]

[00:18:31] Right. So 35 grand gets you into it. But that gets you were a five star safety rating and a full suite of passive safety systems which are invaluable particularly when it’s a 17 SUV designed to take the kids to basketball and and act of safety to like blind spot monitoring and so on. [15.9]

[00:18:47] Yeah. Has all those things I mean sometimes you take it for granted because you always see that in the cars that we drive you always hear the beeping. We see the lights and all that thing. And when it’s not there you actually think it’s a bit strange. [11.6]

[00:18:59] Now tell us what the outlanders like to drive. Because I do seem to remember it wasn’t something that I was planning to take for a trip to Mount Panorama. [8.3]

[00:19:08] Well yeah I mean it is an SUV after all. Is not a thrill seeker but it’s pretty much the same as it was before. This alas has a two point four litre petrol engine. It’s not a heap of power. And it also comes with a cvt which I know you. Chris I’m not really a fan of. [17.3]

[00:19:27] I’m told that it was a little bit sluggish and uninspired but it’s OK in the city keeping up with traffic all that sort of stuff. [7.3]

[00:19:34] So it’s not a complete slide. [1.1]

[00:19:35] Well no of course not if you’re just driving it like most normal people. Moms and dads like you said you know doing the shopping you know taking the kids to sport gets the job done really. [10.2]

[00:19:46] Most buyers probably in that segment of the market that’s all they’re looking for that they’re not actually having to mount Panorama. They’re not thrill seekers like you say. And you know so you know probably it’s just really fits in and fits into the budget as well. [15.2]

[00:20:01] Yeah I mean it comes with all the features that you want for people like that I’m always after the performance and you know you just want something that spacious. You can see all the kids in them. [10.0]

[00:20:11] Now did dad did little mini Simon go for a ride and does it have ice a fix and was the baby sea easy to put it. [5.9]

[00:20:18] Yeah it was pretty straightforward. I felt sexy like any car really long. As long as it’s got an engine and we get moving he’s quite happy. [8.4]

[00:20:26] You know you mentioned the tazewell the other way. He didn’t like that because you couldn’t hear it. They couldn’t hear. [4.9]

[00:20:33] Well let you go. If there’s a black mark against tesla’s name it doesn’t have that sort of melodic come down to quieten babies off to sleep. [7.5]

[00:20:42] So the outlanders that we know where we go you know you can read the review in full at behind the wheel. Come on you sign it will catch you next week. Absolutely. See you then. [8.6]

[00:20:52] Yes indeed. Time to get on the road. Well we’ve been to the mcclaran launch. How exciting was that. That was just me. Even if you got to say it was amazing and I love the contortions one needs to do to get actually in and out of the car. But I tell you what you’ve managed it perfectly. You can’t do it to about a job either. OK. After that they rushed in security to drag me out. It appears as I was fine never the kerfuffled I doubt I had a good hour or so. I’m going to bring you reviews. The range rover sport the SVR your big supercharged V8 one I’m talking of super violates a review of the HSV club’s sport are 8 the 30th anniversary edition. [37.2]

[00:21:29] The last one ever I suppose. But before we get there we’ve got more important things to do in the meantime anyway. Always something interesting. [6.9]

[00:21:36] Yes he’s the supercharged V8 of the human. [2.5]

[00:21:39] He is it’s Joel helmsley. Hello guys. How are we. Very well my How’s your fuel economy. [5.1]

[00:21:44] Fuel economy is very good but I can’t complain. It’s a good life. I get to spend just about every minute of every day in the car and truck world. And what a lovely place to be. [9.0]

[00:21:53] Next I got a couple exciting launches on the way. [2.1]

[00:21:55] Yes. Off to Byron Bay if it’s not washed away this week for a look at the new Holden Astro sedan Now drove the regular Astro Hatch last year at its launch. I thought it was a pretty good small car. It was certainly up there probably around that fifth place. This new sedan version it should be good because it’s actually built on a different platform with the base that it’s got Chevrolet written all over it should be good. Twenty one 990 is the drive away starting price cheap only available just with one engine one point for later turbo petrol 110 kilowatts to 45 minutes but that was a pretty good little engine. So looking forward to having a driver that and just seeing how it compares against what was a pretty well sorted Hatch version. [43.8]

[00:22:40] How did the Hatch version sell the hatches. [2.2]

