March 18, 2020

Behind the Wheel Podcast 432

Behind the Wheel Podcast 432

We’re back at it for 2017 and we’re starting with a bang! The Detroit Motor Show threw up some really exciting cars this year, Pete and Chris go through them all in detail…

Including the all-new Kia Stinger, which could well end up as the car of choice for Commodore and Falcon buyers. Landing in September, just before the locals wind up production, the big rear wheel drive Kia features a choice of engines, including a stonking twin-turbo V6.

Kevin Hepworth from Kia gives us more details, and tells us about the long lunches he has to endure at 2017 Australian Open sponsored by Kia.

In 2016 there was a lot of talk about automated cars. Turns out it’s closer than you think, in fact, automated cars are coming to a freeway near you - a trial is about to start. Find out where and why on this week’s show

Joel has been at the Australian launch of an all-new Suzuki SUV, the Ignis. Joel gives us the verdict - and it may surprise you.

Even though he has recently become a new father, there’s no stopping Simon Lai, he’s been playing tradie while driving the hugely popular Hyundai i-Load van - Simon tells us why everyone seems to love it.

And Rachel Franco wasted her holidays by doing nothing other than sitting in front of the computer. She’s besotted by Behind the Wheels‘ Catch of the Day - she’ll share some of the laughs she’s had.

Bigger and better than ever, Behind the Wheel in 2017 - Don’t miss a minute!

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