Behind the Wheel Podcast 324

Behind the Wheel podcast 324

Behind the Wheel Podcast 324 is good to go!

This week we look at Lexus and why the Japanese brand continues to struggle against its German rivals. Joel Helmes, Chris Miller and Paul Maric discuss that issue.

We also look at whether it’s best to avoid the first model in a new car series. Do you believe that it’s better to wait until some of the faults are ironed out? We’ll talk about that this week.

On this Behind the Wheel podcast we talk about a habit that car companies have – making some features and engines available only in premium models, so for example if you want the diesel you have to go for the top-spec model. Frustrating!

Heavy vehicle safety – we look at how best to keep the trucking industry safe with our road safety expert Russell White, bring you reviews of the BMW 220d review and FPV GT F and chat with renowned car collector, Geelong Mayor, Darryn Lyons.

All that and more on this Behind the Wheel podcast…

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