[00:22:42] Well I can bring you all the numbers only the new Astria Hatch because it was certainly one I remember when they launched they were talking about it being right up there with a Volkswagen Golf up there with the Mazda 3 the latest VFX figures last month. Eight hundred twenty eight Holden Astra sales in Australia which is which is pretty good but what the Mazda 3 sold about two and a half hours had no Mazda 3 2500 and 94. [25.5]

[00:23:08] Wow. And even on the Volkswagen Golf which is in run out 1534 so just not the sales as probably that they would have liked obviously. But I guess you’d say respectable numbers of course you’ve got just so much competition in that section of the market. You’ve got the civic you’ve got the 30 you’ve got the saraa the serrato you’ve got countless isn’t it. Exactly. But if you go on and on. [21.2]

[00:23:29] Yep I believe they’ve just announced the launch of another sport wagon or wagon version of the Astra to you. [5.5]

[00:23:35] Yeah exactly right. You know we can’t talk about wagons we talk about Holden Cruise wagon remember that. That was it was the one that came out of South Korea it didn’t have. It wasn’t built in Australia I think only had 100. Yeah that’s right yeah. And it was pretty dull and just not as sharp as the as the Aussie villains. [15.2]

[00:23:51] Now Subaru you seem to be doing okay with the impressor and of course based on the impressor is there hugely popular XIV the new ones has been launched and you’re going to see it in the flesh I believe. [10.2]

[00:24:01] Yeah. Off to cooma so I’m going to pack a very thick jumper out of. [4.1]

[00:24:07] And maybe some roof racks with room for the skis so you can just do a little bit of cross-country bhaiyya there. [6.3]

[00:24:14] Exactly. Apparently the Subaru dealership in coomber is one of the most successful Subaru dealerships in Australia. It is definitely a car that’s very popular in the snowy. Yes super. But yeah I mean driven an X V for about four years and I remember when I did drive it drive it back then that I was a little bit disappointed by it. So I’m looking forward to having a drive with a new one. They say it’s bigger more efficient lighter 27 1990 the starting price and 5star say you should face five star safety as well on that on that Astra as well. [30.4]

[00:24:44] Good to see you indeed. Now once some some figures out of the US I notice customer satisfaction survey. Big thumbs up for nisson but it don’t seem to be really kinda powering along like they used to in this country. Any thoughts on what’s going on. [15.3]

[00:25:00] This was a study out of U.K. where they had more than out of the US I should say we’ve had more than 50000 people put their thoughts in on what their new car was like. [9.6]

[00:25:10] And it was Nissan really that dominated five cars top. [3.9]

[00:25:14] The customer satisfaction. That’s a fantastic result. The only issue is only one of those vehicles is available in Australia. Now is this an extra what’s known as the Robie in the US and I know whenever I’ve given the extra time I’ve been I’ve been quite satisfied with them. It was quite a good offering not quite as rough and tough as it used to be. [17.2]

[00:25:32] Yeah it’s like I mean it’s a really great cuts solid and it’s got a really nice feel in the cabin and it’s one of the best value ncvs on the market. Two friends of mine are just bonkers. I looked around and they needed the seven seat option and it was the only thing they could get for sort of under 30 grand and there it was with an innocent badge on the front. [15.0]

[00:25:47] Yeah you mention that word solid. I think that’s the word that comes to mind. That and the cash guy. I thought it was like a little tank as well. So you know they’ve got some good products but their sales were well they’re not heading in the right direction. They were down another 9 percent in May and they’re down 13 percent across the first five months of the year. And so it’s I think it’s worth having a bit of a conversation see where this goes because they seem to have lost their way just in recent times. And when you take that X trial out of the line up. You know what else is there. What else is there really. No there’s not a lot else there for us to attract to attract people to the Nissan brand. [37.0]

[00:26:25] You’re right. And look at the amount of money they’ve spent and effort they’ve put into V8 Supercars racing the Altima. And I do remember driving the Altima when it first came out but you just never see them on the road. I can’t remember the last time I saw one. [12.0]

[00:26:37] You know I’ve never driven an Altima and you know they sold 13 of them last month. [5.3]

[00:26:43] Right. And that’s why you never see it makes perfect sense. After the past you find another case in point it’s a great solid car offers good value for money. Yes sure it’s a bit thirsty but you know you look at the amount of Clunkers you see in comparison to the Pathfinder and the cougar wins you know hands down. [15.4]

[00:26:59] Well then and you’ve got the sorento you’ve got the sex. I mean that’s really dowding difficult section of the market. [6.2]

