Back-seat drivers a major irritation for drivers

Back-seat drivers a major irritation for drivers

Study finds what makes us mad in the car

The unwanted comments of back-seat drivers has been found to be the most common cause of in-car arguments.

The Motor Ombudsman in the UK asked 1,500 motorists about the behaviours of their passengers and what infuriates, and potentially distracts them, when behind the wheel.

38% of drivers deem the unwanted comments of back-seat drivers to be the main cause of in-car arguments.

This was followed by children shouting, crying and fighting (17%)

While 14% of respondents said passengers adjusting buttons and dials, changing the radio station or choice of music, and occupants leaving rubbish in the car were the main causes of strife.

While nearly half of respondents (48%) of drivers who have argued, said they think resolving an in-car clash helps to reduce stress.

Chief Ombudsman, Bill Fennell, says being confined to a small space can cause tension in the car.

“As with any differences of opinion, whether with family or a business, it is important for all parties involved to take the time to try to conclude any issues in a cool and constructive way to help prevent the problems from re-occurring.”

What is your biggest in-car irritation? We’d love to know what your passengers do that make you mad.

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