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Automated car laws on the NTC agenda

Industry asked to respond on automated vehicle laws

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We are charging headfirst into a brave new era with cars doing some, or even all of the driving for us.

But what happens if your automated car breaks the speed limit? Who’s responsible? Do you send the fine to the car manufacturer? Or, are you responsible?

What if you end up in an accident? Is it the car manufacturer at fault? Or, is the ‘operator’ of the automated car (i.e. you) the person responsible?

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All this still needs to be determined and the National Transport Commission (NTC) is asking the transport industry to help in the establishment of automated vehicle laws.

The NTC has asked for submissions from road transport agencies, police, and industry as it seeks to clarify how current laws apply to automated vehicles.

NTC Chief Executive Paul Retter says the current laws may not be suitable.

“The introduction of more automated vehicles will see elements of the driving task shift away from the human driver to the automated driving system but our laws currently don’t recognise these systems,”

“We need to ensure that relevant driving laws apply to automated vehicles when the automated driving system—rather than the human driver—is operating the vehicle.”

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Submissions are open until the 24th of November 2017 via the NTC website.

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