[00:27:05] I mean I’m just having a look at their figures from last month. So the Pathfinder they sold 335 of them in Australia. That’s down five point six percent on the same month last year. [9.4]

[00:27:15] And they’ve had it refreshed since then to put the new face on it and some of that new tech some of the safety checks gone into it as well since then. So I’m sure they’re expecting it to go in the opposite direction. [9.8]

[00:27:25] Yeah exactly. Look I mean not not a bad performance from the kashmeri 1028 sales up one point three percent. The extra oil is doing really well. Twenty nine point six percent. But other than that and of course you know the Novara which is a consistently strong seller. You know there’s not a lot there that really does capture much of the Australian car buying attention and I think it’s a bit of a shame because they do make quality cars. They do. But you look down the list and you see cars like the Leaf and the Micra and the merano. You know even things like the patrol which is certainly getting towards the end of its life less than 10 sales a month. My pulsar 15 sales last month so going to be really interesting to see what this does in the future. Now they’ve got a new head of PR and a behind the wheel. Carly Chu I’m sure is going there to try and get things moving in the right direction again. And it’s a shame because I remember talking a couple of years ago about mison really making some strides and they seem to have got all that ascendancy and yeah really follow through with new product and a wider product range. [58.5]

[00:28:23] Yeah you’re right. And look when you look at it stablemates like Raino they seem to be really kicking goals now. Mitsubishi in the fold as well. And of course we had coelus going in the country just last week talking about you know the relationship now between Mitsubishi and Nissan and how they’re sharing warehousing for spare parts and marketing and finance arms and all that sort of stuff. [18.7]

[00:28:42] You think with the money around in the examples led by people within the group that they should be doing better and where’s the new 370 Z we’ve been waiting for 10 years after that. [8.7]

[00:28:53] Well even if it was here it wouldn’t be a very big seller. Another issue yeah Mitsubishi. I’m glad you mentioned that up 6 percent last month. [8.4]

[00:29:02] That a really strong sales for for things like Outlander and asx and the Triton of course does really well gerow Sports doing fantastic. So yeah very interesting to watch those two because I mean Mitsubishi is the little brother in that arrangement. [13.7]

[00:29:16] Yes it is now selling outselling the big brother in this and I know I know several several people who have chosen Mitsubishi in recent times people who are coming into the market and sort of looking around for a good car but you know the cheapest end of the market right. [15.6]

[00:29:32] The asx was a friend of mine mentioned the pajero sport the other day. Obviously I had to hit him he said there are a lot of people interested in the nets. I don’t like the pajero sport. I must say I’ve seen the back of it yeah. But apart from that it’s really good luck. I get past that. [14.9]

[00:29:47] My problem with the pajero sport wasn’t so much the restyling it’s the console’s shape but it juts out another of those cars it seems to be the modern trend with so many cars with the console juts out into the into the footwell area. [13.1]

[00:30:01] Are you in your bag right now. The other thing about consoles sometimes is that they can stick out when you open the driver’s door and you get in and bash your shit on the damn. You were in vernita directed at just a few weeks ago. It has turned out that that trend seems to have moved on now thank God. Bit of a market. [18.5]

[00:30:20] Excellent. Joel will continue to follow with interest all the stuff that you pop up constantly behind the wheel like you are more forward to hearing more about the Subaru X V and of course the Holden Astra Sudan. Next week we chatted. [11.8]

[00:30:32] Thank you for your time. [0.8]

[00:30:34] Behind the wheel needs the wheel townhomes and you tell me that starting from May 2017 shows another twenty two point three percent decline in the sale of diesel passenger cars. [13.0]

[00:30:48] About 500 cars were sold powered by diesels to private buyers this month and the shift away from diesels is something not unique to Australians with the US seeing big slumps as well and the demand for diesel over there. [11.9]

[00:31:00] There’s a new Volkswagen Golf on the way. Volkswagen Australia tell us they also have a two thousand dollar factory bonus ready to hand over to golf buyers across the trend line. Comfort line and Highline models. There’s also a two thousand dollar bonus being offered on the GTA and are as well. Volkswagen say. Buyers have never had a better opportunity to score a new golf especially one of the sought after sporty models more when it comes to cars. [23.7]

