Behind the Wheel podcast 144

Behind the Wheel podcast 144 is ready to go!

This week Joel Helmes and Paul Maric look at why there seems to be a big discrepancy between the claimed and real world fuel consumption in new cars.

Why is it that what the manufacturers claim a car will use always seems impossible in the real world?

Catch reviews of the new Volkswagen Polo GTI and Honda Civic Si. Also on this Behind the Wheel podcast we take a look at some of the amazing new safety technologies coming to the next generation of motorcycles and find out how to turn your car into a spa!

All that and more on this Behind the Wheel podcast.

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About the author

Chris Miller

Chris is a writer and co-host of the Behind the Wheel podcast. He is a radio broadcaster by trade and is an evening presenter on Magic 1278 in Melbourne with previous roles at several stations. He also does daily reports for the Australian Traffic Network. A self declared car tragic and for as long as he can remember Chris has been obsessed with them. The inner child in him still gets excited when he spots something exotic on the road.