Behind the Wheel Podcast 452

We’ve hit the start button on another edition of the Behind the Wheel Podcast…

We get down to business this week to decide if Auto Emergency Braking is sophisticated enough to be a mandatory safety system - Peter Barnwell from has had a couple of hair raising experiences he’ll share on the show.

There’s been a very fast new Audi released - the TT RS. Shaun Cleary has got some juicy fast facts on the 5 cylinder Quattro and shares details on what the fastest ever Audi TT will cost you.

Manufacturing in Australia has had a bad wrap of late - but as we discovered last year at Iveco, it’s alive and well - particularly when it comes to building trucks.

Volvo Trucks are hard at it in Queensland and have implemented some great driver training initiatives. President and CEO of Volvo Group Australia, Peter Voorhoeve has all the info.

Joel Helmes is live from the launch of the new plug-in BMW 5 Series with some seriously surprising news about the price of the 530e.

And he has been at the launch of the all new Suzuki Swift, it really is all new from the ground up.

Joel has thoughts on whether it can live up to the hugely successful car it replaces, along with some interesting observations about how the new Swift looks.

All the car sales data for May is in with some predictable winners and some unpredicted losers - we’ll give you the stats.

Of course, Pete and Chris bring you all the latest news from the world of motoring, and details on a new electric supercar from Canada, the Tomahawk, that can sprint to 100km/h in just 2 seconds.

Simon Lai is driving the Holden Colorado Z71 - he thinks the bonnet stripes make it go faster than a regular Holden Colorado.

Rachel Franco thinks it may be time to retire her 12 year old Mazda6 - she discusses her option with the guys.

There’s a review the new Mazda CX-3 where you can hear Chris attempt to explain Mazda‘s torque vectoring system…see if you can make any sense of it!

It’s a show that is jam packed full of info for anyone who loves cars - don’t miss this weeks Behind the Wheel.

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