[00:31:24] Money doesn’t always buy complete happiness. A U.K. study revealed the skoda superb is the car which makes its owners poppiest with a remarkable ninety three point four percent satisfaction score while stablemate the skoda Yeti took second place with the 93 percent score. The others in the top five included the Keirsey. I think it’s known as a serrato here to add his Rav 4 and the Lexus are X at the other end of the satisfaction scale. Owners of the budget priced Volkswagen up more premium Audi A1 Citroen C4 cactus Ford Mondeo and Citroen C1 were all rather disappointed. [36.2]

[00:32:00] There’s going to be a major shift away from the conventional Honda Accord and the new generation 2018 model Gress the removal of a v 6 engine option instead Honda’s new mid-sized car will be offered with a choice of turbocharge petrol engines with capacities of one point five litres and two litres. [16.8]

[00:32:17] We’ve been given our first look at Hyundai is entry into the compact SUV crossover market it’s called the Hyundai Kona. And you can see pics of it right now behind the wheel. [8.1]

[00:32:26] You Citroen will add another air cross model to its line up with the new Citroen see three air cross. I think it is actually a kind of SUV crossover version. I wonder if it’s got the bubble wrap on the outside. Yes it’s a very good idea. Well just just in case a shopping trolley on the horizon unveiled this week in Europe. The three air cross debut comes three months after the SUV crossover version of the C5 was also unveiled. [25.7]

[00:32:52] The White car market in Australia will soon be joined by the new generation Volkswagen Polo. It’s set to be launched in Germany this week. And you can see teaser images of it right now. The sixth gen polo at behind the wheel condor. [11.8]

[00:33:04] The land rover discovery bought and range rover evoke welcomed improved engines coming as part of a minor refresh of the SUV offerings that includes a new colour palette. Or you got one of those. Absolutely. The new engines all come from Land Rovers ingenious engine range set to land in Australia in the fourth quarter of the year. The 2018 land rover Discovery Sport will be prised from fifty six thousand five hundred five. [22.5]

[00:33:27] The 2018 Range Rover evoke set to kick off from fifty eight thousand six ninety nine as indeed started with a big bang today and continues with Rachel Franco a couple of minutes but a quick product review first and this week’s product in focus is the tea cup. Prepare and protect Kate. What is it you ask. Well it is a quality product product that was specifically designed to remove scratches clean shine and restore vehicle body work bringing that paintwork back to its original intensity. Now it’s suitable for use on any colour paintwork and the kit includes a microfiber cloth microfiber polishing Mitt the teacup seal off 375 mil of it 375 mil of the teacup original colour restorer. And [42.4]

[00:34:10] you can buy it all at the altar. Online Store for just thirty nine thousand ninety nine and it’s a nice way to spend a Saturday morning to get the car looking back at middle of bucks. Go buy it head to all Torex dot com. All right it’s time for that part of the show that we all look forward to it’s the one that we get the most the most feedback about. And it’s it’s quite polarizing feedback I’ve noticed when you read the e-mails arising. No. Well you know is quite divided. You know it’s it’s an I think it’s like it happens sometimes in life you know. You know girls that do well and are you know obviously highfliers and successful sometimes bring the ire of other women. And they’re the ones that we get the e-mails from. However there’s the outweighing e-mails from all the blokes going. Are there any pictures of Rachel at the behind or a website say there you go. It’s now time to put it on. Rachel Can we get a photo of you for the site. What. [53.2]

[00:35:05] Oh look I might have to trawl through my library and see what might be appropriate to go on the Web site. [5.0]

[00:35:10] Right. But I will say I agree with you I’m a very polarizing person. [2.8]

[00:35:14] No not every age. Everyone but you don’t know much about them. Now tell me how you been in motoring kiddo. [8.4]

[00:35:23] Look it hasn’t been too bad but I must say it. [2.4]

[00:35:25] It’s just gotten a whole lot better because I’ve decided to do a bit of research and change my car insurance right. [8.0]

[00:35:34] OK. So does that mean you’re keeping the Mazda 6 because last week we hopefully are expecting to hear news of a new car but no. [6.1]

[00:35:41] No. Look I must admit I did hop on to our classifieds and have a look and see what was around. And then I kind of realized if I want to get something decent it’s just going to cost me a bit too much. I’m just going to love the master a bit more. [14.9]

[00:35:56] Have you noticed everything that you want is always about two and a half thousand dollars more than you’ve got. You know it doesn’t matter what does matter what your budget is the one you want is always more than you can afford. [10.5]

[00:36:07] Yes well I sort of hit about I think I changed the range to about 14 or 15000 which took in the grand scheme of things isn’t a lot. [7.1]

