Automotive Advertising that We Stake Our Name On

Automotive Advertising that We Stake Our Name On

When you’re in business, big or small, every dollar counts.

I know that is an old cliche, but really, every single dollar does count in business. No matter how big or small your business is, paying invoices is something that needs to be done for goods and services that make, or have made you money.

Your business, our business, every business, we all exist for one reason and one reason only – to make money. If we aren’t making money we aren’t employing people, we aren’t paying taxes, we aren’t investing and assisting other businesses to grow and achieve and we aren’t growing ourselves.

As a business owner, I know first-hand that there is nothing worse than paying an invoice for something which got you nothing (or very little) in return. Since I founded Behind the Wheel back in 2007, we have done that (more than once) and it really leaves you feeling sick in the stomach.

We don’t want it done to us and we don’t want to do it to other businesses.

If we are in a position to invoice you for your hard earned dollars then we pride ourselves on ensuring that you got and are getting value for money and the best possible return on the investment of your hard earned funds, full stop.

Behind the Wheel relies on other businesses believing in us enough to allow us to bring their message to our readers and listeners. It’s that simple.

We have a big listener and reader base, sure. But more importantly, we never take any of those readers or listeners for granted, without them we are nothing, we are not here.

So, our focus is on finding businesses that are looking to spread their message, grow their brand visibility and recognition and work with us over time so we can all make money, so we can all be bigger and stronger. If we are doing this, then by definition, we are providing information to our audience that they are receptive to.

If we are giving our audience a message that they want to hear and or see and that is interesting and useful to them, then everyone wins. Isn’t that the way advertising and promotion should be?

The secret to effective advertising, in whatever form, is persistence. Think about the famous advertising campaigns that jump to mind, John Laws and Valvoline, Karl Malden and American Express, Joe Camel, Rita the ETA eater…were they on-air for a month? Three months?

No, they were messages that were presented to the audience consistently over and over again, for years.

We do not gouge our advertisers for a quick buck, we look for advertisers that believe in us, that believe in growing and improving, that believe in utilizing us as a long term partner.

Most importantly, we need you. We need every advertiser we can get. Why? Because we are also up against the big end of town. Every spare dollar of profit that we get goes back into making us stronger, bigger, faster and more effective.

We spend our profits on building a business that will continue to be an alternative to the ‘fat cats’ who will unashamedly take big wads of your cash and come back looking for more. They don’t care about you, your story, who you are, they care about making their budgets and hitting their sales targets.

I started this business with about $500 at my disposal, since then I am not at all ashamed to admit that we have flat-lined more than once. We have had months where I, and other members of the team, have gone without pay to make this thing work. Months where I didn’t think we would survive to see the next month.

You know what though? Every single time we managed to just hang in there and then hang in some more. We have sailed through the storms and we have come out better, stronger, more efficient, more focused, more determined.

Give us a go and you will see that the way we do business is the way it should be, with a human touch, with friendliness and good-will, simplicity, understanding and accountability.

Joel Helmes

CEO, Behind the Wheel Holdings Pty Ltd.

Ph: 0422 655 415

About the author

Joel Helmes

Joel is the founder, editor and managing director of Behind the Wheel. Joel has a background as a radio broadcaster with on-air roles at 4BC, 4KQ, 2KY, 2LT and 2UE amongst others, as well as a news editor and program director. Joel’s relationship with cars stems back to his early childhood learning to change oil and brakes with his father and uncle. This continued on into his driving years owning an assorted collection of cars.