Ballarat Renault named Renault’s top Aussie dealer 2016

Ballarat Renault named Renault’s top Aussie dealer 2016

Renault Australia hands out 2016 Dealer Awards…

The team at Ballarat Renault in Victoria have come away with the 2016 Renault Dealer Brilliance Award.

Finishing ahead of finalists – Essendon Renault (last year’s winner) and Brighton Renault, Ballarat Renault Dealer Principal Carl Morandi said it was an honor picking up the top dealer award.

“We take a lot of pleasure from this award,”

“It is a team award, recognising the effort we put in to our processes and our customer service.”

While Shepparton Renault collected the 2016 Renault Provincial Dealer of the Year Award.

Renault Australia boss, Justin Hocevar, congratulated the winners and praised the now 52-strong dealer network for helping the brand find record customer numbers in 2016.

“The commitment, dedication and hard work our dealers have put into the Renault brand in the past year has been inspiring,”

“That we ended the year so well is a testament to the efforts of the dealer group as a whole.”

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