[00:36:14] But been getting a lot of money because it you you to when you want to get it. Yeah yeah. [4.7]

[00:36:19] Well you know I want to buy like a one car garage somewhere on the Great Western Highway. You live in. [4.8]

[00:36:24] So you know like when you say that 14 15 thousands a lot of money. [4.6]

[00:36:29] Yes. And you know we talk about cars that a hundred ninety eight thousand and things like that. And I must say it just seems like impossible to get. Likewise. Yeah. That’s good. Don’t go away. Anyway I know lots people do but lots of people like to save money me in particular I’m really terrible at it. I believe you’ve been able to save some basic stuff with your insurance premiums isn’t it. [23.2]

[00:36:53] Well yeah. I’ve been thinking about it for a while so I’ve been going through my budget you know trying to see where I can save some money cut back etc. etc.. And one of the things that I must admit I do put off is reviewing all my insurance as a health insurance car insurance etc. and my insurance has hit eleven hundred dollars a year. [20.9]

[00:37:15] Eleven hundred a year. Now what did you say about those discs was worth last week. [4.2]

[00:37:19] Oh look. Maybe about six or seven. If I’m lucky. [2.7]

[00:37:22] How do they justify that. How can they say you know your insurance premium is one sixth of the value of the car. It doesn’t make any sense. [6.3]

[00:37:29] And it went up as well because I moved house and I no longer parking in a garage it’s like yes. So they add a bit extra to that. And you know change price goes that extra for that. So it kind of topped out at about eleven hundred a year which I think is especially with the value of the car it’s excessive logout. So I just want to put it out there to our listeners if you want to try and save yourself some money. [25.2]

[00:37:55] It might be worth spending half an hour an hour on the net and actually do a bit of research around and get yourself a better price because I’ve just changed insurers from like a major insurer to one of the new players on the market who are underwritten by the big players. So it’s not like you’re going with some Dody brothers Jonathan. [22.3]

[00:38:18] And I’d say 500 dollars 500 bucks. Yeah. All kidding. [3.8]

[00:38:22] See there’s nothing to be sneezed out at all that’s nearly half the premium and it’s so much money and look there are things that I’ve bought. The main thing that I took out was you know you can get the car hire we any cars in the shop so that I know that I don’t need. I’ve taken that out. But it’s pretty much on par with the policy that I previously had. [21.9]

[00:38:44] And you could save 500 dollars a year. [1.7]

[00:38:46] Yeah. It’s a lot of money. I’d say to people listening you know if you see it sort of coming into tax time and you worried that you might have a baby you might be a terrorism tax which is what I think I’m going to sell me a favour and you’re a bit of research to shop around and get a cheaper deal because they are out there. [19.5]

[00:39:06] Well they are indeed. Now I’m there’s one thing else I want to mention about insurance premiums and about all sorts of things superannuation products all that sort of stuff. If you want to teach your child how to become responsible with money buy had some great advice during the week and that was to say well why don’t you challenge your child. Jump online get yours. Get them to find a better insurance deal for you for example or a better price for your superannuation. [26.7]

[00:39:33] And instead of kind of you know spending that money and giving it to the insurance company whatever the kids are able to kind of get you in savings they get to keep it that it sounds awesome isn’t it. I’ve got a kid in the studio right now. Her name’s Emma. Emma are you prepared to accept that challenge. You are so to speak. Come on talk to us. [21.1]

[00:39:55] Yes she sounds convinced ladies and gentlemen. So we bring you those results shortly. Isn’t it funny how it could happen. So I want to go. Isn’t it funny how children don’t always take after their dad. One of them is quiet and shy and retiring and the other one. Oh hello. Mila just took you about. I think we need to put some microphones in the house because she’s on this show. [19.4]

[00:40:17] Rachel as always great to talk to you some fabulous advice there. We’ll look forward to more of it next week. [4.8]

[00:40:22] Great to see you then guys. We’ve been. [7.3]

[00:40:30] Very lucky this week. I suppose we could be described as environmental terrorists considering the fuel that we’ve both consumed between the two of us. Yes possibly so although the car had been driving they have reasonable claims about fuel consumption. And look I mean if you do get accosted by someone from Greenpeace you’ll always be able to get away from the mean speed of the thing you would train a car that is driving gosh I tell you what it was unlike any other. [25.2]

[00:40:55] It was a Range Rover Sport SVR. Now that’s the very top of the Range Rover Sport isn’t so good as it gets. And it’s one of the fastest cars Range Rovers ever produced and it’s just the most extraordinary thing for starters to look at. It’s a real sight to behold. It looks almost menacing from some angles. And you mentioned that it’s fast. Well yes. Look it is zero to 100 in four point seven seconds. Not to be sneezed at. Really when you consider this is a huge SUV and they weigh a ton to do. No way to bring three tons actually. Wow. And it goes like the clappers top speed is about 260 kays an hour. How do you get away with that. I didn’t actually test it myself and I can promise you that. The other thing is that you do so in absolute luxury and comfort. I just can’t tell you how beautifully put together this car is. There’s not a squeak. There’s not a rattle there’s not a noise this beautifully stitched leather repulsed the seats that are wrapped around the front seats are quite high and wraparound and just beautiful eminently adjustable as well in the back plenty of leg room in the rear right behind the back seats and lots of storage space. And it’s a wonderful car look. It does everything you want it to does and more. I can’t imagine anyone using all the features that this car possesses. It’s got all the kit that you want and more. [1:23.9]

[00:42:20] The only thing is this car could go up Mount Everest if a chose to. If you want to go there. Sure. Why not. Let’s go. Let’s go off road. Don’t scratch the paintwork though if you don’t mind. And you could do some 200 K’s at our. But why. I don’t think that’s a fair point yeah. It’s it’s just it’s a I don’t know. [20.4]

[00:42:40] Well I suppose it’s kind of like you know why do ferrari’s and mclarens exist because at the end of the day they’re all a bit stupid. Yes they’re just blazingly good fun. And that’s kind of where it ends. They’re not practical they’re not economical. They’re not cheap. They’re gorgeous and they go fast and that’s kind of where it ends isn’t it. [17.5]

[00:42:58] Yes that’s true. Now it’s when you say not economical it’s they claim twelve point three. I didn’t quite get to that. But then I did have the loud button pressed quite a lot of the time in bifold exhaust. Oh yes absolutely and away we went. The cost of this thing is now everyone. If it’s safe to do so sit down at the moment and hang on to something. Right. Okay. Two hundred thirty three thousand five hundred dollars if you don’t mind. Right. It’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful car. Everything it does it does well. Yeah. Twelve point eight litres by the way I just checked on that while we were chatting. Twelve point eight litres they claim. I didn’t get there. I knew I drove the last and I was like 17. Well that doesn’t surprise me as well because remember I have never met you before. [44.0]

[00:43:43] Well the car this week I was getting Seventeen’s in I don’t think it’s any surprise is the 2017 30th anniversary edition in fact of the HST senator. The executive Express from HSV. Well start with price. It ain’t cheap either at ninety five thousand nine hundred ninety dollars. [16.9]

[00:44:00] Couple of options. I had the six piston brake package which is another three and a half grand. But look beautiful beautiful car fast. Talk about fast 410 kilowatt. Six hundred ninety one Nuit meters it Blitz’s 100 cane our run. Everywhere it goes it just Blitz’s like all the V F series to Commodore’s the handling on this thing is just sensational HSV tweak it that little bit more. This car is in. It’s a big car loads a leg room the way it wraps round it. It feels like a much smaller car to arrive. Yeah it’s delicate. It’s precise. It’s just an absolute joy. It really is. There’s so much going for it it’s so sad that it’s the last one of them that we’ll see. And I must say I think the Senate is my new favourite because it’s a little more subdued than your club sports is not quite as many badges and wings and kind of lairy things on it. So it’s just a little bit more subtle although the noise of it ain’t subtle all the job at all. There. The harmonics are just amazing. It’s a great car. Check it out. The very senator. I don’t know how many left and it really is part of Australian motoring history. So for anyone who has any sort of inkling to you know kind of getting a new car and maybe an Aussie V8 go by this rectangular. [1:13.5]

[00:45:18] There it goes for another week. Jampacked show. [2.9]

[00:45:21] I get the feeling next week shaping up to be something similar. Pete we’ve got another HSV. We are going to jump into the club’s board next week and give you a full rundown of that. We’re also driving another Mitsubishi Outlander but this time it’s the plug in hybrid electric one. Looking forward to that one. You can stay up to date with everything motoring right now at behind the wheel dot com. You will catch us Same Bat channels and bat time next week I suppose. Well and in the meantime stay safe won’t you. [26.7]


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